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Resolved: Resident evil 5 Los plagas people are better than Resident Evil 4 los Plagas people

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Started: 10/13/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This is not a serious debate, it's a fun one. so dinokiller your up first.


My my, and i thought you had gone after forfeiting most of the debates.
I shall show you why those RE5 Majinis are better then your Ganados.

1. They are black!
Black means they are awesom and since the Majinis also contains Hespanic people living in Africa, it means that they admitted that those black people are awesome!

2. They look more dangerous
Bloody red eyes, potato sack with a white eye bulging out and feigning death after being hit by a rocket launcher, HOW ARE THEY NOT AWESOME?!! Not to mention that their 1 hit kills are epic compared to those Ganados wusses who cant even kill a person instantly on Professional.

3. They are fun to kill!
With those new fancy melee moves, how are they not funny to kill? I like using those pepper sprays on them or a bitch slap.

Not really used to joke debates, but i guess ill just entertain you.
Debate Round No. 1


Macho forfeited this round.


Expected as much
Debate Round No. 2


Los Illuminados are Spanish
Their accents are hilarious even if you understand it. They have the old fashion killing tools. They are skilled.

They have bigger Creatures.
They have El Gigante, IT, and Los Diaglos(the japanese godzilla). They are all BA's and can kill in one shot. Not the Majinis.

THey are easy kills.
It can get you through the game easier and have more fun as you cruise through with head shots round hous kicks body slams oh ya.


Well, the Ganados has an interesting way to infect other people, and thats through lethal injection, maybe with some cocaine added to it, but the Majinis will just stuff some good worm food in your face to take over your mind! My thats some strong stuff isnt it?!!

Bigger means nothing! Your El Gigantes fell simply from a few rifle bullets. The Ndesu required a minigun to be taken down. Same applies to the rest of those crappy bosses of yours. Also, one of your bosses slipped from a banana and fell in a lava pool, i call that FAIL.

Lol easy kills, idc, you support my argument that Majinis are more fun to kill :D

Debate Round No. 3
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