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Resolved: Lannan13 should be introduced into the DDO Hall of Fame.

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Started: 8/18/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I'd like to thank 9spaceking ahead of time for accepting this debate.


burden of Proof is shared.
First round is acceptance and defintions by Pro and Con will begin their Contentions.
Round 2 is Contentions and Rebuttles by Pro and Con will make his Rebuttle and Conclusion.
Round 3 is Rebuttles and Conclusions by Pro and Con will end the debate by saying "No Round as Agreed upon."
No semantics.
No Trolling.
If any of these points are violated then all seven points are forfeited by that person.

Lannan13- This user (

DDO Hall of Fame- The DDO Hall of Fame can be seen here. (

DDO- Debate Dot Org


I will make a simple syllogism as my only argument.
P1: If lannan13 doesn't deserve to be introduced to the HoF, then he shouldn't be introduced to the HoF
P2: Lannan13 doesn't deserve to be introduced to HoF
C: Lannan shouldn't be introduced to HoF

Defending P1: this is easy. If one does not deserve to be introduced to the hall, then it is considered "immoral" and would not be allowed by most people, including the moderator.

Defending P2: This is a bit harder. However, if you look closer at the hall of fame, everyone has something special about them that allows them into the Hall of Fame. Danielle produced ideas, as Airmax said. Bluesteel has insanely good debating skills and he's insanely good at mafia. Innomen "is a man known for his rationality, his wisdom, and also for fundamentally changing the position of the presidency of DDO."Even Izbo10 is put into the Hall of Fame for his insults toward people that ultimately bought forth his ban but also the Trial System.
However, Lannan13 has nothing. Good debating skills? Not exactly, as we can note from his rather lowly elo. Spreading a meme across DDO like Koopin's "Dance magic dance" as well as "kfc"?? Nope, nada. Really good at mafia? I don't think being good at mafia is all it takes to get into DDO. A smart man who posts cool stuff on the forums or spread ideas? There is nothing that suggests otherwise. Just to give an example, even flipping to a random page of posts, we see Lannan13 spending tons of posts in mafia, so he's definitely not the philosophical/deep-thinker type. [1] In addition, he also spends his time surfing DDO and trying to win the unwinnable "last comment wins" as well as "101th post wins", showing how he really uses his posts. [2]

In conclusion lannan13 is just far too normal. There's nothing that suggests he should be introduced into the Hall of Fame.

Speaking of Hall of Fame, on a completely unrelated point, we should really get GCL into there. She almost made it! Next time, Marie, next time! :D

Debate Round No. 1


Alrighty I'm arguing that Lannan13 deserves to be in the DDO Hall of Fame.

Contention 1: Lannan13 has done great things/

Subpoint 1: Debates

I have, as of the point that I am typing this debate argument, participated in 250 debates. Out of those debates I have been declared victor in 141 of those debates. My debate record is 141-83-20. ( I have done great things in the world of debate like defeating Imabench (, Mouthwash (, and even my opponent here. (

In the DDO Debate Leaderboard Rankings is where my work really shows.

DDO Debates Completed- 6th overall. (
DDO Debate Wins- 12th overall. (
DDO Losses Overall-6th overall (
DDO Percentile- 99.95% (in tie with RationalThinker)

You can see here that I have put a serious amount of debates into this site.

Subpoint 2: Voting

I'm currently on the DDO voting committe set-up by the Bladerunner administration and led by Whiteflame. I have put a ton of votes into this website and have prevented many debates from going unvoted on. I, at the time of writting this argument, have 1,004 debate votes and I rank 6th on the voting leader board. (

Subpoint 3: Polls

There has been debate on wheater or not that I am the king of the polls section (the opponent to that title is Yay). I'm currently the leader of the Poll votes with 5,421 polls voted on. ( In poll topics I am 12th on the list with 110 topics ( I am 16th on the list for Poll answers with 477 (

Contention 2: Mafia

In my 2 1/2 years of being here, soon to be three in December, I have been in countless mafia games to the point of having dreams were I dream of playing mafia and being on DDO. ( I am also known on DDO for being 'that guy' in mafia. In Kyro90's mafia game I outed myself as being scum then told everyone who the mafia was. ( I was then sortly banned from all mafia games. On Airmax1227's term the ban was lifted and I was then able to play mafia again where I better myself. I'm known for mafia, just ask the people who were in the game and are still around; Airmax, Budda, TUF, etc...

