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Resolved: Students ought not have to take standardized exit test/exams to pass high school.

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Started: 2/3/2010 Category: Politics
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Jack Jennings of the Center on Education Policy in Washington, D.C. once said "It becomes startling clear that there's unequal education." My value in today's debate is that of education. My value certain which supports my value is that of educational values. My main points are that Graduation test/exams fail to add value to high school Diplomas, Students with disabilities are at a disadvantage. I stand in affirmation in today's resolution.

My contention # 1 is Graduation test/exams fail to add value in high school diplomas. This relates to value because you don't need to pass the test/exam or have high test/exam scores in order to get a good well paying job. Graduation test do not promote the knowledge, skills and habits needed for success in college or skilled work. In it has stated that "According to college professors and employers, high school students must be able to analyze conflicting explanations, support arguments with evidence, solve complex problems that have no obvious answer, reach conclusions, conduct research, and engage in the give-and-take of ideas." The exit exams don't prove what you can do for employment or at college work. In it has also stated that "Most sate standard-based high school test is not aligned with college-level work or employment. Most test just try to measure basic academic skills. They rely on primarily on multiple-choice questions…." Many of today's job requirements can't be assessed by a multiple-choice exam. Once again has stated "Most jobs in today's knowledge-based economy require that we find, assemble and analyze information, write and speak clearly and persuasively; and work with others to solve messy problems. None of which are measured by multiple-choice exam."

My contention # 2 is Students with disabilities are at a disadvantage. This relates to my value because if the students with disabilities are at a disadvantage then the students don't get the full potential of the information and education available to them. Many teachers and school leaders are worried about the impacts of the test. According to "Many educator and school leaders are concerned about the potentially harmful impacts of such test." Students with mental or physical disabilities still have to take this test. In is has stated that "The standardized test often punish students who are dealing personal and/or cognitive struggles, as they are designed to only access students of "average" academic ability, all students are required to take state-mandated test. Some states don't care about students with disabilities, when it comes to standardized exit test/exams. At it has stated the "some states make no allowances and hold all students to the same graduation standards."

My main points are Graduation test/exams fail to add value to high school Diplomas, Students with disabilities are at a disadvantage. My value is that of education. And like Jack Jennings of the Center on Education Policy in Washington, D.C. has said "It has become startling clear that there's unequal education." Please vote affirmative.


1. Graduation tests/exams add value in high school diplomas.
As a high school student, you can pass classes with D's and a very low reading level and still graduate. Without a graduation test/exam, students would be able to graduate with these minimum standards. This very fact itself takes away value from the diploma."The exam is important because it enforces a minimum standard of achievement in order for students to receive a high school diploma, said Hilary McLean, a spokesperson for the California Department of EducationThere"( should students who aren't reaching their potential, doing the very minimum work, and just skating by the lowest standards of education, be able to graduate amongst students who work for a diploma?
Since these exams are designed to measure proficiency, the students who are not up to par[discluding disabled students] are provided with information to help them get to the point they should be at before leaving high school. included in an article by The San Diego Union-Tribune, "Between each administration of the test, students who have failed are provided with extra help specifically designed to get them past the test requirement. Given so many tries, eventually most students would be able to pass the tests, even if only by chance."( High schools need to have a means of gauging the abilities of the students and this is a good way to do so.

sub point a. Graduation exams do relate to the work force and college. If students cannot pass a standardized proficiency test that is primarily multiple choice, this is one sign that they aren't prepared adequately to be working mid to higher paying jobs. There are basic pieces of knowledge and understanding an employ must posses for these jobs. Although the exams don't test a student's skills at flipping a burger or cleaning a toilet, they do measure
Not only this, but in college, students are required to take numerous exams. Because of this, graduation tests are an example of a way students can be prepared for college exams as well.

2. I do somewhat agree with the point suggested in which disabled students have a disadvantage in taking exit exams. These students who would struggle with an exit exam obviously had to have been challenged throughout high school with subject tests and quizzes as well. However, there are solutions and improvements that are in the process of being made to help these students graduate, without eliminating the exams for capable students. "The Disability Rights Advocates has won lawsuits which allowed disabled students in the high school classes of 2006 and 2007 who met all graduation requirements except for passing the exam to waive out of taking the test. Pending legislation would exempt special education students in the classes of 2008 and 2009 as well, "Heller said.( This is one solution that would indeed help this students.

Graduation tests/exams add value to high school diplomas and there are solutions to helping disabled students pass the exams and allow them to graduate without eliminating them all together.
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Ha. Debate fail.
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