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Roblox Vs Minecraft

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Started: 9/24/2016 Category: Games
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Hello there, today I will be doing a debate I've been seeing more and more of lately. Its which is better: Roblox vs Minecraft. I will vote pro and roblox for this debate and the con will vote for minecraft. We will be comparing the different aspects of the games like servers, communities, cost, etc. I will not be listing any points supporting roblox on this round but the opponent may wish to accept the challenge and list his/hers points on their first round. Anways, with all of that said, I wish my opponent, good luck.


Hello there,

So while I have no prior experience with Roblox, I am going to put forward the best case I can for Minecraft. In order to make clear and concise points for you to address, I will use a list format for this first round, and first make the point that this is an opinion based argument, and unless you specifically ask for sources, I will be mostly using anecdotal evidence. Unless you or commentators can think of any non-subjective sources for the quality or level of enjoyment somebody can have for a video game? Anyway, the following are my arguments;

1. Minecraft is an open concept game with almost unlimited possibility for new forms of gameplay and replay. - Now, while I no longer play Minecraft, it was not because I ran out of material to experience. This game's basic structure and premise allow it to adopt any guise and to be manipulated in as many ways as the user can think of. The open source nature of the game's code is also in and of itself proven by the vastly diverse and creative modding communities the game plays host to. Without being a complete blank slate, due to the vanilla game's survival and creative modes, Minecraft allows even the first-time player something to sink their teeth into, however looking beyond that as there is no set goal, and few if any limitations to a dedicated player's intentions, it can be a monumentally powerful tool for creation.

In fact, (and I must touch on this) Minecraft is a very tangible mirror into human motivations and co-operative efforts. Being in no small part often singular in my own building efforts, I could not accomplish what dozens if not hundreds of players could in the span of a few days, let alone weeks. To truly enjoy Minecraft almost necessitates (and encourages) social skills and networking because otherwise one will often times grow bored with their own meagre efforts and abandon the game to play something with more concrete goals and tasks. I realize this is kind of shooting myself in the foot, but in order to acknowledge the fullness of the point, (and in case you brought it up yourself) I felt this needed to be addressed.

2. Minecraft is a game for people of all ages, creeds, identities, and nations. - Minecraft can be enjoyed on many levels, from the simplistic to the sophisticated. My impression of Roblox is that few if any adults (and several other demographics) could derive genuine enjoyment from its somewhat juvenile and targeted gameplay experience. Minecraft is simply more accommodating to all demographics; young people can create content for young people, old for old, young for old, and old for young. This also spans religion, political ideology, geographical location, and race, gender, and sexuality. Minecraft is delightfully homogenized as an experience, allowing for some distinctly heterogeneous output by its community. And while the game itself is getting on in years, I think that it's definitely something which has managed to bring people together in an incredibly diverse and far-reaching way, and there will always be something to enjoy and go back to.

3. Minecraft is an extraordinarily addictive game. - If you require evidence of the truth of this, I implore you to examine the multi-media success Minecraft has garnered whether it's the huge success of the original PC version, the bigger success of the successive console editions, and of course the twin goliaths of the YouTube video subgenre and Mojang's merchandising. Look at the thousands of hours of Minecraft content released on designated Minecraft YouTubers' channels, or have a jaunt through the multitude of Minecraft forums and see how much time people dedicate to the game. It's clear that this game can be played for twenty-four hour streams, or in short twenty minute bursts, and people keep coming back. It appears Markus Persson struck gold with his indie game, which has quite possibly become the most-played video game of all time(*).

Anyway, those are some of the strongest points I can think of, again just as anecdotes for the most part, so what makes you think Roblox is better? I would suggest that you start with qualitative points as I have, rather than relying too heavily on your own personal opinion, so that we have more to argue about. Cheers,


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Posted by Kalleth 1 year ago
@kevinTOC May I say that if you can have your subjective opinion, I can have mine, and that if you are going to be the authority on debating these topics, you be the one to accept them before others do? Because clearly judging by your incredibly superior intellect and knowledge of all things Roblox/Minecraft related, you are the one true god-king of and you shall be the one to end all arguments on the topic. But as of this debate right now, I am listening exclusively to what Natsu's points are and I could not care a whit for what you have to contribute to the debate. If you wish to discuss this with me, PM me. Don't lecture me about what I'm doing wrong in the comment section, just vote for Natsu when the debate is over.
Posted by kevinTOC 1 year ago
@Kalleth, May I say that all of the stuff that you mentioned, is EXACTLY the same as ROBLOX? MC and ROBLOX are VERY similar games, if your really want to know which one's better, you almost have to look at the DETAILS, like, the coding, the minor details, and there are A LOT. So you'll have to sum up like 1million details, process them, rate them. I myself have played ROBLOX for almost 2 years, and MC for about 8 years? (I joined in like 2009 maybe.) and, I still haven't found any way of seeing that minecraft is better than ROBLOX, it's almost impossible, you have on both games so much freedom, community, you'll HAVE to look at the tiniest of details, so I don't think you can really debate this..
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