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Resolved: Summer is the best season

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Started: 1/31/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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I want to try a Spar round (Spontaneous Argument).
No concrete evidence is required but simple stuff helps (don't use stuff that you couldn't remember off the top of your head).
If you are unfamiliar with Spar then please don't accept.

In spar Pro goes first, then Con.

Then there is Cross Examination. We will do this in the comments.
(for this segment Pro will have to allow a forfeit in round 2, once the forfeit happens then Cross examination is over.)

Then it is followed by con then pro conclusions.

*If that out line is followed then it will fit perfectly into three rounds.

Pro goes first, so good luck.


Ok I will start.

Spring is not the best season because Winter is the best season

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa in December.
These holidays brings the family together and exchanges the message of giving. 3 holidays just dedicated to celebration and spreading good will.
Winter is also the time where we celebrate the New Year.
Winter is full of celebration.

Winter Break:
Kids like me, who goes to school also gets a winter break from school for 2-3 weeks.

In December the stores are full of sales and special lighting to match the holiday season which makes the atmosphere a lot more uplifting.
Many stores are also looking for extra help during the holiday seasons so more temporary jobs are available to fit the need.

December is also the time of rare weather like snow which can be quite enjoyable for activities like snow boarding, skiing, and ice skating.

That is it for now. I guess
Debate Round No. 1


Hello and thank you for accepting this.

I am sorry in advance for the unorthodox manner in which this debate is organized. Trust me, after ward it does make sense.

There also seems to be a mess up in the argument my opponent posses, as it is contrary to their position. To clear this up the Resolution now states "Resolved: Winter is the Best Season" so that my opponent's arguments fit with the debate.
I stand in firm negation of the resolution that "Winter is the best season".

I do so because of 2 main reasons.

First, Winter is characterized my an uptick in the number of Suicides. This most likely comes from depression during dark and cold nights of winter.

Second, Summer is a time characterized by joy. Among school children the entire school year revolves around summer Vacation, the longest vacation. I remember we use to count down the days to summer starting nearly two months in advance.

I now look at my opponent's case.

They bring up holidays, Sure holidays like Christmas and Kwanzaa occur during winter, but there are other big holidays like Yom Kippur, Halloween and Easter. They bring up Chanukah, a minor Jewish holiday that could occur during about any seven day period of December, and since Winter does not officially start until the 21st or 22nd of December then Chanukah could easily fit into Autumn, thus making it a point to my side.

Also many Independence Days take place out side of Winter, such examples are the 4th of July (American Independence day), July 1st (Canadian Independence day) and September 16th (Mexican Independence day).

Next was Winter break. Winter break, though fun, is insignificant to the pure freedom of Summer break.

Some stores do have sales during winter. But they also have them during the summer. The holiday season is brought up, but since only a week or so of the 'holiday season' actually occurs in Winter this is irrelevant.
The most common temporary job at a store that I am aware of is for Black Friday, which occurs in Autumn, not in Winter.

It snows in Winter, some may enjoy this, but others (like myself) enjoy rain more so than snow. Others still like sunny days on the beach, which becomes hard if you were to do so in a foot of snow.

I again thank my opponent for joining this debate and look forward to a great cross examination.


I am sorry if I messed up on the debate I haven't noticed what my mess up was so I will just continue.

My opponent brings up the freedom of summer vacation. Yes summer vacation is the longest break but it is not the pure freedom as my opponent has stated. During the summer some students like myself are stuck in summer school watching everyone else have fun while we are stuck inside. While in winter break regardless of grades everybody gets a day off. So for those children who were unable to do well in school, summer vacation is not as joyous.

Yes it is very sunny in the summer but some people (like myself) finds it infuriating to have to walk around in the hot sun and in my own sweat. I live in San Francisco so imagine getting on a public bus (MUNI) with about 25 other sweaty people for many bus stops which is not enjoyable in the least bit.

Yes summer has independence day, but winter has Christmas, Kwanzaa, and other holidays like Martin Luther King day.

That is it for this round. Again sorry if I messed up.
Debate Round No. 2


The first mistake was that you were supposed to argue that summer was the best season, not winter. But that has changed so never mind that.

The second was that During round 2 we were supposed to have Cross Examination in the comments until the time for round 2 expired.

Then we would both give our concluding remarks.

As that did not happen we will just have to continue.
- - -
My opponent brings up a good point, saying that summer vacation is less enjoyable due to Summer school. How ever I must disagree, Summer school is cause by failure to do well the rest of the year. Doing poorly the rest of the year reflects either lack of caring or anxiety.
1)If there is a lack of care about grades during the school year then summer school must not be so unenjoyable, or else a person would work just a little bit harder in order not to fail a class just in order to avoid Summer School.
2)if there is anxiety causing grades to slip then the rest of the year isn't full of enjoyment either.

Therefore I refute that point.

Sure, as was established, Christmas and Kwanzaa exist in Winter, New Years and MLK day do as well. But other major holidays, such as Independence Day (for many different countries), chanukah, Yom Kipur, Halloween, Easter and so on, show that holidays have no particular preference toward winter, but are merely randomly distributed throughout the year.
(and a side note, Jesus was not born in Winter but in Spring, the date was later changed to the date of a pagan holiday to make conversion easier.)

And lastly I, Living in Park City, Utah (a ski resort town in northern Utah), know what snow is. Sure maybe in warmer coastal regions a couple inches or so may fall, but where I live it comes in feet. Sometimes the snow and ice has been known to freeze power lines and trees, snapping them with the weight of the ice. Avalanches are not un-common in the ski resorts nearby. And I plowed into a snow bank on the way to school last Friday, getting quite stuck and needing to be towed out, this was caused by black ice in the roads.

During the summer it might get a little sweaty, but that is nothing like driving on a snowy road at 6:30 in the morning. I use to live in Tucson, Arizona (before I moved to Utah) and back then I remember the heat. It was bearable, but often I found it quite fun.
- - -
My opponent never touched on my suicide argument, therefore conceding it to me.
Other than that I feel it was a good match.

I am sorry that my format was confusing. I was simply trying to be ambitious and make the Spar format work here. I am sorry that that could not happen.

I thank my opponent for the debate and ask that the readers vote Con (Neg)!


sllewuy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Demauscian 8 years ago
don't worry about it, I think I worded my explanation poorly. Next time I try this I will simply put myself as aff since I know what I am trying to do.

Please, go ahead and post the last argument and we will just let the other readers decide who should win.
Posted by sllewuy 8 years ago
OK i just realized what i did wrong LOL!!!!!
ok ill take the forfeit im too used being on con when i accept challenges i apologize so much
Posted by Demauscian 8 years ago
I'll ask the first question since I am on here already.

Why is Winter break more valuable to you that Summer break?


What weather do you enjoy the most?
Posted by Demauscian 8 years ago
the forfeit is entirely necessary if you have ever participated in a Spar (spontaneous Argument)

The order:
Aff Constructive Speech
Neg Constructive and rebuttal speech
Cross Examination
Neg conclusion
Aff Conclusion

As you see, Neg goes twice in a row and does not allow for fudging with the order (at least to my knowledge) Plus It gives a time table to the Cross Examination so that we know when it is over.
Posted by studentathletechristian8 8 years ago
Pro is confused ...
Posted by wjmelements 8 years ago
The forfeit seem entirely unnecessary.
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