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Resolved: Pizza delivery men/women do not automatically deserve a gratuity.

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Started: 4/26/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hello and thanks for the debate. This first round will be for accepting conditions/defintions. Second round will be for constructive speeches NO REBUTTALS. The third round will be for rebuttals with no new points added. The fourth round with be for voting issues.
Defintions: gratutity (Webster's Dictionary): something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service

If you accept these definitions/framework let's debate!


i will gladly accept this debate and if i forfiet a round it is because i couldnt get to a computer i will do my best though.
and please explain what the voting issue round 4 will be. God speed.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting the debate.

Now I would like to provide some framework/understanding of the resolution. I am going to be arguing that a gratuity should not be the standard for a pizza delivery person. Under the status quo, if you order pizza for delivery it is expected that the consumer pay a modest tip for the delivery person's services. I am not trying to disrespect the profession of the pizza delivery person nor am I trying to insult anyone. I will simply be arguing this should not be expected for the following reasons:

Reason 1: Not deserving of the tip
When we think of tips we think of tipping our waiters and waitresses for a job well done. A waitress is much different than a delivery person, however. A waiter must take orders, constantly take care of customers, get the food out quickly and correctly, and be nice. All of this deserves a tip, especially when most of their salary is obtained through tips. But if we look at a delivery person, what do they really do? They drive the pizza to your door and expect a tip. Why does this deserve a tip? They are simply doing a very simple job with very little variables, unlike the waiter/waitress.

Reason 2: Already expensive enough
Right now pizza prices are climbing. At most big name chain restaurants large pizza prices are climbing over $10 per pizza. (,, If you order delivery you're looking at another $2.50 for a "delivery fee" plus tax. And on top of the "delivery fee," it is expected to pay the person who had to drive a car a tip? It should not be compared to limousine or bus drivers because their jobs consist of navigating large vehicles comfortably and making frequent stops to accommodate passengers.

In conclusion, I, again, do not want to come off as rude. It just is mind-boggling to me that it should be expected to tip a delivery person for doing their job when prices are already rising. I await my opponent's response and hope for a good debate.


We the con believe that pizza delivery men deserve a tip because their pay checks are less than anyone working at the pizzaria.

Contention 1- Pizza delivery men and women are the backbone of the working class. Their sheer strength and determination to deliver your pizza on time to the destination, which could be miles away, overpowers the most terrifying traffic jams and the most heinous of experiences to bring you a pizza pie. These brave souls are the very deffinition of good old fashioned working class Americans. A character type that is almost extinct.

Contention 2- When pizza delivery workers recieve their pay the manager takes in to account the money expected to be made from tips through the hours that the delivery person works. This is not only a bottom scraping pay check it also woudnt cover the rising cost of gas. The price of gas is almost 4 dollars a gallon an will soon rise to 5 dollars by the end of the coming year. Not many people realize that the average pizza man makes 15 dollars an hour if you are an experienced and veteran driver. And as i previously stated this doesnt cover the cost of gas which cleaves the profit to below the Federal Government set standards of pay.

All in all pizza delivery men and women rely on your gratuity to make it through a rough economy to the next delivery.
Please vote con.
Debate Round No. 2


liljohnny818 forfeited this round.


Obviously my opponent doesnt care enough about this arguement to form a rebuttal. I strongly urge you to vot con.
Debate Round No. 3


I apologize for my earlier forfeit; I have been on the road and I now just got internet. I will continue with a rebuttal and voters here, and I hope my opponent will understand, and I will be perfectly fine if he wishes to have a rebuttal in his last speech. The problem with my opponent's points is he tries to paint the delievery men/women with " Their sheer strength and determination to deliver your pizza on time to the destination, which could be miles away, overpowers the most terrifying traffic jams and the most heinous of experiences to bring you a pizza pie." I smelt a hint of sarcasm and humor here. Watch this video and tell me if you still feel the same way:
I agree, pizza delivery men may have the arduous job that my opponent describes. But does it warrant a tip? Frankly, no. If we do, we should give every job a tip. It really doesn't warrant a tip to put a pizza in a car, drive a moderately short distance, (which is true. My opponent tries to say that the distance may be many miles, but pizza chains do't deliver past a certain point), and pull the pizza out of the car.