Contention 3: Forum Posts

My opponent states that I waste time playing the Last Comment Wins thread and mafia, but this is untrue. I have spent time in every forum and have posted productively in each. I have over 11k forum posts.

Contention 4: Memeriable things.

Besides what I have already listed I am memeriable for many things. Like Kansas Fried Chicken. Everytime I see KFC I instinly put Kansas Fried Chicken. I am also known for being a conservative as I am constantly attacked by Liberals for my views on Gay Marriage and Torture. I'm so known for being a Conservative that even Hall of Famer Mikal stated that I was a notable Conservative in his couple's thread.


This is my final round of arguments so I'll try to make 'em good.
My opponent tries to flip the odds on me by saying about his debates completed, wins, and losses overall. We can see that he lost so many darn debates that he's definitely more on the bad side rather than the good side --6th verses 12th. This shows that his debating skills is nothing to brag about. Furthermore, beating Imabench is not a very hard job. Khaos, a debater with only about 2,300 elo defeated him. [7] Even GrandKadeDupre, a debater with merely 1,675 elo, could defeat Imabench. [8] As seen here Lannan defeating Imabench is no biggie. His defeating of MouthWash seems impressive, until we realize it ain't exactly debating skills we're talking about here. And defeating me? Well, that is certainly not a difficult task at all. I barely used up any of the argument space compared to any of my other debates. If I don't try my hardest, then anyone defeating me is fair game. In fact, even the rather-terrible Sadolite could manage to defeat me in a debate. [9] Thus we really can't say it's hard to defeat 9spaceking in a debate, especially if you look for an enticing but well-mastered topic and catch me off guard. I am only good at things I agree strongly upon, and only I know if I agreed strongly on the position I took within the asteoid-mining debate.
As for voting, we really aren't sure if his votes are anything to brag about. Just taking a look at his 5 most recent debates voted on, his voting skills are average at best. [1] shows his most recent vote at the time of my argument. [1] It was insanely easy as all lannan had to do was scan over and type "forfeiture". [2] shows another insanely easy vote where lannan merely put "forfeiture", proving how easy it was to vote on the debate. [3] is another example. [4] is yet another insanely easy vote. [5] shows....yep, you got it...another easy "forfeiture" vote. Just taking his 5 most recent votes, we see that it really wasn't a hard feat for lannan to put so many votes on debates.
As for polls, this is very interesting, and shows that lannan does dedicate time to DDO, but is voting on polls all it takes to reach the top? Polls are easy, just a click of a button. However, on the other hand, opinions are far, far, harder. You actually have to type loads and loads to just submit one single opinion. And Lannan is nowhere to be seen on the Opinion Leaderboard. [6]

As for Mafia, I'm not sure why Lannan talked about his ban. I mean, it only shows Airmax is nice and he deserves to remain in the HoF and that you violated laws and because such you have an immoral deduction from you and you don't exactly derserve to be in the Hall of Fame. I mean, you were banned. That's bad. Bad=No good=not fame. My opponent may try to argue that Izbo10 was terrible yet he got into the hall of fame, but that's because he continually insulted and spread his infamity. Lannan did it once and probably changed, so he's not infamous, but he still doesn't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. He broke the rules and he deserves a punishment. His skills in mafia games can't be said as "amazing", especially since his ban-incident.

Forum posts: having more than 11k forum posts within every single topic means nothing. I can easily post within every single topic and "take over" DDO.

Memorable things. My opponent spelled "memorable" wrong, deduct S+G points from him.
Anyhow, the KFC thing is ineffective. Koopin already spread it, now you're just being a copy-cat, no offense. Even if you are a notable conservative your attacks may put you in the danger zone of banning, since DDO terms of service state that you cannot attack or insult other members. And as we know, the only banned person in the HoF is Izbo10, who was known only for his infamity, and as I already stated above, you are definitely not the infamous type.

Lannan13 is just way too ordinary. Even if he did ultimately actually somehow get accepted into the HoF, it would take a very long time. We have member priority, and especially if the resolution was "lannan should be introduced to the next Hall of Fame" (not that the resolution is exactly worded that way, just making a point here), then certainly other notable debaters/users such as Bladerunner, Blade-of-Truth, GodChoosesLife, ESocialBookworm, or even yours truly--9SpaceKing--I believe, would take their place in the Hall of Fame before Lannan13 finally got his turn and people voted him in.

Vote me.

