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Right wing politics (Pro) vs left wing politics (Con) with regards to economic prosperity.

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Started: 11/6/2016 Category: Economics
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The debate topic is as follows: Right wing politics allow for greater economic prosperity than left wing politics. I will take the pro / for position and will attempt to prove that Right wing politics is better than the left wing counterpart when it comes to economic prosperity. BOP is to be shared by both sides. The con position is to prove that left wing politics does a better job at growing the economy than right wing politics. By the way, this is my first debate, so I beg my fellow con to make it a pleasurable experience for both sides.


Right wing politics - characterized by Lower taxes and less regulation on businesses; reduced government spending; balanced budget;

Left wing politics - characterized by Income equality; higher tax rates on the wealthy; government spending on social programs and infrastructure; stronger regulations on business.

Economic prosperity - a state in which the economy is growing and flourishing at an increasing rate.

Structure :

Round 1 - acceptance
Round 2 - opening arguements
Round 3 - Rebuttals
Round 4 - Closing statments ( no new arguements)


I will argue that left wing polices lead to greater growth than right wing policies. A key point for me to make before we begin is that right wing economics is touted a way to create more jobs for Americans and increase the standards of living for the average American (you have no doubt heard the mantra "a rising tide lifts all boats"). The metrics for economic prosperity should be whether job are more available and if the average American is doing better financially.

Finally I am confused by what you mean by "BOP is to be shared by both sides", could you please clarify.

Thank you for starting this debate, I look forward to your response.
Debate Round No. 1


"BOP is to be shared by both sides" just means that the burden of proof is to be shared by both sides. So I have to make a convincing case with proven arguments and the same applies to you.

Firstly, right wing politics encourage lower income taxes which result in more spending which in tandem creates more demand, which is the driving force of the economy. Right wing politics like trickle-down economics and bush economics cut taxes especially income taxes which allows the average American to keep more of his hard-earned money which makes the average American better off financially. When the average middle-class American has more money in his pocket, more spending occurs which drives up the demand for products. Skyrocketing demand created by increased spending created through tax cuts is without doubt a beneficial thing for the economy, since the more demand there is products, the more business will have to start to satisfy that demand which creates much more jobs. For example, take communist China who had a unfruitful economy when adopting left - wing poltics. Now that cina gave up the communist system and had to get rid of the left wing politics, they started adopting elements of capitalism and replaced their left wing system with the more efficient right wing system where the averge chinese citizen go to keep more of his money rather than giving it to the government. as a result, The private sector grew remarkably, accounting for as much as 70 percent of China gross domestic product by 2005. From 1978 until 2013, unprecedented growth occurred, with the economy increasing by 9.5% a year. All in all, tax cuts are beneficial to grow the economy when used right. Raising taxes on the average american makes him more reluctant to spend the remaining of his money which creates less spending and less demand.

Secondly, right wing politics advocates for lower business taxes which acts as an incentive for people to start their own business which spurs jobs across the nation. Right now, approximately 60% of the american population is working in a small business. There is no doubt that small business is the spine of the american economy. Would higher taxes and taking more out of the entrepreneur's money be a greater incenticive to make him start his own business or would making him keep more of his hard-earned money be a greater incentive?? of coursethe latter. We should be encouraging entrepreneur's and incentivizing them to start their own business and reward them by allowing them to keep more of the money they me and not punish them by taking their hard-earned money to give to those who dont work. It is that simple the lower the business taxes, the more incentive entreprreneurs have to start their own business which leads to more business activity and more job.

Moreover, right wing politics create more revenue, although they implement lower taxes. Right wing politics is characterized by minimal government spending, lower taxes, etc. although this might sound absurd at the surface level but implenting lower taxes create more government revenue, it truly works. Since there is lower taxes, the rich are more likely to pay their taxes. The rich try to find the right balance between paying minimal taxes and trying not to break the law. Since higher taxes create more tension between the rich and the government, the rich are less likely to pay their taxes and more likely to use risky loopholes that could result in serious conseuences. HIgher taxes create the feeling among the rich that they are being "ripped off" and are being overtaxed therefore they are more likely to use risky tax evasion methods that could result n jail. Since the rich feel "ripped off", they use tax evasion methods which result in less income taxes and less corporate taxes revenue which cin tandem creates smaller governmnet revenue. On the other hand, when the taxes are low, the rich are more likely to actually pay their taxes since they are not having the "ripped off" feeling and they are feeling as if they are paying their fair share. Since the taxes are low, the rich are less likely to use tax evasion methods since it is just an unreasonable risk so they would rather just pay the money. an example of this phenomenon occured during the bush tax cuts, where George W. Bush cut taxes on the rich and the results were fascinating. During the bush tax cuts, the rich experienced tax cuts which resulted in skyrocketing government revenue. From 2004 to 2007, federal tax revenues increased by $785 billion, the largest four-year increase in American history according to washington times.

In addition, right wing politics encourage lower government spending which decreases government spending corruption and creates a smaller welfare state. When the government spends cuts spending, the margin for government spending inefficiencies is much smaller. Since the government focuses the tax dollars on the important pograms like healthcare and education and cuts inefficient spending on less useful programs like military and welfare, the margin for inefficient spending just goes down. Right wing politics spends the money on important programs like healthcare and education while cutting spending on less useful programs like the military and welfare which creatres more efficient spending. I am not implying that the military is useless, I believe it is not as important as the key programs like education and healthcare. RIght wing parties then save the surplus for future rainy days to prevent austerity. On the other hand, Left wing parties enjoy excessive spending and government handouts. For example, Left wing parties enjoy excessive inefficient spending on welfare and the military which creates budget defeciets and saves no money for rainy days which leads to austerity. For example, a key difference in spending is welfare. The US spends almost a trillion dollar on the inefficent welfare system per year which is n line with the democratic (left wing) reign of obama. WHY would you spend a trillion dollars each year on an inefficeint system that does not work? That is the exact definition of inefficeint spending and that is what creates government budget defeciets. Should people who do no work all day and watch Dr. Phil get the same amount of money as you who is working all day everyday to provide for his family?? What is the incentive to work then if I can stay home and get the same amount of money through government handouts and the welfare system as someone who is working all day?? We should be saving that money for a rainy day to prevent austerity. Meanwhile, the right wing replaces the government handout system also know as the welfare sytem with a more effiecient system. Right wing politics view welfare as a small supplement to the lower worker's wage. By embracing free trade, capital formation, vigorous meritocratic education, low taxes, and a reliable judicial system, Lee raised the per capita income of his country from $500 a year to some $52,000 a year today. That"s 50 percent higher than that of Britain, the colonial power that ruled Singapore for 150 years. Its average annual growth rate has averaged 7 percent since the 1970s.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by binkshimself 1 year ago
"trickle-down" economics is not a real thing... The fact that this was brought up in favor of supply side fiscal policy is disturbing...
Posted by Fernyx 1 year ago
Con, Burden of Proof is BOP for clarification.
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