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Resolved: In a nuclear war, a shield is better than a helmet. :P

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Started: 5/6/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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This shall be interesting....




Who knows what will happen....


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks vmpire for accepting :P

I almost forgot about this debate…with all that wonderful AP testing tomorrow…whoopsies...creative thinking is always great…I apologize for the brevity of this, but, not failing the AP exam tomorrow is more important.

Even with that aside…why did I make this 8,000 characters…

Now onto arguments. Of course I shall be demonstrating the superiority of a helmet over a shield during a nuclear war.

The year is 2050, a nuclear holocaust has just began, you have the choice between one of two defensive weaponry, a shield or a helmet.

So why choose a helmet over the shield?

1. When one is to fall asleep, they still can have the helmet on, not so with the shield.
2. A helmet can constantly protect your head from falling debris
3. If you ever need to knock down a door to find shelter, the helmet allows you to use your head as a battering ram
4. You can take your helmet off and use it to store drinking water
5. It is a good holder of supplies (when off your head)
6. Your arm will not get tired from wearing a helmet as such you can use your fists to fight
7. If someone punches you in the face, they will be punching a sheet of metal
8. A shield can only protect your front, where your facing, a helmet protects your entire head
9. Falling rocks? No problem, your head is safe.
10. Very good as a disguise, no one can see your face, and you can sneak through the world. As an added benefit, if anyone asks you to take off your helmet for whatever reason, and they look mean, you can just say your head is stuck :P
11. It's easier to get a shield stuck between two objects then a helmet
12. If your head gets stuck in a helmet, you can always just open the visor to eat, if your arm gets stuck in the shield….you only have one arm to use now.
13. It's easier for a person to pull off your shield than your helmet, thus leaving you defenseless.
14. You can use your helmet to head but people
15. All in all, a helmet just looks cooler :P



==Analysis of the Resolution==

This debates should be measured in net-benefits. Whoever can show that their tool can provide more advantages than the opponent will win.

My opponent has also tried to mislead you into believing that a shield is solely a defensive tool. This is false - shields can be used as weapons.


C1: Shields provide more protection.

Shields were fundamentally developed for the purpose of protection soldiers from enemy attacks [1].

Helmets have the sole purpose of defending your head, which a shield can achieve too.
Shields can also protect your torso, your limbs, your head - just about every part of your body can be protected by a shield when used properly.

Shields have the ability to adapt when needed, and helmets cannot do the same.

Shields also only put your arms at risk when used as a weapon - using a helmet as a tool might hurt your head.

C2: Shield designs

In the middle ages, shields also functioned as a method of identification - designs on the shield marked out a soldier [1]. In the case of nuclear war, a certain design would help you and your fellow survivors differentiate between enemies/foreigners and known comrades.

Recognition is also needed in times of battle [1] - similar to the use of a flag, when fighting off scavengers or raiders, your fellow friends won't harm you accidentally.

Wouldn't it suck if you were killed because your friend thought you were trying to rob them?

Not to mention, it's obvious that someone would rather look at a shield (with a boss, custom-made design) then a boring, old stereotypical helmet.

Shield designs also allow for heraldry - the "family" motto / coat of arms [2]. Not only do these have the above benefits that a helmet can never achieve, heraldy creates a bond between survivors.
As one source puts it, "A family's heraldry was important. It said, 'This is who we are, and we are special.' "
In times of great need, you simply cannot boost the morale of your people enough.

C3: Shields have many uses other than protection

What can you do with a shield?

Shields can be used as weapons - it is possible for you to ram into people with a shield [1]. This allows you to both protect your body (hiding behind the shield) while attacking an enemy. A helmet will hurt your head upon impact, when trying to ram into people, and leaves your body vulnerable to enemy attacks.
You can also drop shields onto the heads of people from far above with more accuracy because the shield has more surface area to hit the person.

Shields can also be used as a bed - place some blankets or hay over your shield and you can sleep on it overnight!

Shields can also be used to carry things - it's flat surface allows for easy carrying and even possible storage.

Also, you can use your shield to help you dig! Transporting dirt is easier, and the shape of the shield allows you to scoop up dirt.


Since my opponent numbered his arguments, I shall refute in a similar manner. Each number corresponds to each of his numbered arguments.

1. You can use the shield and put it over your torso, or perhaps under you as a bed.
2. Helmets can only protect from falling debris. If a person really desired to protect their head with a shield, you can fix the shield into a hat and wear it.
3. The impact is going to transfer to your head and make you stupid. Ramming a door down with a shield is much more preferable.
4. Bull! The water is bound to leak out through the cracks in your helmet! Shields can hold water much more efficiently.
5. Shields have a larger area allowing you to hold more.
6. The constant weight on your neck and head is bound to make your neck tired. Furthermore, shields can protect and attack at the same time.
7. If someone punches you anywhere, you can block with a shield. Helmets limit protection to your head.
8. The helmet does not protect the back of your body. Also, you can strap your shield to your back, protecting your back.
9. Same thing can be accomplished with a shield. However, because of the larger surface area, you can hide your body under your shield in a manner that will protect your entire body. A helmet will only protect your head, leaving your shoulders, arms, etc (and body part poking out from under the helmet) vulnerable.
10. If none of your friends can recognize you, they might kill you on accident.
11. This situation isn't realistic. I doubt it would be hard for you to push on one object and twist your shield sideways, allowing you to slide your shield out from between the objects.
12. It isn't possible for you arm to "get stuck in the shield". Also, having your head stuck in your helmet will make conditions uncomfortable. (You will overheat much faster inside of your helmet)
13. Your arm is going to be basically tied to your shield via a strap. Furthermore, if an enemy attempts to pull off your shield, you can just ram them.
14. You can ram people with a shield too - with a lessened risk of damaging important body parts and a increased rate of damage to your enemy.
15. Shields have cool designs. Helmets all look the same.



Debate Round No. 2


THEBOMB forfeited this round.


...I think I won :D

Lol extend all arguments
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent wins. I apologize for this non-debate...


nondebate ;)
Debate Round No. 4
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