Debate Round No. 2


My opponent states that I have lost too many debates. Though that may be true my record is still 141 and 83. I have a ton more wins then losses so my opponent's point is mute. In my debates I have done things like make it to TUF's writing competition championship twice. Unforunately I've lost twice in that case in the finial round. I have even made many interesting debates like "All human acts are selfish" ( and people concider me to be a pro when it comes to space topics as I have won countless Asteroid mining debates and debates on the colonization of Mars. My ELO is indeed low as it's 1818, but when ELO came out my ELO was at 1600. My ELO has rose significantly since then and if I were to restart my ELO would be great much like Ajabi's.

My opponent claims that I only vote on forfeited debates, but that is incorrect. Here in Truth-seeker's debate I have the longest RFD.

"Con get's S&G for Pro's Round 4 errors that he has made. Sources to Con due to the fact that he offered a varriaty of sources from websites links to a multitude of Biblical verses. Arguments also to Con as Pro never really attempted to refute Con's Catholicism arguments. Though he may not believe Catholicism has any Biblical basing he sill should have refuted the argument, but did not effectively do so. Con also took the epi argument that Pro had brought up and actually turned it into his favor which helps him out significantly. Pro gets Conduct due to Con bringing up new arguments in the last round which is really just unethical." (

Not good enough? There are plenty of more debates where I have a valid RFD. Here is another one that I did in Ajabi's poem debate. ( You can see that my opponent is only nit picking debates that I only voted Forfeited on instead of seeing the whole picture and looking at all of my votes.

My opponent shows how easy it is to answer polls, but that leads me to the question of if it is so easy to answer a simple poll then why isn't anyone else at the top of the leaderboard and why on Earth do I have a 2,000 poll vote lead? (

My opponent states that my banning was a bad thing, but I'd like to point out how it made me imfamous. I was known as 'that guy' and was the prime example of what not to do in mafia. Imfamous people can make the hall of fame just look at Izbo10 and, heck, even RationalMadman got a couple mentions to possibly get into the HOF. I was a NOOB and it was an honnest mistake and now I have hosted several great mafia games like Rosario+Vampire, WWE Mafia, House of Night Mafia, and am currently hosting Creepypastas Mafia. ( and ( My Rosario+Vampire mafia game got TUF's 7k post and it got a mention on the first episode of TUF's News Report.

It's easy for one to spam the website like my opponent has done, but my 11k posts have actually have ment something and have contributed to great things. I have even co-ordered the Adopt-A-Noob program for DDO debates with bsh1 and have given several great ideas that Bladerunner has made into his platform.

I am not copying Koopin. I am simply spreading my state pride across this website so my opponent is incorrect. My opponent was misconstrewed when I said that I was attacked by liberals on the site. I do not attack them I am attacked. Let me quote from my Round 2 argument.

I am also known for being a conservative as I am constantly attacked by Liberals for my views on Gay Marriage and Torture.

In conclusion, we can see that Lannan13 is memorable person who is known for many things on this website. We can see that I am one of the top users here on DDO, so I deserve to be introduced into the DDO Hall of Fame.

Thank you please vote Pro.


No Round as Agreed upon
Keep calm and please vote for con
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LDPOFODebATeR0328 3 years ago
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
lol, thanks for the compliment, but I don't consider myself the MASTER of trolls. Jonbonbon easily defeats me, my younger sister defeated me once, MassiveDump is easily a much better troll, not to mention the unforgettable Imabench...but I do admit I'm humorous even in serious debates and spread the ridiculousness and silliness.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
never mind...
anyhow you like my last round? Creative much?
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
you attack your said so yourself
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
What attacks?
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
if photos cannot be seen, check out my photo album saying "I TAKE OVER DDO"
Posted by CodyLTJames 3 years ago
Yeah this debate is hypothetical because someone like you will never be in the ddo hof
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
I'd like to accept.
Posted by debatability 3 years ago
im sorry; if i wasnt so busy, i would have taken the debate.
Posted by JohnMaynardKeynes 3 years ago
I totally want to vote on this!
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Reasons for voting decision: Lannan wasn't able to convince me... I expected MORE. He basically mentions about how he participated in a lot of debates, MAFIAs, votes, polls, etc. Participating in these activities shouldn't be the reason for you becoming a DDO Hall of Famer. You should be known for doing something memorable. For example, 9spaceking is THE master of trolls. 9spaceking, on the other hand, was able to convince me by proving your arguments wrong. *@lannan13- Don't talk about getting banned from Mafia. That's not something to be proud of... You did a decent job, during this debater, though...