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[Rhyming Poetry] Is the choice for abortion worth it?

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Started: 2/18/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I notice that there are 'rap battles' on this site and wished to debate via poetry.

I do warn my opponent that I have some pretty decent experience so I could thrash an amateur (not necessarily a professional poet).

There are two rules:

1) Must abide by DDO rules (including no personal insults, swearing nor 'starring out' swear words)
2) Must rhyme either by line-to-line or by line-to-notrhymingline-to-rhymingline


Also rhyming a word like "sick" and "sit" could occasionally be allowed but the focus here is the rhyme.

Other than rhyme, and general rhythm, there is no strict structure or form.

I'm the type of poet that worries more about delivery than the structure.

I am pro abortion choice by the way.

First round is acceptance. It's fine whether or not con wishes to rap for first round.

Best of luck :)
Debate Round No. 1


Now when it comes to the matter of abortion,
We must see equality, each person getting their portion,
Of the right to not fall victim to any form of extortion,
And ask little mister pro-life "Is studying the law a bore, son?"
If he answers yes, we merely gasp in dismay,
If he answers no, we gasp anyway,
A little boy who knows so much,
A little girl who can't use a hair brush,
The shock is the same,
The shock of the game,
The shock of how our prejudices are so lame.

We assume the pro-lifers are uneducated,
But I prefer to think of them as incarcerated,
Inside their religious realm of reasoning,
Like a cook who only knows one type of seasoning,
They look at the world through goggles of one shade,
Play with a deck of cards whose only suite is spade,
They see human life as human life,
No mother, no wife,
No fetus, no woman, just the right to be alive,
They don't care of the mother dies,
Don't care to see all the pain in her eyes,
The tears flow but the lies,
Of religion disguise,
The true horror of pro-lifers' dictation of lives,
They command,
They demand,
With their tyrannical hand,
As if the woman were property, they the owner's of her land.

In this controversy, there simply is no mercy,
There is only selfish guidance worn like a football jersey,
What about the woman's right to stay alive?
What about the nine year old rape girl's right to protection?
What about the ideas of secular humanism you give so much rejection?
What if your current state of mind is a repugnant complexion,
What if the error is with YOU for not showing any affection,
any compassion, empathy or emotion,
To the horny teen who now will have a bump over which to apply her sun-tan lotion,
Who got taken into a guy's car, her drink had been spiked,
And her her freedom ripped from her body all in one night,
Has her hormones taken advantage of, of course she screamed "YES!"
When she said" NO! GO SLOW!" The rapist simply said "STOP COVERING YOUR BREAST!"
She was drugged and confused,
Tormented and abused,
Saw a therapist for weeks on how to change her views,
The guy went free; lack of evidence,
She got labelled a slut, lost almost all of her friends,
Had a ruined reputation,
Painful education,
Now on top of that she had constant abdominal pains as opposed to monthly menstruation,
She was losing motivation,
Losing concentration,
Her father kicked her, punched her, hurt her, for his sadistic necessitation,
Her mother had left her as a baby, also forced to by the law of pro-life,
the girl had a scar down her face because her mother sure as hell had tried,
She attempted back-street abortion, coat hangars, old school stuff,
Cut the face of the embryo but did no probe far enough,
The poor mother had the baby, as a lost little teen,
The father beat her up left right and centre, insulted her, was so mean,
She left her baby, he abused it, now that baby got raped,
She goes out in the summer ashamed of her belly shape,
She has a baby that, like her mother, she hates to have in every day,
She vows to grow up, out of this hell and treat her baby the same way,
That she was treated, a viscous cycle continues on and on,
The criminals breed criminals, The law abiders get done wrong,
The good get cut down, in the downtown,
The product of your pro-life regime,
Where there is zero reason for them to be happy, just forced lives of no gleam.

So go ahead, Tell me how that fetus, without a brain,
Has as much right as the mother to use its non-existent brain,
To grow to a mother who doesn't want it and a father who will abuse it,
To a life of poverty, whereby it does even have a chair by its desk on which to sit,
It just has a desk and a bed, that's about all it was given, meanwhile the rest of the welfare money went on the car that its parents had so mindlessly driven,
Now tell me how you can truly look me in the eye,
And say that it's okay to force that raped woman to raise a kid in such a pig sty.


Wow you did well not sure if I could ever beat you but I will try to stick to this gru.
Hey supporter of Obama
Ever heard of a condom?

But never mind that its my turn to rap
I'm about to bind you in my musical trap

First of all they usually don't die
So stop spreading the lie.

Women are for abortion because there to scared to go to labor
It's okay that you agree I mean your pictour is a piece of paper.

Abortion is the act of choosing one over another
How do you feel when you choose between your mother and your brother

The great god in heaven above
Do you think he approves?

How does that make god feel, creator of the earth
That his children got killed before birth.

The people's fate shouldn't be chosen by the mother.
But liberals don't care, about the state of baby's I mean why even bother.

Sadly no one mourns when baby's die
Because there "un-born" but really everyone should feel torn.

Democrats just watch as the baby gets aborted
But not for long watch when we take it to the courts.

Just listening to the people chop the baby into pieces
Is sick not even counting when they mop up the blood.
Debate Round No. 2


TolerantSpirit forfeited this round.


Modern-AlbertEnstein forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


TolerantSpirit forfeited this round.


Modern-AlbertEnstein forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


TolerantSpirit forfeited this round.


Modern-AlbertEnstein forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TolerantSpirit 4 years ago
It is possible he could beat me, yes.
Posted by TolerantSpirit 4 years ago
It is possible he could beat me, yes.
Posted by philochristos 4 years ago
If Lucretius were here, he'd dominate in this kind of debate.
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