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Rising of human populations

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Started: 5/15/2016 Category: People
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Hello, I'm not sure if your aware of our rising, we are at around 7 billion humans and we are still rising... Pro in this case means that i believe that our people will drop and fall soon. Con in this case means that we will still strive and continue to grow and such. The beginning is just to start it of and then the second round will be the true round.

All known populations have their limit and I believe we are very close to it. We have grown as a human population...but have you notice that our medicine is not working as well as it used to? Our bodies may have got used to our medicine but what will happen when it no long works? We will begin to die by a flu like the old days. Many of us are over using are recourses and our environment need time to recover but I feel like its' recovering time will soon be here...


The human population should not be encouraged to rise as people do use too many resumes. This means that a large human civilisation would ireversibly damage the planet and also would likely selfdistruct as it would eventually run out of resumes.

The human population should be instead be allowed to slowly fall at a rate of less than 1% per year. This would mean that people could be lifted out of poverty as there would be more resumes per person. However, the problem of a falling and aging population mears that the economies of all countries would stagnate which is clearly shown in Japan but this problem could be minimised if the population decrease was slow enough and if countries stopped competing to be the biggest. Another advantage of a falling population is that, as a whole, humanity would be less damaging to the earth so civilisation would last longer.

In conclusion,the population should be encouraged to fall slowly to reduce the amount of damage done to earth and to increase the sustainability of civilisation.
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Yesi_kitty forfeited this round.
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Posted by Yesi_kitty 2 years ago
but you are doing it as if you were going as pro.. which is mine, if that is the case then I shall switch sides and go as con
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