Contention 2: My opponent states that a delivery man makes close to 15 dollars an hour. That's quite a lot of money. And yes I agree that pizza men rely on the gratuity. But this is very important. All I am saying is that pizza delivery men do not DESERVE a tip. I will continue to tip them every time my pizza comes to my house and every time beyond then, but I do not think their job warrants it. This second contention just makes a sob story. He says that the rough economy makes the tip more viable. But what about the people who are ordering the pizza? Is the economy not affecting them? Pizza prices are rising which means so do the tip prices (Because it's a percentage). What about the consumers? Why should we only think about the delivery men? Who's to say that the consumer doesn't have a harder job (factory worker, serviceman, etc.) that doesn't get a tip? My point is clear, simply saying that the economy is bad doesn't mean they should get more tips or get tips, if anything it shouldn't be that big of a deal if they get less tips.

In conclusion, I don't want to sound like a bigot or a jerk. Like I said before I order pizza a lot and give a 20% tip. Recently I have began to wonder what the delivery men do to deserve the tip. My opponent has given no real reason why delivery men deserve the tip more than any other job, nor has he shown RATIONALLY why they deserve it. ALl he has said is that they drive perilously through the streets dangerously and costly, making it seem more like an action movie more than real life. I advocate an AFF ballot because I hope you realize I think that if pizza delivery men do a great job delivering your pizza, they should get a tip. But do I think they deserve it AUTOMATICALLY? No. Vote AFF.


As a response to why my argument was not serious i will say that yes the arguement was supposed to be written in the way that the delivery men seem like super human simply because this isnt a very serious debate. If i was to debate the rule of the supreme court in Roe vs Wade or wether the lazarus effect should be applied to the United States i would have made my arguement far more serious. And also there has never been a law that you have to even tip a pizza deliverer just a suggestion by the companies saying that it is only polite for what they have to do to get you your pizza.

First, you stated "A waiter must take orders, constantly take care of customers, get the food out quickly and correctly, and be nice. All of this deserves a tip, especially when most of their salary is obtained through tips." What, i ask you, do you think the pizza delivery men and women do? The waiter in a restaurant makes far more money than the average delivery worker even without the tips. If you use the percentage excuse as you stated in your last argument then you will realize that the food sold at a restaurant with waiters costs far more than a simple pizza.

Second, to respond to your statement "Who's to say that the consumer doesn't have a harder job (factory worker, serviceman, etc.) that doesn't get a tip" it is because the employer has to take into account of the labour by way of the Fed. government. A recently hired employee to the average factory makes 22 dollars an hour as apposed to 15 dollars per hour made by a pizza deliverer. And examples of servicemen: mailman - 19 dollars per hour (dph) or a custodian who makes 6 to 17 dph depending on the establishment.

Third if you think that waiters and fine diners dont do almost the same thing you are sadly mistaken as seen in the youtube video.
And if you actually sit down and think about the differences between the two jobs you will see that a pizza delivery worker is an extreme version of a waiter. A waiter walks quickly table to table delivering food. A pizza delivery worker drives house to house miles in difference bettween each address and the waiters still make more money.

In conclusion pizza delivery workers deserve gratuity for their hard work and necessary expenditures to get you your pizza on time. I have made my points very clear so please vote CON.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Xenith967 6 years ago
Also i dont want to be taken as rude from any of my statements i only wish to show the utmost respect to my honorable competitor.
Posted by Xenith967 6 years ago
Please if i may ask of liljohnny818 not to vote for himself and i wont vote for myself.

and please nobody vote-bomb either side
Posted by Xenith967 6 years ago
thank you
Posted by liljohnny818 6 years ago
Voting issues are basically the reasons why the judge should vote for your position. You give the reasons why you won the debate and why your side is better basically
Posted by Xenith967 6 years ago
define what you meant when you said voting issues
Posted by liljohnny818 6 years ago
Yeah that it should be expected, similar to a waiter/waitress. Pizza companies expect consumers to tip their delivery men/women. The resolution asks whether that should be expected or not.
Posted by questionmark 6 years ago
so if i accept, im saying that they do automatically deserve a tip/gratuity?
Posted by frenchmoosetwo 6 years ago
<,........,< wut
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Reasons for voting decision: forfeit, but Pro made better arguments, so I am countering the other votebomb
Vote Placed by Brenavia 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Even though i believe that you should not provide gratuity the better arguements were clearly made by xenith967. His arguments changed my opinion of pizza delivery men.