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Reunification of Korea

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Started: 5/30/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is only acceptance. No Noobsniping from Con, Please maintain conduct.

I will be arguing reunification is a good thing for korea, My Oppoment will refute it.

Bop is on both sides. Con needs proof Re-unification is bad, I need Proof it is good.


I accept this debate.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting. I will argue that re-unification is best for both countries, north and south.

The re-unification of the two countries offer many benefits. Please let me put together (no pun intended) The many benefits.

1. Millitary

North Korea and South Korea compliment each other`s millitary completely, If the two combine. South Korea has a higher population, While North Korea has more in service. North Korea has More Aircraft, Ships, and Tanks, but lacks the Oil to fuel them. South Korea has oil. North Korea also has the higher Railway coverage, but lacks the Roadway coverage south Korea has. South Korea is a expert civilian use of cyberspace, Having the fastest Wifi in the world, While North Korea has the Millitary use of cyberspace, 6,000 cyber troops.



2) Resources

North Korea has one of the most minerals in the world, with 200 types of resources. In a unified Korea, The technology from south Korea can be brought in, Giving many benefits and money to both Korea. South Korea can enjoy gold, iron, coal, and barite. North Korea on the other hand, Needs oil. South Korea has proven oil reserves. Clearly, If the two can ever unite, The Korean Mining industry can be one of the biggest in the world.


3) Nature

South Korea Isn`t best known for protecting Nature, and loses much from this. North Korea on the other hand, Has many Natural heavens.

Mt. Paektu

With A unified Korea, The drawbacks south Korea has because of pollution can be erased, And Cleaner water, Air, and land are all things Korea will be able to get.

Mt. Kuwol

Tourism, Fresh Air, International support, less litter, and clean water are all things that are neutral interest, And the reunification balances the Clean nature in the North and the Industry of the south.


4) Banned goods.

Currently, Koreans violate the rules to get fish from the North. A vendor reported “We have
openly labeled shellfish that come from North Korea because customers think they taste better.”

Without the ban on goods from each other, The fish Industry can be proped up in Korea. On the Other hand, The north Koreans may want the Wifi south Korea has. South Korea has the Fastest Wifi, And North Korea, who isn`t famous for using the Internet, May get some benefits.

South Koreans get their fish, And North Koreans get the WIFI.



5) Less hostilities

The two countries in war can have less skirmishes if they Unite, And focus on better things to do.

6) Preserve the DMZ Wildlife.

If Korea can unite, The Border conflicts have no need, the DMZ can be used as a national Park. 300 Species of Fungus and 1,600 Vascular Plants thrive in the DMZ. After the Border is gone, The dmz can turn into a natural haven. The two Korea already cooperate in this part, The two formed a roosting area for the almost exclusively white and red-naped cranes.

Furthermore, The DMZ can also be a historical park alongside natural one.



Anna08 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Extend arguments. SWEEEEEEEEEEEDEN. (Im` very sorry to anyone I probably angered)


1. War

We have to remember that North Korea is a communist country ruled by a dictator and South Korea is a capitalist country. Each side is contented with there government. North Korea is also threatening to attack South Korea and the world and South Korea hates Kim Jung-un. It is nearly impossible to try and unite these two countries without creating a war.

North Korea has nuclear weapons, so if both countries go to war, expect nuclear warfare.

2. Economy and Reforms

Whoever would win the war, South Korea's economy will go down because North Korea is a very poor country. Then there will be massive reforms on education, military, culture and government. We have to remember that these two countries are very different. So if reunification happens, a reform is inevitable.

In conclusion, the reunification is nearly impossible to happen without war. If Reunification ever happens, then it will be costly.
Debate Round No. 3



1. War

Actually, war isn`t the only way. Kim Jong Un, And DPRK, can collaspe, or comprimise. China, an long-standing enemy of re-unification, decided to open up to ROSK. Russian agents belive re-unification in 20 years, in fact. Kim jong un, and president Bak guen hay, decided to open up more then the previous leaders. War is only one way korea can re-unite, but russia thinks collapse will be a more possible way.

2. Economy and reform


North Korea and South Korea actually have very good education, and reform here isn`t needed. NK and SK both have 90-99% literacy rates, NK having 100%, education isn`t needed. Perhaps bias is a problem, but it doesn`t require a stimulus.


My while argument says how the millitary will benefit.


A collasped goverment will mean not much here. Also, A comprimise, like socialism, can be made.


This one, I agree will cost money, But isn`t impossible. Proposals are already being made in germany.

I`m running out of time, sorry for a short argument.


Anna08 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4



I waive this round to be fair. I like trians.


I'm busy, so I concede.
Sorry for not giving you a good debate. :(
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Lexus 3 years ago
Pro's arguments hold no weight at all and give me no reason to even consider reunification. :/
Posted by Anna08 3 years ago
Sorry for forfeiting > <
Posted by WAM 3 years ago
I should have taken it your arguments show no political or economical background knowledge of Reunification and are partly incorrect.
Posted by WAM 3 years ago
This sounds quite good, thinking about it....
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