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Right-to-Work Law

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Started: 12/16/2012 Category: Politics
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The United States of America is more divide than it has been since the civil war. A few issues that American is divided on are gay marriages to gun to control to how big the government should be. One issue that has been getting a lot of media notice is Michigan Right to Work Law. I am FOR Michigan to pass the Right-to-Work Law in the upcoming vote in Lansing. The biggest problem with USA economy is that American is dramatically underemployed or unemployed at all. If Michigan passes the Right-to-Work Law, it will bring down the national average of unemployed. The proof is in the pudding. Twenty-four states plus the territory of Guam has Right to Work Law and have a lower unemployed rate then the twenty-six states that do not have Right to Work Law.


Now that Michigan has become a right-to-work state, unions in this stronghold of organized labor confront a new and urgent problem: convincing members to continue paying for their services instead of taking them for free.

Debate Round No. 1


How does this become new and urgent problem? Convincing members to continue paying for their services instead of taking them for free, what services were these unions providing in 2012? The points of the Labor Union when they were created in American in mid-19th century were to 1) achieve higher wages 2) working conditions and 3) protect the integrity of its trade.

Achieve Higher Wage
Since 1955 until now (2012), Union wages and salaries have gone down each year by 1% to 2%.

Working Conditions
Working conditions have improved dramatically since the book called The Jungle written by Upton Sinclair was published in 1906. Anytime an employer puts the employee in working conditions that are terrible and unsafe. The media will jump over that company and reference to The Jungle.

Protecting the integrity of its trade
Chicago teacher are the highest pay teachers in the country however; they have ruin the integrity of the trade. Black students have fallen farther behind than ever. The goal of teaching is to educate every student no matter of racist or gender. The unions have ruined the integrity of teaching in Chicago by paying high salaries yet did injustice to the Black students in return.


These services the unions were providing where actually throbbing the employee by the own definition of what unions were build on. Every action will have consequence and new and urgent problem will appear. For instance, the short term affect will be a lot of unemployed union bosses due to not having a job for lose revenue from union dues. The long term affect will be lower unemployed rates in the state of Michigan such as in hard hit cities like Detroit.


Unions were a backing if an employee was exploited. To abolish this is a little silly.
Debate Round No. 2


Union corruption has caused the employee to exploit. Careerists and opportunists rose to the top, exploiting the workers" instinct for solidarity to promote their own bureaucratic interests as labor merchants of the capitalist class of labor exploiters. In strike after strike, the unions have sacrificed and bartered away the workers" interests in exchange for such things as the "union shop" and the dues "checkoff" that practically make the capitalist employer a union official and dues collector. And they seal these deals with labor contracts that tie workers" hands and that capitalists often break.


With Union corruption and most Union workers feel wronged lead by their union boss combine with the today"s culture of USA will lead to selfishly. Corruption leads to selfishly. Do not you want to abolish selfishly or is that little silly as well?



New points in last round = loss of conduct point.

Anyway, I think you fail to understand that the extent to which an employee can manipulate his employer is far less than the reverse and this is why unions are ethically viable and why the right-to-work law makes no sense because if anything it enables only those willing to be abused the most to get jobs.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by threenorns 5 years ago
Pro: your point that union wages and salaries have declined by 1-2% annually since 1955 is not supported by page six ("Economic Effects of Labor Unions") in the source document you quoted, which says:

Most studies find that, after controlling for individual, job, and labor market
characteristics, the wages of union workers are in the range of 10% to 30% higher
than the wages of nonunion workers. The wage premium is generally greater for less
skilled, less-educated, and younger workers and larger for private than public sector
workers. Union members generally receive better or more generous fringe benefits
than similar nonunion workers. Job tenure tends to be greater and quit rates lower
among unionized workers. However, the wage premium may have declined in recent
Posted by Canadian-In-Florida 5 years ago
Good luck on your debate. I'm also in favor of it so I can't take this debate
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