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Roblox is better than Minecraft

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Started: 8/27/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round for acceptance.
2nd for arguments
3rd for rebuttals
4th for rebuttals to 3rd
5th for conclusions


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Starting my arguments then.

1. Roblox has better and easier ways to build

Roblox lets you build virtually anything. You can make your blocks virtually any shape you want with solid modelling, and resize them to any size you want. You can put them inside other blocks using CFraming, and uses the lua programming code to script things easily. You can use the terrain system to make tons of blocks with virtually no lag. However, Minecraft's system for building is pretty limited. You can only use preset blocks to builld your structures, and you cannot make your own. Most of Minecraft's blocks are cubes, and you are very limited to how big or small you can make them. It also takes a lot of time to build structures in Minecraft, however Roblox lets you copy and paste things with ease. Roblox uses HD textures and textures you can make yourself to let you make your bricks look like whatever you want.

2. Roblox is completely free, and you can make money off it
It is completely free to make an account in Roblox, and every day you play you earn tix, which can be used to buy outfits and other things. You get one place slot to make your own place, and it's membership is completely optional. If you have a really popular place, you can turn the tix you earn from it into robux, and exchange the robux for real money, after getting the membership. You can get up to $20,000 per month.

3. Roblox releases updates quickly
Minecraft's updates take lots of time, and usually release new blocks, items, and mobs, things like that. However Roblox's updates take only 1-2 weeks, and add new concepts that are benificial to your building, such as the most recent one solid modelling, which lets you create virtually any block you want. This new concept also lets you remove lag from your games by getting rid of dozens of parts. Roblox also releases new textures, which can be combined with colours to create up to 1216,000 different blocks.

Well those are my arguments Con, you're up.


My points then;

1; A sense of exploration. Minecraft worlds are generated and random, as well as near infinite on pc. Adventure can be encouraged through survival mode, building through creativity, or new inventive modes made by players. Each world an be made to feel custom and personalised from exploration, rather than a flatgrass building area.

2; Aesthetic. Minecraft accepts that it has little in terms of resolution, instead focusing on better looking designs. The important thing to remember is that aesthetics are not the same as graphics. CoD may have better graphics than Mario games, but which look better? The simplistic designs allow identification of each block and animal, all while granting the game the same charm that Lego holds. Roblox has a cheap, plastic and overall tacky appearance which fits into the Lego comparison by being Duplo. Each model looks like clip art rendered in 3d. Taking a look at the creations made by both and comparing, I came the the realisation. Roblox is Blender for kids. Blender is free 3d modelling software which you can design stuff in. Hell, a decent modder can make a weapon via blender and then put in a game, bringing me nicely to;

3; Customisation. PC gamers especially can enjoy the freedom of not only being able to design their own textures, but even own mods for their game. There are mods, challenge runs, competitions and exotic features that come from allowing the player to treat their copy of the game as alterable. Roblox is a free to play, always online game that requires a steady connection to play, and since it is never in ownership of the player, modding is out of the question, which also leads to;

4; Free to Play
The notion of a free to play began as the idea that players would be able to decide the worth of a game while playing it for free, but it quickly devolved into a psychological battle between the devs and the players, locking content behind pay walls. It's not just an annoying detail; there's a degree of moral conflict in the way the game is designed to tempt you into premium content. The fact that Roblox is marketed towards children makes it worse. Minecraft asks for 1 payment up front. The console versions can't allow designed skins due to restrictions by Sony and Microsoft, but Mojang frequently makes new texture and skin packs around a theme along with a map designed on that world (Mass Effect, Skyrim, Halo etc.). The console versions make up for this by adding in local co-op, a feature Roblox lacks.

See you next round,

Debate Round No. 2


Okay, time for my rebuttals.

1. You get more of a sense of exploration
This is because Minecraft is based more on adventuring, and Roblox is based more on building. You can compare the inventive modes to games made in Roblox, however in Minecraft they substitute in-game items for the ones commonly used in games, for example in Paintball in Mineplex, they use horse armour. That's right, horse armour. They substitute horse armour for a paintball gun. Whereas in Roblox, they use actual paintball guns that look like paintball guns. ( In order to recreate the sense of whatever you are playing, you have to download a texture pack, but that replaces all of the items you normally use with new ones, so if you want to play survival, it would not work.

