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Resolved: PS3 is better than the XBOX 360

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Started: 9/29/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is one of my first debates so first round establish rules and definitions and acceptance of debate then round 2 3 and 4 arguments :D



I accept your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting

Only rules no new arguments in 4th round i personally don't think definitions are needed.

First off i will be providing a Criteria of 6 statistics

1. Hardware
2. GPU
3. Looks
4. The Disks
5. Features
6. Games

1. First is Hardware, The PS3 has a CPU known as the Cell Broadband Engine it has 8 Cores that run at 3.2GHz each 6 Dedicated to games and 1 dedicated to the OS and Security, and 8th isn't used.

The X Box uses a Triple Core CPU which is similar to your computer CPU They run at 3.2 GHz Each.

The PS3 has seven cores... the X Box only has 3... This means that the PS3 is 2X more powerful.

PS3 1 XBox 0

2. Second is the Graphics Processing Unit
The PS3 using a GPU known as the Reality Synthesizer, It processes at 550MHz, It has 256mb RAM that runs at 1.3GHz This ram is dedicated to the GPU.

The X Box 360 uses a GPU known as Xenos, It runs at 500MHz, It has 500mb of RAM, but this is also shared with the CPU, so you'll never use over 400mb. This RAM runs at 800MHz for the entire system.

As we don't know the entire capacity of X Box's Xenos chip the score is now

PS3 2 X Box 1

3. Now onto looks "and this is from the most unbaised standpoint i can come up with".

There's no saying the PS3 looks bad... though fingerprints do show up on it's black finish

And the X Box isn't to big... but it's not that good looking
And you may ask well why does the X Box look bad? The main difference between the PS3 and X Box in looks is the BIG BULKY POWER CORD that the X Box Has

That makes it PS3 3 X Box 1

4. Now onto the Disks.

The PS3 uses a Format called Blue-Ray ROM. It uses a blue laser to read instead of red, These disks can hold up to 50GB on one disk. It reads alot faster than the X Box 360

The X Box uses an old format disk called DVD-ROM, These disks can hold up to 7.5GB, NO WHERE NEAR the amount the PS3 can hold up to. An Game called GTA: IV was made, but was made alot smaller because of the X Box 360 Disk. The city is smaller and the amount of content is smaller... Thanks to the X Box.

PS3 4 X Box 1

5. Now onto Features

Feature Comparison- PS3 7 Wireless controllers, X Box 4

PS3 Charges fully in 15 mins lasts 30 hours
X Box AA Batteries "Heavy an Expensive" lasts 40 hours

PS3 75 foot wireless range
X Box 30 foot wireless range

PS3 Six Axis Tech
X Box no Six Axis Tech

PS3 2 USB Ports
X Box 3 USB Ports

PS3 Free Internet
X Box 60 Dollar Annual Fee

PS3 Blue Ray Movies Internal higher Definition
X Box 200 Dollar Extra HD-DVD external play discontinued

PS3 Wifi Ready
X Box Wifi Adapter 100 dollars

PS3 1080 HD Output
X Box 1080 HD Output

PS3 Vibration
X Box Vibration

PS3 Light Controller
X Box Heavy Controller

PS3 Silent Fan
X Box sounds like a small jet taking off XD jk But X Box does have a loud fan

PS3 up to 750GB Hard Drive space
X Box Up to 120GB Hard Drive Space

PS3 No overheating problem
X Box overheating problem

PS3 Internal Power Supply
X Box Huge External BRICK power supply

PS3 5 X Box 1

6. Now onto Games
Since X Box has been out 16 months longer than the PS3 it has more games on the Market.
The PS3 has 224 Games Incoming or already out. Some exclusives are.
Little Big Planet
All of these games are exclusive very good looking and with loads of content!

The X Box however has 280 titles in development or released "that's not many more for an extra year and a half" Some Exclusives are
Gears of war.
The Halo Series.
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

So as you can see PS3 games can handle more, and are more creative, and are not 100% war realated like X Box, If you like variety go for the PS3

PS3 6 X Box 2

7. Now onto the controllers
PS3 has a Controller known as Duel Shock Controller
The X Box has a controller known as the X Box Wireless Controller

PS3 Vibration
X Box Vibration

PS3 Six Axis motion sensing
X Box no six axis :*(

PS3 Home Button
X Box Home Button

PS3 Improved shoulders
X Box Improved Shaoe

PS3 Recharge Kit Included
X Box AA Batteries included!

PS3 30 hour life
X Box 40 hour life

PS3 15 Min Charge
X Box -5 Dollars per 40 hours

PS3 70 foot wireless range
X Box 35 foot wireless range

PS3 up to 7 controllers
X Box up to 4

PS3 7 X Box 2

oh wait and we'll concede getting hacked once and not having as good online play

PS3 7 X Box 4

Oh wait one more thing X Box has Red Ring of Death

PS3 8 X Box 4

So as we can see in this debate when every little thing has been broken down and compare the PS3 MASSIVELY outweighs the X Box
Thus i err a strong vote for the Pro


yoda forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well... seeing as my opponent has forfeited the round, and he didn't send me a message saying something like "sorry i was busy." Extend across all arguments as concessions, and vote pro.


yoda forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Extend across all arguments please vote Pro.


yoda forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by yoda 6 years ago
Good debate. Im just now thinking of this but were you meaning the xbox 360 or the xbox 360s console?
Posted by Lickdafoot 6 years ago
i would love to have this debate, but i'm on your side. ps3 is better.
Posted by Kinesis 6 years ago
PC > PS3 & Xbox 360
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