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Resolved: "Sonic Boom" should have been Metal Overlord's theme, not "What I'm Made of..."

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Started: 6/24/2014 Category: Music
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Metal Overlord is the final boss from the game Sonic Heroes. "Sonic Boom" will refer to the Crush 40 version, not the Cash Cash version. Con argues first.


It's great to return to DDO after a long stretch of exams, and I'm looking forward to an engaging debate. I'm also a long standing Sonic fan. There are two fronts which I will argue from;

1; The narrative of Sonic Heroes

2; The contrasting narrative of Sonic CD

1; Sonic Heroes is a game centered on the theme that Sonic must rely on teamwork to overcome the obstacles presented, ending in a fight with Neo Metal Sonic, who steals the life data of each team to empower himself. Even with the powers of all four teams, Metal Overlord still falls to the heroes. The narratives here are Metal Sonic stealing powers and teamwork.

What I'm Made Of makes reference to draining energy, an action used by Metal before the fight, but the song also states the futility of such an action. This matches the running concepts of the fight: Metal stealing the powers does little for him as the teamwork in using it is the key aspect.

2; Sonic CD was a game involving time travel, Metal Sonic and the Little Planet. It was a single player game where Sonic fought alone, Metal being a threat and Amy being the damsel in distress held as a motivator for Sonic by his Metal rival. The game was a focus on Sonic against Metal, which was reflected in the Metal Sonic movie, which I recommend.
The solo narrative contrasts with the teamwork in Sonic Heroes, as not even Tails appears in Sonic CD. Repeating the song would reference a game which disagrees with the idea that Sonic needed allies to overcome Metal.

Each Super theme must reflect the game it was present in. Adventure 1 was the first 3d super fight, so the lyrics reflect the nature of going super; the limited time bu the near invincibility of the power presented. Adventure 2's theme reflected Shadow, who desired the world's destruction in isolation, learned of reasons to abstain from firing the ARK. And so forth. The super theme has to reflect the narrative of the fight so the current one seems more appropriate.

See you next round,

Debate Round No. 1


Your argument is moot as Sonic Boom can connect well to the game and fit Metal Overlord.

Connection to boss:

If you're strong, you can fly- the presence of strong and flying members on each team or Team Sonic flying and standing strong against Metal Sonic.

You can reach the other side of the rainbow- the need to fly to get through certain parts of the levels as if they were imagined as rainbows.

It's alright, take a chance- Everyone is willing to take any risk to stop Metal Sonic.

Cause there is no circumstance that you can't handle- the power of teamwork, as mentioned by Sonic before the final battle.

Trouble keeps you running faster- the hurry to stop Metal Sonic

Spinning through the world in motion- doing spin dashes

Save the planet from disaster- Metal Sonic is trying to take over the world.

The time is now, he can't hide- the search for Metal Sonic being over

Find the power deep inside and make it happen- Team Sonic being much stronger as one

It can also fit Metal Overlord because the intro and guest vocals from Alex Makhlouf fit with the fact that you are fighting a robot. It is better because it is much shorter, so you would get more music while fighting Metal Overlord. It is highly unlikely to hear the guitar solo with What I'm made of. Both songs make references to never giving up and saving the world from evil. Sonic boom also has a slow beginning, which could get the player a bit more pumped up while Metal Overlord said "Long time no see, Sonic, my loathsome copy!" After that we hear drums and much faster music, which fits with the begging of the battle better than just starting out with a guitar.


Your arguments for Sonic Boom's connection only match vaguely to the fight itself, not the narrative. I'll be referencing previous Super levels to explain this further.

Sonic Adventure 1; The introduction of 3d super sonic. This song reflects the power that many were unaware of due to the difficulty of getting all the emeralds in previous games. As the first appearance. The lyrics detail the intensity of the fight, which you even feel as you play it. You feel a rush of power as Perfect Chaos fails to damage your ring count, but the ever ticking timer spells you doom. This song is best for introducing an ability that only Sonic could use at the time.

