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Richard Dawkins makes an excellent case for spreading religion.

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Started: 8/11/2016 Category: Religion
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Assuming no God exists. I've been mulling over Richard Dawkins words and reading about psychology. Perhaps Richard Dawkins is on to something, but has come to the exact wrong conclusion on what to do with his findings. Quite simply, evolutionary psychology gave an advantage to survival and reproduction for having occult knowledge.

Think about that for a second and let it seep in. We are at an advantage with having occult knowledge, AKA religion, then without. In other words, natural selection dictates that we are better off with religion then without. So why in the world would be want to get rid of something that is to our advantage?

To me, religion is a stress response. When we are exposed to stressful stimuli, we respond with religion. Think about it there is plenty of events in the world we can't understand and amble cruelty. Let's say a bully at school bullies us. The stimuli being the bully. The response to the stimuli is religion.

Religion is a security blanket. [0] Are we really that cruel to deprive people of their security blanket? No, that would be immoral. If for some reason we really want to get rid of religion, the best way is to remove the stressful stimuli, poverty, lack of food, etc. I find Dawkins' approach cruel and immoral.



Very nice analogy you got there, but Dawkins is simply telling the truth about religion.
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Yes, Dawkins is, but I think inadvertently he is making an excellent case for spreading religion.
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