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Ricky Gervais vs. Louis C. K. rap battle

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Started: 6/23/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Pro raps as British comedian Ricky Gervais.
Con raps as American comedian Louis C.K.

Style will be traditional self hype and diss. Battle begins in R2.


I doth accepteth.
Debate Round No. 1


Glad to be battlin today
Finally gonna take down C.K.
Let's make this beef brief
Ginger death is the motif

You got your show Louis
What a mockery of comedy
Ya ginger haired mick
I'm the boss, my rhymes stick

I'll make this sh1t quick
Take your life with an icepick
Oh you really want some more
I'll fvck ya daughter, she's a wh0re

I'm a comedy genius
Our styles are heterogenous
I'm an international hit
Look at you, you're unfit

My raps are sleak and bleak
You're sh1t is soft and weak
I'm your fvcking enemy
You should be afraid of me

Guess that's all I've got for now
I'l just wait here for a while
While you formulate your rhymes
I'll ponder my future crimes


Here's Louis CK from America
Kicking asss from here to Africa
One of my parents was an economist
And your dad was a little drunk bitch

I was on the show with Letterman
That's only the start of my battle plan
Ha! I'm still young at forty three
Your so goddamn much older than me

Here I am from the show Louie
The Office? What a load of hooey
Look it my filmography, it's great
You and yo daughters are gonna get raped

I'm so cunting awesome I can escape the censor
I'm a thief I can bypass any sensor
I'm the king of black comedy
All you can do is dramedy
Debate Round No. 2


Louis fvcking sucks
The Office is deluxe
If you don't like it, get out
My raps are superior, they'res no doubt

I'm controversial
Never go to rehearsal
I memorize tha sh1t easy
Am I making you uneasy?

You look sweaty and nervous
To your raps I'm impervious
Does that make you depressed?
Should a known my raps were best

Look at your complexion
Can't see your reflextion
You're much too white
And your hairs too bright

I'm a fvcking comedy king
Young comics better kiss my ring
I'll kick back and drink some bordeaux
While I record my show on HBO.



What's your glitch Gervais
Your rap doesn't make me enticed
You can do comedy
I know it's sad, but I'm not sorry

Hi mom! That's your average joke
So go away, you British bloke
What's your problem little prick
I'll burn your balls and crush your dick

Welcome to the bottom of comedy hell
Deeper than the lowest well
Your "comedy" deserves to die
Me? Beyond the greatest I can fly!

Hear me out I'm Louis C
My raps shock like AC/DC
Behold the electric rhyming
Masterful rap, masterful timing
Debate Round No. 3
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Thaddeus 7 years ago
Needs to be more awkward silence and umming in Merda's rap.
Posted by Brainmaster 7 years ago
I want to do Cartman vs Bart Simpson

Cartman is definently the more evil but both could easily make a rap
Posted by BennyW 7 years ago
Maybe you should do a rap battle as Kenny and Kyle.
Posted by Brainmaster 7 years ago
Avatars, kyle vs kenny rofl
Posted by Brainmaster 7 years ago
I doth felteth liketh ith.
Posted by Man-is-good 7 years ago
Why did you write in old English?
Posted by Brainmaster 7 years ago
I don't know much about either but I have wikipedia for such purposes.
Posted by Brainmaster 7 years ago
Posted by Merda 7 years ago
You know I got Devil.
Posted by Brainmaster 7 years ago
These battles are fun but I'll hold out until God vs the Devil.
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Vote Placed by Cliff.Stamp 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro was topical on CK, Con was fairly general in response.