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Resolved: direct popular vote should replace electoral college in presidential elections

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Started: 11/22/2011 Category: Politics
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first round is acceptance


I accept, Same rules as your other debate and Con goes first.
May the best debater win.
Debate Round No. 1


welcome thank you for accepting the challenge, i am a public foum debater so please dont bring up the NPV plan
the electoral is a critical and necessary part of our government. For this reason I strongly negate the resolution. Resolved direct popular vote should replace electoral college in presidential elections. For three reasons The electoral college protects the minority states, spending, and less voter fraud.

First the electoral college protects the minority states. By minority states I mean the small ones with not very large populations. The electoral college makes sure that they still have a say and many candidates go and visit those states because they need as many delegates as possible.

Second is spending, The cost of presidential elections is all ready controversial. in the 2004 election candidates raised 919 million dollars, and only toured sixteen states. so that's a little over 57 million dollars a state. With the direct vote planning on touring 50 states it would cost over 2 billion dollars.

Finally with direct popular vote there is an increased chance for vote fraud. If every vote must be counted and know without a doubt who voted for who there will be a huge possibility for mistake, but with the electoral college. If a state makes a mishap they would only have to recount that state. since it would go to the states total, and not an overall count

So to conclude the electoral college is a necessary part of our government for three reasons, First it protects the minority states with small population, it saves a lot of money, and it reduces the chances for voter fraud


As I am pro I shall first rebuttal the con then create my own arguments

Resolved direct popular vote should replace electoral college in presidential elections

Con Arguments

Contention 1-Electoral college protects the smaller states
Now first a technical question of this Contention to the con.
By small are you referring to population? I will assume that you are, could you please clarify in next round?
Now to my Attack on this Contention

1.The electoral college does not protect the smaller population states
In fact the electoral doesn't even protect the large states
With the electoral college all states where it is usually a winner take all situation.

Meaning if you won the most electoral votes in the then you won all. Now some states are what is called "no worry states". This is where a candidates of either party has historically found support. Examples of this would be Texas for republicans and New York and California for democrats. I would also like to note that California is the largest state, Texas is the second largest and New York is the third.

Now the primary focus of the Electoral college is on "swing states"(See chart on spending in 2004 election).
These are states which are neither the smallest or biggest. Historical swing states and population ranks include
Ohio-Ranked 7th in Population

Now why should these states receive the most attention? There honestly is no solid answer against this. In the 2004 election together neither candidate spent 1 million dollars on California(the largest state), but they can spent 8 million on its neighbor Nevada?
The electoral college protects no one.

Contention 2-Spending
This correlation of statistics does not make sense an is falsely calculated. My opponent did not factor in that you do not have to spend the same amount of money on each state. In fact I have a chart that shows how much money they spent on each state an that most of the money spent in that election was on Swing states.(See chart spending) These states are
This further increases my main rebuttal point that the electoral college discriminates against large and small states.

Contention 3-Vote fraud
The reason for vote fraud in any election in primarily from the Electoral College and that many electoral colleges do their vote on pen and paper. Whereas most current direct popular vote is done on a computer.

Now to my arguments

Contention 1-The Electoral College Discriminates...

Sub-point A-...against the voter
With the electoral College the voter's voice is not even close to being heard and how it increases the irrelevancy of the average person's vote.
With the Elections of 1876, 1888 and 2000 produced an Electoral College winner who did not receive the majority of the popular vote, meaning the majority of the country did not support them.
This shows that the electoral College can elect presidents that do not have the full support of the people.
Here's an fictitious example of this argument

A-California has 33 million people(Lets assume they all vote)
B-California is seeing a raise in republican voters which equals 16 million
C-California's current democrat voters are 17 million
D-Using the electoral college then the state will vote democratic
E-16 million people's votes are ignored

Without the electoral college than 16 million peoples can be heard.

Sub-point B-...Against the presidential Candidate and the state itself
The presidential candidate does not have the chance to have his voice heard if the state is a "no-worry" state.
This point while seeming small is actually very important considering if the discriminated president wins the election then he might feel entitled not to help that state out in times of needs and because of his political reasons. With direct popular vote than there is no trouble of a no worry state and some small demographics can give the presidential candidates their support.

Direct popular vote is the true majority will of the country and what most of the people think is best. Why have 1 person vote for 1,000,000 that don't want him to vote for them? Why have a candidate spend next to no money on a state where he knows he would get votes according to the views of a handful of politicians?

chart on spending in the 2004 election-
popular winner loses election-
Debate Round No. 2


Thiskid forfeited this round.


I understand that my opponent was probably celebrating the holidays, so I extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


Thiskid forfeited this round.


Extend all arguments.....
Debate Round No. 4


Thiskid forfeited this round.


*Sigh* What a wasted debate
Vote Pro....
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Thiskid 6 years ago
ive been typing up that case for a month now so yeah i just copied and pasted
Posted by Cobo 6 years ago
Well, I'll be damned that was quick.
20 seconds?
Near impossible but okay
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