In what way does Roblox have a "cheap, plastic, and overall tacky" appearance? I really don't think that and tacky compared to Also, it would take a very long time to build things in survival, requiring the world's resources and other things to build it. Even building in Creative would be hard, because you still have to place blocks bit by bit. However, in Roblox, you can choose the size of your blocks, which means you don't have to use tons of blocks to build your structure. Does like a copy of a clip art compared to;? Roblox has advanced much in 2014, and developers are making detailed and lag-free models. Roblox is nothing like blender, Roblox is a lot easier to use and lets you create virtually anything you want, and lets others play in your games. I don't see what that has to do with Blender, which is a 3d graphics software.

PC gamers can enjoy being able to not only upload their own textures, download free plugins, build their own places, but even script whatever they want in their places. There's no need to mod anything, because you can just build it. If you need to edit your building software, you can just create/download a plugin to do so. You can also use other's free models to use/edit and add them to your game to help you. You can even use animations for your character and NPCs, which I have not seen in modded Minecraft other than the basic sit and jump and stuff.

4.Free to Play
Roblox is free, and every single one of it's payable features are optional. You do not need to pay for creating games, downloading plugins, and scripting objects. The only things you would want to pay for are an optional membership which grants you robux and tools for your place, and certain amounts of Robux which you can easily get by converting your tix to robux. I don't see how it tempts you to buy things. The console added co-op playing? I thought you were arguing for PC gaming, "PC gamers especially can enjoy the freedom". This also means that you have to buy a console if you want to play Minecraft with your friends and you don't have any internet. LAN requires being connected to the same internet, and a full server is pretty hard to make.

Well as you see Con I have rebutted your arguments, now remember you are rebutting my arguments from Round 2.


I'd like to point out that easier does not mean better. I get that not every game has to be Dark Souls, but challenge is not a detriment to the quality of a game. Sure, you can make an intricate object in Roblox, but you may as well use Blender or Garry's Mod, which offer way more tools in terms of building. Minecraft constructions have value because you can't just make a small model and expand it; the work is more detailed as it is near hand-crafted. Bigger constructions mean little in Roblox because you can easily scale up instead of build up.

Roblox is a free to play and while it wears the label of free, it limits you by withholding content behind paywalls. True, you can ignore them, but they never go away. You aren't given a choice here; you have to fight a psychological battle when you play free to play. You may not mind the advertising, but it's a game targeting children, who are compulsive buyers and usually have some degree of influence over their parents' wallets. It's manipulative to target the most impressionable and vulnerable as your source of wealth in my opinion, especially when it means exposing them to ads which may even contain malware. Refusing to pay for this free game means you cannot have more than one place, more than five groups, item creation and accessories, all of which increase in price over time.

Having done a tidbit of research and digging while in a hospital bed, it seems these updates aren't the most popular additions to the game. If textures really can be custom made, what's the point of updates adding new ones? How come no one modded in part removal and left it to the devs? Keep in mind Minecraft can have near unlimited maps, 35km to the Far Lands on pc.

Research of this topic for me went from; this is a mediocre Gmod/Duplo game to; this is a work of manipulative psychology that sees children as a yet to be exploited resource for their parent's money. Welp.

Debate Round No. 3


1. Roblox actually doesn't let you scale models. Only bricks. You can't scale up small models. Each piece has to be made by itself and attached to other pieces. The pictures I presented before don't look good because they are big, but because they are detailed. In fact, each of those places have amazing small pieces of detail that come together to create a big detailed structure. A lot of games on Roblox have great detail, and good gameplay that come together to make an entertaining game. Blender is hard to use and you have to get used to it, and Garry's Mod only comes with preset items. What does this have to do with Roblox, which lets you create anything you want, easily?

2. What psychological battle is this? ( You're playing for free and nothing is required to play. You said that kids are impulsive buyers, but their parents obviously aren't. Parents won't just do the same thing. Even if they would pay for what their child wants, of course they would look over it first. You say that kids just buy whatever they want with their parent's money? The parent knows what they are buying and approves it first.
  • Cannot have more than one place? That's fine, with the new games feature you can have more than one game inside your place, allowing you to have completely different games inside one place slot.
  • 5 groups is enough, I play free and I have no problem with 5 groups, groups do not do much.
  • The only items you can create with BC are shirts and pants, T-Shirts are free to create for people who don't have BC. People who don't play can afford buying a shirt or pants if they play Roblox enough, and getting place visits will get you tix, which can be converted to Robux and lets you buy things.

