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Resolved: Wealthy Nations have an obligation to provide aid to other nations.

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Started: 12/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Rules of this debate are as follows:
We will be debating the morals of this argument
We are not arguing in an ideal world
Please refrain from doing research on the topic after you accept the debate till the end
Please be civil and have all arguments be relevant to the topic and do not attack the character or intelligence of the opponent.
The first round will be your acceptance and any rules or definitions you would like the voters, and the debaters to follow, I also ask that if you are able you include your value and criterion.
The second round will contain your argument, but you can also use rebuttal against definitions, and rules if they are unreasonable.
In the third round you will construct a rebuttal, and may ask questions that will be answered in the fourth round. (If there is a way to set-up a questioning period I would be thankful if anybody can tell me how, and I want a formal questioning period not one in the comments section.)
The fourth round will contain answers and more rebuttals.
The fifth round will contain your final statements, and include your voters. You may also include how you felt about your opponent (please be respectful).
For the voters I ask that anything said in this debate you consider truth until the opponent rebuts it, and I also ask that you take into consideration what you believed before hand and vote while including that. I want this debate to portray what people thought after the debate including previous influences not just what happened in the debate.'
Some definitions to clarify the round are as follows,
Wealthy Nations: in context developed countries
Other Nations: In context of debate will be developing countries
Obligation: Merriam Webster something (such as a formal contract, a promise, or the demands of conscience or custom) that obligates one to a course of action
Developmental Assistance: Development aid;(also;development assistance,;international aid,;overseas aid;or;foreign aid) is aid given by actors in developed countries (Governments, Economic agencies, Charities, etc.);and;international organizations such as the World Bank,;to support the economic, social and political;development;of;developing countries. Aid is given in the form of assistance and this is subdivided in two main categories: donation of funds ("financial assistance") and;donation of expertise has been;"technical assistance".
Value: Sustainability
Criterion: Stability


I accept this debate and I hope for it to be really productive. My value is consequentialism and my value criterion is human well fare. I also agree with the affirmative definitions.
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Debate Round No. 5
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by BrettBoelkens 2 years ago
I love pasta.
Posted by Rogue_Blitzwolf 2 years ago
I dont have the briefs yet either and yeah you can copy pasta the neg case for constructive
Posted by BrettBoelkens 2 years ago
LD much? I'll accept. Do you have any of the briefs for next topic about plea bargains? I need some of those for next month since our team doesn't have them. Can I just copy and paste neg case for the constructive?
Posted by SlowDMO 2 years ago
Legal or moral?
Posted by PointyDelta 2 years ago
>We are not arguing in an ideal world

bruh you're making normative statements ofc they're in an ideal world
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