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Resolved: Spain should grant Catalonia its independence.

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Started: 1/1/2018 Category: Places-Travel
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In this case, I will be arguing that Spain should not grant Catalonia its independence, and my opponent will argue that Spain should grant Catalonia its independence.

The first round is for acceptance and clarification only. The [Con] case will be presented at the start of Round 2.

1. No forfeits
2. Any citations or foot/endnotes must be individually provided in the text of the debate
3. No new arguments in the final round; R1 is just for acceptance
4. Maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere
5. No trolling
6. No K's of the topic
7. My opponent accepts all definitions and waives his/her right to add resolution definitions
8. The BOP is Shared; Con must argue that Spain should not grant Catalonia its independence and Pro must argue that Spain should grant Catalonia its independence.
9. Violation of any of these rules or of any of the R1 set-up merits a loss

~ Definitions: ~
Merriam Webster defines 'should' as an expression of obligation, propriety, and expediency. It may also be used to express a request.
Again we refer to Merriam Webster which provides several useful definitions for 'grant'; to consent, to permit, to be willing to concede.
Independence is the quality of being independent which Merriam Webster conveniently defines as not subject to the control of others: self-governing.


I accept.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by JDgoal18 2 years ago
No, Catalonia shouldn't earn their independence. The independence of Catalonia is against their law, posed by Spain. So trying to liberate themselves from the rule of Spain is illegal. So they sent police officers to stop the "illegal" voting.

The second reason why Catalonia should not earn their independence is that Spain supports Catalonia in many ways, in return for a share of the revenue that they produce. One of these ways that Spain supports Catalonia is in military defense. Currently according to euro news, Catalonia does not have a military force. Meaning that if Catalonia were to have its independence, then it would have to have a strong military force capable of protecting it from attacks.

The third and final reason why Catalonia should not earn their independence is because many Catalonia's citizens feel safe with Spain as their ruler. They don't mind that they have to pay extra money to pay Spain. This is shown by the fact that during the independence polls, only 40% of all voters actually wanted to earn their independence from Spain. Meaning that about 50% wanted to stay with Spain as their ruler. With 10% still undecided. And because of "majority rules" the side with people that vote to stay with Spain, win and have the right to stay with Spain. Why would you go against what many people think. This would just create more rough edges with the people and the government, this meaning that in the future, if Catalonia earns its independence, then there will be many angry mobs of people when their view is not accepted.

With all of three reasons I have outlined, this clearly shows that Catalonia should not have to right to have their independence. From breaking the law, supporting in times and areas of need, to votes that clearly outline the wishes of many Catalonia's citizens. There are many reasons why Catalonia should not be able to earn their independence, and I have only outlined three. And with more evidence, there will be a clear decision t
Posted by Frost_troll 2 years ago
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