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Resolved: Google should have no manual

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Started: 7/22/2015 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello, today our topic is that if google should have no manual. I agree because of this because of 2 main reasons. My first reason is that the workers have freedom and my second reason is that the employers need to rest. No forfeiting.

Google: Place where they give answers/ information/ do anything.
Manual: Rules

My first reason is that workers need freedom. You can taste delacies from around the world prepared by top chefs at 11 restraunts. Not only employees but also their families and visitors can dine for free. Personal Trainers are avaliable in the gym, and there is a swimming pool and a spa. Workers need this freedom to work hard

My second reason is that employers have to relax. Google's Vice President Megan Smith says thatwhen employees are provided with a workplace that allows them to work freely, they find answers and ideas beyond their normal imagination.

In conclusion I think that there should be no manual in Google.



Since brianjustin3709 didn’t provide sources for his definitions, I will provide definitions from reliable sources.

Google: American search engine company, founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Manual: a small book that gives useful information about something

Since he provided no sources, I found a better definition for manual from Merriam-Webster.

I have just one argument. Google should have a manual that gives an introduction to the company for new employees. In fact, Google should even have a manual for where that bathroom is, or where the fitness room is. As brianjustin3709 said, employees need to relax, and have freedom. A simple manual could tell the workers where the pool is. What he stated in his argument proved that manuals can help employees have freedom.

Thank You


[1] Encyclopedia Britannica (

[2] Merriam-Webster (

Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Greg4589// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Con (Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: I think this was a decent debate, but Pro made some mistakes that caused his downfall in the round. He 1. Didn't give himself any time to rebut arguments. 2. Didn't really give specific definitions with sources, while con on the other hand did. Pros definitions weren't exactly correct, so it is only reasonable for me to accept Cons definitions. If Pro had not made these mistakes I think the outcome of the debate may have been different.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) It's not explained how Con garnered the argument vote. The voter doesn't point to any arguments made by Con that suffice to award arguments to him, merely pointing to a fault in the debate structure and a lack of sources without looking at the arguments themselves. (2) The source vote is unclear, as merely presenting sources doesn't warrant a source vote. The voter must explain why the sources played a role in his decision. Merely accepting those definitions does not clearly award the debate to Con, so this has not been explained well enough.
Posted by bjartur 2 years ago
I'm not sure what you mean by 'manual' - a manual is a set of instructions typically given with a product or service that explains how to operate that product or service.
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Vote Placed by Greg4586 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con won sources, because Pro did not use any sources while con on the other hand used fairly reliable sources. Con won having more convincing arguments such as how having a manual would help employees relax more instead of preventing them from doing so as Pro stated. Pro's arguments also didn't didn't have a very strong link. He stated that employees need to relax, but didn't really prove that having a manual will prevent employees from relaxing.