Sonic Adventure 2; Before this fight, Sonic and Shadow, who had fought until now, are forced to ally together to face the Biolizard, the harbinger of the earth's doom. The two fighting alongside each other allows them to learn that they need not be enemies afterwards. The introduction of new chaos powers by Shadow introduce new aspects to the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow uses them to manipulate space-time, and Sonic uses a fake emerald to do the same, although Shadow insists a fake emerald couldn't be used for Chaos Control.

Sonic Heroes; Metal Sonic donned a new trenchcoat look and copied the abilities of Sonic and his allies in an attempt to use their strength against them. He fails to understand that it is the separation and co-operation of these skills that strengthen them. The copied abilities prove useless against Team Sonic and he is defeated.

I'd go on, but I'm running out of letters My point is, the theme must reflect the narrative of the fight and in case you didn't play it, Sonic CD is one of the few games that doesn't involve the Chaos Emeralds, instead using the Time Stones. Your connections are vague and could be applies to any other Super fight. Both include saving the world from evil? EVERY SUPER FIGHT INVOLVES SAVING THE WORLD FROM EVIL.

See you next round,

Debate Round No. 2


It is a final boss fight, freeing players to focus only on the fight. They no longer care about what happened to lead up to the fight.

Sonic Boom fits Metal Overlord because of the fast tempo, guitars, and parts that feel robotic. "Take a chance" details unstoppable tenacity in the face of near-impossible odds. "Sonic boom" details Sonic's speed. "Spinning through a world in motion" can refer to dashing through Metal Overlord's crystal blasts or constantly moving side to side. "Save the planet from disaster" can refer to saving the world from Metal Sonic's rule. As I stated before, "find the power deep inside and make it happen" can refer to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles using the power of teamwork to fight evil.

I did play Sonic CD, and I would have preferred Crush 40's Sonic Boom as the theme song.


Open Your Heart was the opening theme of Adventure 1, but it also featured as the super theme. Endless Possibilities had a Crush 40 version for the credits and an orchestral one for the fight. Sonic Generations begins and ends with the Sonic theme.
The theme has often been heard already, and its return is a reincorporation. of the theme. Crush 40 has made the Sonic themes since Adventure 1, but the song is specific to the game. You can't claim the robotic nature of the cover matches metal sonic when Metal's theme (Stardust Speedway) is largely an digital piano theme. The quotes you've used are so vague, I could relate them to the first Sonic game. Besides, the strength of teamwork is not from within, rather from without, from others. Metal fails to understand this, thinking he can simply use all three powers in one form.

Sonic CD didn't feature Sonic Boom until the end credits, and it wasn't Crush 40 who did it.
There. That was the original. Not exactly a fitting super fight theme, but Sonic CD was a much more methodical game, approaching obstacles cleverly to secure the Time Stones and the Good Futures. If you just ran through to a guitar riff, then you got a face full of electric spikes in Act 3.

It seems you simply wanted a good song to rock to as you fought a giant metal monster. Don't fault What I'm Made Of for that, Crush 40 actually wrote that one for the game, whereas they just did a cover of Sonic Boom.

And for the last time, stop using the lyrics in such a vague way. There is never impossible odds when Sonic is in super form and lots of stuff involves spinning. Almost every game ever involves saving the planet, I'll see you next round.

Debate Round No. 3


Loveshismom forfeited this round.


This marks the end of an enjoyable debate, and if my opponent has any related topics, I'm all ears. Until then, I've made my case and I hope it proves adequate. See you next time,

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Loveshismom 3 years ago
D.o you know someone on this site who likes to debate fan stuff?
Posted by ChosenWolff 3 years ago
No promises though. There are sects who like to debate fan stuff, but you still have a very specific resolution, for a very specific game, on a very specific theme song.
Posted by Loveshismom 3 years ago
Thx 4 the tip, Chosen Wolff.
Posted by ChosenWolff 3 years ago
Sorry, but never heard of this game. To make fan debates like this, you would be best to advertise the debate in the forums. Otherwise, you're going to wait awhile for an acceptance.
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