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Resolved: Same-sex marriage should exist.

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Started: 10/3/2016 Category: People
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Same-sex marriage should exist because everybody deserves the right to marry.

I will be making the argument that marriage, no matter the gender, is an arrangement of love -- something that is the same, regardless of sexual orientation.


I have accepted this challenge with the agreement to respect your opinion. I promise to the best of my ability, I will do my best to be as respectful as possible.

To begin, I believe that same - sex marriage should not exist because first of all, it is not the way we were created. Mankind was created in the image of God, being; man unites with a woman and produce offspring. Also, having a marriage with one of the same sex can be difficult on your children because children need a male model to lead them, and a female model to love them and help them grow.

I am very grateful for this debate opportunity, and I am very keen to hear what my opponent has to say.
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to rebut your first point. You stated that it is "not the way we were created." The way we were created is purely up to us individually. Forcing a person's religious and personal beliefs on somebody is in no way right. It is in a person's free will to decide who they are and who they love, because regardless of sexual orientation, love is the same, and marriage is a way to show love to somebody.

I will also rebut your second point. You mentioned that children need a male model to lead them and a female model to love the and help them grow. There are so many flaws in this point. Firstly, gender does not determine what type of role model a person may be. There are so many influential people in the world who were raised by one parent (Jon Stewart, Barack Obama, etc). My point is, you do not necessarily need both parents to raise a fine child.

Secondly, How does gender play a role here? Two people of the same gender are completely capable of raising a child. Isn't that what they're doing right now? Take Neil Patrick Harris. He's gay, married, and has two ordinary adopted children.


To rebut your rebut to my point, when I say "It's not the way we were created," I'm not implying forced religion on everybody, I'm just saying we are created for a different purpose. And when you say we have free will, you are correct. Every human being on this earth has the ability of free will. However, we weren't made to do whatever what we want with our free will. Free will is a privilege, not a right.

In regards to homosexuall marriage itself; It should not be allowed because it isn't how it's supposed to be used.

For example;
Let's say I invented fountain pens. They're for writing, right? Well, lets say someone takes my fountain pen, and stabs it into the wall, and hangs a portrait from it. I would not appreciate that because hanging a portrait was not my intention in creating fountain pens.

The same thing applies to homosexuality. God created marriage with the intention for man to be with woman and " fruitful and multiply..."
If we make homosexuality legal, we are basically taking marriage, (God's fountain pen) and stabbing it into the wall to make a portrait.

In regards to a male and female role models, (your second rebut) what you said is true, you don't need two different parents to raise a fine child. However, going back to the fountain pens, that is not also what marriage is intended for.

Finally, gender plays a huge role in a marriage. In regards to children, you need a male and a female to help develop good character. Now, I'm not, saying that people with gay parents are stupid by any means, I'm just saying children with a mom and a dad are good kids too.
In a family, children need to learn to be strong and have good character, but be loved at the same time. Corrected when wrong, and praised with right; this is what a male model should do. Me are the leaders, the protectors of the family, which is why marriages need one man.
Also, children need a mother for support, encouragement, love, kindness, and many more things to help build character.

It is also helpful to have two different parents when your kids want to talk to you about something. For example; what if a girl has two dads, and has her period. As a girl myself, their isn't any way that I would talk to a man about my period.
Same goes for boys when they have their problems and growth spurts; do they really have the courage to talk to a woman about that?
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheRealSpassky101 1 year ago
I am sorry to disagree with you Jenae, but I want to point out that it was found by scientists a gay gene. So this shows to show that people were born gay.
Posted by aelfraed 1 year ago
Sex is a choice between and among individuals. Marriage is a social act involving the legal mechanism of city hall and other societal institutions. Seeking a license and the approbation of society, and all the benefits that brings, should require the consensus (a vote) of its citizens.
If one wants benefits for a "significant other" it should be written into law as such, rather than to pervert the meaning of marriage by equating it with a mere license to fornicate.
Posted by Jenae.ross 1 year ago
Thank you @backcommander
Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
Your apology is accepted. I too apologize if at any point I said anything one would deem offensive.
Posted by Jenae.ross 1 year ago
To everyone; I apologize for my comments, I have gone to far and I was not appropriate in what I said. I will use sources to prove my point. I am new, and a young debater, hoping to one day do it for a living. So, now, watching my behavior, I would be willing to debate in depth in regards to the marriage ritual. And yes, Judaism came first. But Christianity is more of an extension to Judaism. Jews do not believe in the old testament, the new testament is very important, which is why Christianity came in to play. But also, I don't believe "Christianity" is the appropriate term. It depends on which version you believe. I, however, am Baptist. I believe in the bible and everything in it. Nothing more nothing less.

To end, I apologize again, thank you for understanding.
Posted by Benediciton101 1 year ago
@jenae.ross Although you have pointed out that you wish not to debate through comments, I'd still like to point out that Christianity has not existed since the beginning of time. Religions such as Hinduism and Judaism have existed much longer than Christianity.

Coming from a Christian family, I respect your religiousness, but as BackCommander has pointed out, you base much of your information on Christianity, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you do indeed use your reiligous beliefs as fact. As somebody formally debating you, using beliefs as fact (and arguing that your words are true) neither polite nor respectful to your opponent. If you continue to use invalid facts, I wish not to debate with you. I will not waste my time with somebody who does not take this debate seriously.
Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
Look, you're failing to realize that every single person who reads this is aware that I'm right, I'm not trying to debate you because this isn't a debatable subject. I'm trying to keep you from looking foolish. My information is fact, and believing that your religion is infallible doesn't make it so.

I need you to take five minutes to look at life outside of a christian viewpoint. I need you to step outside of the bubble you've sealed yourself inside of for just a moment to look into these facts rationally.
Posted by Jenae.ross 1 year ago
I'm sorry, but there is no debate about it; your information is false and if you'd like to continue challenging me, please feel welcome to start a debate, I respectfully refuse to debate through comments. Also, please give me an ACCURATE source for your knowledge because what you are saying completely defies logic and Christian science.
Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
Your religion hasn't existed since the dawn of time. You can believe that if you want, but it isn't accurate. Countless religions existed before yours. Christianity is so widespread due to early Christians waging war on anyone who didn't agree with them. Islam and Mormonism are directly related to Christianity and largely based on them, of course those came after. Judaism, however, came before Christianity. In fact Christianity is just an offshoot of Judaism. Then of course there were many pagan religions that existed before any of those stated above. The religions of the Egyptians and Norsemen for instance.

I was pointing out that you're working under the assumption that your religion is the right one, that it is fact. You're basing your entire argument on something that has yet to be proven. I'm simply pointing out what anyone who has studies religion as a whole, is aware of.
Posted by Jenae.ross 1 year ago
My religion has existed since the beginning of time. And like I said before, the church never changes their belief. Also, that second article link took me to a website that was highly inaccurate and rude against Christianity. Now, back to my first sentence.....
Islam, Mormon, Judaism, and many other religions were developed during the term A.D.
However, Christianity has always been here since Adam and Eve. (The first people on this earth)
If you would like to challenge me to a debate on it, I am more than happy to do so.

And no, I am not using assumption, I am using the education I have received and the BIBLE itself as a source.
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