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Resolved: God is not alive.

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Started: 2/6/2013 Category: Religion
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This is a debate concerning whether or not God is alive.

The burden of proof obviously relies on pro, it is my job to prove that God does not exist or, is dead, or is not alive in his/her present state. If con can refute my arguments successfully or prove that God is defined as alive then they will have won the debate.

1. No trolling.
2. No Semantics.
3. Dropped arguments count as concessions.

God: The monotheistic God. This is the same god described in all of the Abrahamic Religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
Characteristics of God include: Omnipresent, Perfect, and all powerful.
Alive: Possessing all 7 characteristics of life commonly defined by most scientists. Can be found on the definitions section of this site:

First Round: Acceptance only.
Second Round: Opening arguments
Third Round: Rebuttal, no new arguments may be made.

If you have any questions/concerns please ask them in the comments before accepting the debate.

Good luck to whomever decides to accept this debate.


the all say thatgod is not alive but whennit comes to the really thing is why if godis not alive why is when you in danger u call out his name or whyis when people is sick u pray to him and why is when u being control by the demon u used god name to get over him
Debate Round No. 1


Seeing as first round is for acceptance whatever it was that my opponent just said does not apply to the debate. I will take that statement however simply as acceptance... Also, I would like to point out that the word u, is often spelled "you" when speaking in proper English. But nevertheless, let the debate commence!

Looking at all 7 criteria of life that God must fit in order to be alive if I can prove that a single one of these criteria do not fit God then I have won the debate. So, here they are:

Criteria 1:
Homeostasis: Regulation of the internal environment to maintain a constant state; for example, electrolyte concentration or sweating to reduce temperature.

-Since God is all powerful he has the ability to control all of the universe and thus can maintain his omnipresent homeostasis. I will concede this point.

Criteria 2: CONTESTED
Organization: Being structurally composed of one or more cells " the basic units of life.

The universe from what we can determine has a high level entropy. This means that it is entirely un-organized and constantly becoming less so as it pulls itself further apart, not to mention the fact that the universe has on basic units, there are a multitude of different material that makes it up and vast spaces of emptiness. Since god would encompass that entire space due to his omnipresence and since that space is so vastly unorganized and lacking of cells or any basic unit, god fails to meet this criteria for life of Organization.

Criteria 3: CONTESTED
Metabolism: Transformation of energy by converting chemicals and energy into cellular components (anabolism) and decomposing organic matter (catabolism). Living things require energy to maintain internal organization (homeostasis) and to produce the other phenomena associated with life.

Since god is all encompassing he has no alternative source of energy. Since he is all that is and will ever be there is no opportunity for him to absorb energy. As a result there is no need to metabolize this non-existent energy. Not to mention the simple fact that since he is all powerful there is no need for additional energy. As a result god has no need for a metabolism and so far as we can tell the universe has no processes for metabolizing energy, so as a result god has failed to meet the criteria of possessing a metabolism.

Criteria 4: CONTESTED
Growth: Maintenance of a higher rate of anabolism than catabolism. A growing organism increases in size in all of its parts, rather than simply accumulating matter.

Since the universe is set and cannot gain or lose energy or matter due to the Law of Conservation of Energy, God obviously fails to meet this expectation of the acquisition of energy and matter. The energy, matter quantities remain in homeostasis so as a result God fails to gain material overtime. This means that he fails to achieve the criteria of growth.

Criteria 5: CONTESTED
Adaptation: The ability to change over time in response to the environment. This ability is fundamental to the process of evolution and is determined by the organism's heredity, diet, and external factors.

Since god is all encompassing through his omnipresence that would make him everything that is. As a result we can either deduce that he is the environment or lacks one. With this conclusion it means God either lacks an environment to react to or is reacting to himself, not the environment. This would mean that god has failed to change over time in response to his environment since an environment does not exist.

Criteria 6: CONTESTED
Response to stimuli: A response can take many forms, from the contraction of a unicellular organism to external chemicals, to complex reactions involving all the senses of multicellular organisms. A response is often expressed by motion; for example, the leaves of a plant turning toward the sun (phototropism), and chemotaxis.

Since god is omnipresent he encompasses everything, including any potential stimuli. With this in mind it is simply impossible for him to find outside stimuli since he is everything. With a complete lack of stimuli to stimulate God he cannot respond to it. This means he has failed the criteria of having response to stimuli.

Criteria 7: CONTESTED
Reproduction: The ability to produce new individual organisms, either asexually from a single parent organism, or sexually from two parent organisms.

Since we are talking about the monotheistic god, AKA the one and only god it is impossible for him to sexually or asexually reproduce since it is impossible for another god to exist. You may want to think that Jesus Christ constitutes as a son of his but since his birth required a human host God is more analogous to a Virus requiring bacteria cells to reproduce. Viruses of course are not alive due to the fact that they cannot reproduce with themselves or their species. Just like god. As a result god has failed in the criteria of reproduction.

God has failed Criteria 2-7. I only have to prove that one of these criteria are false to win this debate. Unless my opponent can disprove all criteria I have taken issue with I believe I have won this debate.

Best of luck.


jessica_gayle24 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well. That was a fun debate.


jessica_gayle24 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheSaint 5 years ago
I'd be happy to challenge you to a similar debate Anairis if you would like.
Posted by Anairis 5 years ago
I sure hope someone takes the challenge. This will be very interesting if both parties are knowledgeable on the topic at hand. I won't because i am with Pro. I will keep up with this debate as it unravels. :)
Posted by AlwaysMoreThanYou 5 years ago
From the Wikipedia Article:

'Life is considered a characteristic of organisms that exhibit all or most of the following:'
Posted by IncredulousVessel 5 years ago
The definition of 'alive' is an irrefutable twist of definitions that this incredulous vessel would think one cannot then assert for the con side to be applied as such.
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