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Riddle battle #2

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Started: 10/13/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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How this works is you post a riddle and awn ser the other person's from their previous round. You are only allowed one riddle per round. Riddles must be original.
If there is a failure to post your riddle it is a loss and failure to awn ser the opponent's riddle correctly it is also a loss. You get three guesses to awn ser riddle (maximum) the first round is acceptance. Second to fourth is riddles and inserts. Final round is all your inserts collected. And any new inserts from round four (total of inserts for round four must equal 3. All inserts and riddles must be labeled.
Those are the rules read them before you accept and have fun.


I will gladly accept this debate and may the best of luck be to you.
Debate Round No. 1


The best of luck to you too. That word is going to be important.

Here I go:
Very mystic,
Yet nothing but a statistic
Some take it seriously
And some may take it brainlessly
But you better be careful because it slants
And if you aren't it will get you by the pants
It is used in games
And makes great fame's
It also shames
It has many names
You either have it or don't
But alot of people when they needed it just moant
It is but an idea
But is is always for everyone a must-be-a


Well you have me stumped.

HOWEVER I do have a good one for you,

Sum Sam and Product Pete are in class when their teacher gives Sam the Sum of two numbers and Pete the product of the same two numbers (these numbers are greater than or equal to 2). They must figure out the two numbers.

Sam: I don't know what the numbers are Pete.
Pete: I knew you didn't know the numbers... But neither do I.
Sam: In that case, I do know the numbers.

What are the numbers?
Debate Round No. 2


Luck is the awn ser, that is why, just to mess with you I said that that word would be very important. LOL

2 is yours.

That was a good one though.
Here is my next riddle:
Always running,
Never sunning
Never stops flying
Doesn't stop terrifying
All those it consumes
You see it is fear it exhumes
Everywhere it looms
And here to there it zooms
It is as dark as night
And is the maker of all fright
So you better beware
I hope you do indeed fare


Your answer is wrong friend

The numbers are 3 and 4.

Since Sam knows the sum of the numbers (x + y) he would only know the answer immediately if the sum was 4 (2 + 2) or 5 (3 + 2). Then when Pete (who knows x*y) knew that Sam didn't know the answer the product must have several numbers that add up to the sum (7 = 3 + 4, 7 = 5 + 2). When Pete doesn't know the answer at this point we know the product must have more than one pair of viable factors (12 = 3 * 4, 12 = 6 * 2). At this point Sam knows the numbers are 3 and 4 because they are the only numbers that meet these criteria.

Here is my riddle.

There is a story that a man and not a man
Saw and did not see a bird and not a bird
Perched on a branch and not a branch
And hit him and did not hit him with a rock and not a rock.

How is this possible?
Debate Round No. 3


You forgot to awn ser mine so you have to awn ser it on your next turn.

As of now the score is 1-1 we both failed each others riddles and gave the other person a point.

But I won't allow copying anymore it says in the rules in the beginning that your riddle must be original. these are links to your riddles. Come up with your own in this last round or else I automatically win. In the first round the rules are stated. I let it go but now I will enforce the rules.


Its a bat, I apologize for not answering your riddle I had a brain fart.
Here is my riddle

It's more powerful than God.
It's more evil than the devil.
The poor have it.
The rich need it.
If you eat it, you'll die.
What am I
Debate Round No. 4


I said do not copy riddles and yet again you did so, you are disqualified.
You were alerted last round.
BTW: the awnser was a shadow.


The answer is not a shadow it is nothing and again I do not plagiarize, so may I ask you to not accuse me of doing so.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by carriead20 3 years ago
I did not copy I knew those riddles before that site even existed,no, before the internet had sites like that. But I will try to come up with an original one if that so pleases you
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 3 years ago
He would of had to get the basic idea before seeing that.
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 3 years ago
It was subtle.
Posted by TheRussian 3 years ago
Con! cmon! he gave you the answer! XD
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Reasons for voting decision: Giving conduct to Pro because he is correct in saying Con's riddles weren't original. Spelling and grammar to Con because Pro couldn't spell answer correctly. Sources to Pro because he did in fact use sources (to Con's poems, but still).