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Resolved: Pens are Better than Pencils

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Started: 10/6/2015 Category: Funny
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Today we will be debating the timeless arguments that I am sure many a teacher have argued before. As the Government (Pro/For) I am for the resolution; I must uphold what it says. Whoever accepts this debate must negate the resolution, in other words they must state the Pencils are Better than Pens.

Before I go into the structure of the round I will propose some rules. I expect respect (Yes, I just rhymed in a debate round), no Ad Hominem attacks (If an opponent does commit Ad Hominem you can call them out on it ) and no Kritiks as usual. These rules ask little and if you, the debater, obey them, I will too.

Round 1: Opening Statements, Acceptance Letters, Thanks, etc...
Round 2: Opening Arguments, Present Cases, Opposition (Con/Against) can respond to Government's (Pro/For) arguments
Round 3: Primary Rebuttals
Round 4: Secondary Rebuttals (Tertiary for the Opposition if they choose to respond in Round 2), Closing Statements, etc...

To the Voter: Any unsupported evidence (Meaning you do not include links or citations) can be disregarded and please vote for the debater who best upheld the argument not the person you immediately agree with.


Its a very stupid argument. But pencils are better because you can rub them. You tell me then why dont a child start by using a pen?

BURN( you cant even do melt)
Debate Round No. 1



This is my Government (Pro/For) Constructive in which I will present my main arguments.


Pen: "Aninstrumentforwritingordrawingwithinkorsimilarfluid" - [1]

Pencil: "aslendertubeofwood,metal,plastic,etc.,containingacoreorstripofgraphite,asolidcoloringmaterial"
- [2]

Better:"Greaterinexcellenceorhigherinquality" - [3]

Resolutional Analysis:

In a resolutional analysis, a debater explains the resolution in a way that makes it easier for the judges/voters to understand.

I would like the judges/voters to understand that this debate in not necessarily about what is, but what should be. That does not mean we cannot bring up applications and evidence from "now", but I want you to keep that in mind, judges/voters.


In a debate round, a value is used to measure the resolution so we can understand it better. In other words, it makes it so a debater can show the judges why their side of the resolution is better.

My value for this round is utility. Utility is defined as "thecapacityofacommodityora servicetosatisfysomehumanwant." - [4]

Utility is the highest value in this round for three reasons, the more you can utilize something, the more efficient you are; the more you can utilize something, the more you can use it in different ways; and the more utility something has the more satisfaction or completion can be provide. I will be expanding in my contentions one and two

Note: A contention is congruent to and argument, or why, in this case, pens are better than pencils.

Contention I: Pens Have More Applications Than Pencils

Pens have more applications than pens because they are used in many different situations. Pencils are only good for writing notes, pens, however, can be used in economics, because you need permanent confirmation of transactions and in home situations, the ink will not rub off or wash out easily. Pens can also serve as styluses for electronic devices. There are pens that serve as self-defense weapons, reading lights, and bookmarks that will not fall out.

As we can see, pens have many more uses than pencils, just one reason why pens are have more utility than pencils.

Contention II: Pens Provide More Comfort Than Pencils

Pens can be shaped in ways more ergonomically conformative to the hand. Pencils, since made of wood, cannot be, unless you expend great time, effort, and funds. This makes pens less likely to cramp ones hand, making usage more efficient. Pens also make less sound when writing, making less noise and making people able to focus more, utilizing time better. As a bonus, you can chew on pens a lot more without ruining them, with pencils, however, one bite and your shaft might break.


As we can see, pens are much better than pencils. Pens provide more comfort and have more applications than pencils. Pens should clearly win this debate round.

Debate Round No. 2


My opponent niether refuted my arguments nor presented his own, so mine still stand.


Abcdabcd forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


arrowjaw forfeited this round.


Abcdabcd forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MagicAintReal 2 years ago
Conduct to Pro, while I noticed that Pro forfeited a round, Con had never made an argument and forfeited every round except for the acceptance round, so Pro could have found it unnecessary to post an argument. Pro,you should always type "extend" or "forwarding" to let voters know that you are not forfeiting; Pro, you got lucky here.

I won't score S&G because it was irrelevant here, but Pro, again, you got lucky, your definitions did not have spaces between the words, and it made reading your definitions nearly impossible. Notice I said nearly, so Pro you got away with another one.

Pro only sourced dictionaries, but they seemed reliable and were used to support Pro's arguments; their reliability was never challenged by Con, sources to Pro. Pro, you should probably put all definitions in round 1 so that agreement is inherent from your opponent.

Pro tried to demonstrate that Pens are better than Pencils by indicating their utility:
1. more applications than pencils like: confirming contracts, styluses for devices, and even self defense.
2. pens are more comfortable: can be shaped ergonomically, fewer cramps, less sound

These are all reasonable pluses for pens, and Con never addresses any of them, because of forfeiting, and I buy the idea that pens are better simply based on their utility. Pro organized their arguments for easy understanding which added to their persuasive influence. Arguments to Pro.
Posted by MagicAintReal 2 years ago
I'm sorry, but I'm a teacher, and we don't really use writing implements anymore because it's all digital now. I argue that pens and pencils are equally irrelevant.
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