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Riddle Challenge

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Started: 9/7/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My opponent must answer 3 riddles.

Round 1: Acceptance

Round 2: Riddles by me and answers by my opponent

Round 3: Answers revealed

If my opponent answers 1 or less riddles correctly they lose this debate.

If my opponent answers 2 riddles correctly they tie this debate.

If my opponent correctly answers 3 riddles then they win this debate.

If my opponent trolls or forfeits they automatically lose this debate.


I accept your challenge
Debate Round No. 1


Here are the riddles. They should be answered by my opponent in the next round.

Riddle 1

20 people go into an empty swimming pool. The pool is emty and no-one can come and go in. They all go under water at the same time. 24 heads pop up. How is this possible? (They all have 1 head)

Riddle 2

You have been given the task of transporting 3,000 pears 1,000 miles from Pearland to Peachville. Your truck can carry 1,000 pears at a time. Every time you travel a mile towards Peachville you must pay a tax of 1 pear but you pay nothing when going in the other direction (towards Pearland).

What is highest number of apples you can get to Bananaville?

Riddle 3

There are two doors, one is the door that takes you to hell and one takes you to heaven. Your goal is to go through the door that takes you to heaven. But they are identical. There is a man standing in front of each door. Both men know which door is which but the man in front of the door of Hell will always lie and the man in front of the door of Heaven will always tell the truth. You can ask one question to each of them but it has to be the exact same question and it has to be a yes or no question. How do you get through the door of life? (dont cheat and ask a question like "is it 5:00 right now because you have no sense of time and you do not know anything at the moment. The question must be related to which route you take).

I will cite my sources in the final round. Otherwise my opponent could just check them and find the answers. Each riddle is slightly altered so that my opponent cannnot look them up on the internet.


Riddle 1
No heads went in

Riddle 2
You are taking pears to Peachville not apples to Bananaville

Riddle 3
You want to go through the door of Heaven not the door of Life
Debate Round No. 2


All 3 were wrong.

Riddle 1

The answer to this is that 20 foreheads went underwater not 24 heads (they sound the same).

Riddle 2


Riddle 3

As the lier knows the door to life is that but he lies so he will say about the door at his back only.
And the truth speaker will say correct but he also knows that that guy is lier, so he will also answer the door at the back of that lier.

Thus don't go with the door they both tell and take the another one.
Think on this answer you will get the correct thing



I admit I got number two wrong but you did not state number one and three correctly.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: According to Pro, Con got all three riddles wrong. Con didn't really contest this from what I saw, so Pro wins.