3. Textures have a few problems. One, they are reduced to a lower resolution. Two, they are changed in size. That's why some people prefer Roblox-made textures, which go on infinitely, and are always HD, unless you change your resolution.
the updates that add new ones make the game more realistic with HD textures. "Minecraft can have near unlimited maps" Roblox has an unlimited space to build in. Minecraft's near unlimited maps are not made then and there, they are generated when someone walks through. You can never know what will be in your map unless you have a seed.

If we're still going with your lego/duplo analogy, here.



First of all.

1; Minecraft features both adventure and creation. Its versatility is one of its greatest strengths and allows a range of playstyles and experiences. Building can be done in survival (a Nether Fortress is all the more impressive when built outside of creative mode. On the subject of the horse armor model, why is that an issue? You're in a pixel-based shooting game, why are you so hung up on the idea that it's only shaped like a gun? No one complains that female models in shooter games are made 6 feet tall to account for hitbox size, in a firefight, it doesn't matter. If we're going PC here, you can make your own texture packs easily, even splice them to have the energy sword from Halo as a weapon and the Dovahkiin set as armor. You can play survival with these textures on and while you may have to grapple with a new texture, each block or item has a text aid anyway and enemies are of the same basic build.

2; I took a look at your images of Roblox, and noticed that they looked like an early access game on steam. Even your paintball level had bland walls and looked like the cut content of a ps2 game. Minecraft goes for a simple look because it understands that blocky does not mean ugly. It gives it a Lego style appearance, being almost literally the closest thing to a Lego game; Half of it building houses out of bricks, the other half destroying it with a story of your imagination. Minecraft can appeal to children without trying to trick them into buying a premium membership. You talk about how great lag free gameplay must be, if only there were some option like.... offline play? Roblox looks like a gmod/duplo/blender mixup because you've only shown it can be used for making models of things (blender), making multiplayer shooters (gmod) or looking like the one of those Lego lookalike brands like Mega Blocks. Easier still isn't better.

3; First up, PC gamers can still upload and download textures from Minecraft, animations can be made in Minecraft too, and character models are readily available along with all that other mod content. Second of all, the age demographics for the games show a similar age group,( )
but Minecraft's extends to the 20s where Roblox doesn't get much higher than 16+, which is 17. An older community can make more intricate mods and team efforts thanks to the older players who add value to the game even further with a well kept wikia as opposed to the rather barren Roblox one.

4; Roblox claims to be free, but it offers you new accessories and tools at a price. Children aged 8-14 don't yet have a sense of value as they lack fiscal control or understanding. A once off payment, fine. But each sold separatlely? That is some Skylanders/Disney Infinity level cashing in. It doesn't matter that it's optional, children are easily influenced and manipulated into spending a lot of someone else's money. I believe taking advantage of the lack of knowledge regarding price held by children to be immoral. They know kids will buy it anyway, 176 million dollars of robux flow proves that much. (See earlier source)
The reason I mentioned the console versions is because it means more versatility. The thing about a pc is that barring an LAN (which I have done with friends for Halo), it belongs in an office. The console is the home entertainment station with people you know in real life. The Nintendo Wii made 100 million on the console alone because local play is still an important aspect of gaming. ( )
A would be miner can choose between smaller, more local and personal play, or PC, high end play. You can't all crowd round a PC to play something, but with the home consoles, feel free to pass around the controllers and play together. No lag, no having to sit in different houses to play and a friendlier GUI. Oh, and if server numbers are what you really want, just get Garry's Mod then. I know I've brought it up a lot, but they're so similar. Gmod just uses the superior Source Engine, which translates into each aspect of the game being better.

On a side note, I know you want an equal number of rounds, but by addressing earlier rounds, aren't we talking past each other? The points are the same; we're both late with the answers. Wouldn't it have been more direct to simply have a normal debate format? Oh well, too late now.

See you next round,

Debate Round No. 4


Sorry about the format thing, I'm new here.
With all said I still think that Roblox is better, most of your arguments were accompanied with an analogy with Roblox being Duplo and Minecraft being Lego, however I believe otherwise. Those are my conclusions of this debate, vote Pro!


No problem. In conclusion, my analogy was not over the fact that it was duplo blocks, but that in comparison to the deliberate design choice of Minecraft, the designs were childish and unfinished. True, it is a game designed for children, but the continuos monetisation of these children only makes this worse. Lego has done deals with both games, that was not my point. Minecraft is a game designed with creativity and adventure both in equal mind, where Roblox has the gameplay and aesthetic of games such as Garry's Mod in early access, leaving it a derivative, inferior and downright immoral. I hope my opponent has experience a pleasant debate and I leave this debate in the hands of the voters.

Debate Round No. 5
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