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Right or Wrong answers to ethics?

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Started: 2/2/2014 Category: Philosophy
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I see that you made a statement about abortions and how no matter what, it's considered to be wrong. But technically, in a sense it you're contradicting yourself by saying there are pills out here to get "rid" of the fetus. That's still considered to be a way of "aborting" the fetus. No matter how you look at it, no matter what procedure is being done to abort the fetus, it's still a way of getting "rid" of the fetus. So are you really for or against abortions? Yes, in some religions people are said to be not forgiven for aborting a child in God's eyes, but no one should be looked down upon for a procedure to be done of that nature. Like I stated once before, you may never know what that female is experiencing in her life to make that decision to want to abort the fetus. Maybe she's a firm believer in waiting for when the "time is right". Who knows? What about those people who don't necessarily believe in what God's is said to do to be true, such as an atheist? In their actions, they're not doing anything for the approval of God and anyone else who believes in him. Their beliefs are their own and there is no one person on this earth that can or should try to convince them that they're right or wrong for believing in what they do. The definition of belief, which is stated from the dictionary, is the psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true. Many people base what they believe in off of real life experiences. Just because someone says that something is true because of what everyone else believes to be true doesn't necessarily make it true in the eyes of someone who never experienced or seen it face to face. A great example would be that, people may have the same beliefs in morals , but will apply them in radically different situations. Another example would be how not every culture has the same beliefs, so no one person of a different culture with different values and beliefs can try to convince to me that what I believe in is not right, maybe in their eyes what I believe in isn't right, but that doesn't make what I believe in wrong in all aspects. What you believe in is your beliefs. Even though no one man's belief is said to not be a private matter that concerns himself alone, rather something that is said to be controlled by the general conception of the course of things which has been created by society for social purposes doesn't mean the society can judge his actions. Just because a man is raised, persuaded and taught certain aspects about what is said to be true and chooses not to read about it or continue to believe in it doesn't necessarily make it true that he's a sinner. Maybe he doesn't believe what was taught to him to be exactly true. Maybe he has some questions that are not being correctly answered in his eyes and wants to branch off to see if he can find those answers on his own. Or maybe even so, that one man doesn't have time to read up on what he believes to be true, that clearly doesn't him a non believer.


Tuba Yilmaz-CON: There are right or wrong in ethics.
You just made a statement of peoples beliefs and how it affects the decision's that they make. That is true but you have to understand the fact that now a day's people are so scared to go after what they believe in just because the society that they live in would think less of them. When it come's down to believing in your own thought's or even feelings people usually tend to back down from it. How they look in society and what people may think of them is far more important to us than how what is we call "right" or "wrong." For example most girl's or even boy's in high school follow a "crowd" just because they are known by most people and just because they attend a lot of parties they are known as "popular" so they just follow that crowd all the way through-out high school without even thinking that the crowd might be doing some wrong thing's. Just because most of the people tend to follow that crowd it is known as "correct" or as we call now a days "right." Young teen's and even adult's tend to follow the group that is best known by society. Another example is the critical time's that are going in Turkey right now. The Premaster of Turkey "fooled" the citizen's by saying that a certain company didn't accept his own offering's and charged extra but that really wasn't the case. The Premaster would say that it cost's this certain amount but in reality it would cost less than that. The rest of the money he would just keep to himself. Even now the citizens know what he has done but they still tend to believe him and follow his own right's. Why? Because he has made the society believe that this is the "right" way, his way. Citizen's just follow what they are taught that is right. Most of the citizens probably don't even believe him but they still follow him because it is the only right way to stay in the "group." People beliefs are nothing compared to their beliefs when it comes down to their right's of society. Following the crowd of people is far more important than following their own beliefs and dream's. People just through that aside and just start to do what everybody else does with their life. They never come to think that maybe just being themselves would help make thing's easier in life. Being themselves would just give everyone a different character, a different thought. Maybe this world wouldn't be so based upon just "certain people," everyone would have a part and everyone would try thing's differently. But unfortunately thing's aren't that way. Citizen's just follow what is meant to be "right." This is my last response to this debate. I can see that we both have good view point's and both are correct in our own way's. But I just wish that you were more understanding when it comes down to people just following what is taught to them. People do the "right" thing which is what is taught to them, by parents, elders, even society. We are taught certain things as a child and are meant to be that way.
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