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Roblox is better than Minecraft

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Started: 10/18/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round acceptance.


Although 1.8 may have a few minor bugs, it clearly is the most developed version, therefore I will use the most up-to-date version in my argument.

Minecraft offers a unique sandbox game, which is most superior to Roblox. Minecraft has building tools and mechanical tools, like redstone, which are easy to use. You can change gameplay of single-player easily on the game's menu at the touch of a button. Setting up a server is pretty simple too as you can make it simple, using gratis-server or a basic Minecraft-server.exe, or complex, using Spigot, Craftbukkit and Plugins. With such variation in the game itself and the multiplayer aspects make this game unbeatable. Sure you can get a Roblox version of Murder and Hunger Games, but it misses the authenticity that is evident in Minecraft's version.

To conclude my first point, the variation of the game makes the game replete with endless gameplay, which is vital in a sandbox, like Minecraft and Roblox. I believe that Minecraft is better because it is more effective in this area.
Debate Round No. 1


-Minecraft offers a unique sandbox game which is more superior to Roblox.
Minecraft offers a simple and easy building system, but it has many flaws, such as being very time-consuming, it's hard to make great structures, and the fact that the entire game is mostly composed of cubes. Roblox however, offers 2 different building styles, a Minecraft-like building style called Stamper, and an editing type called Studio mode. Stamper allows you to create blocks and structures with pre-determined parts, and you can scale those parts to make giant structures in very little time. The Studio mode lets you create structures and items easily with little knowledge, and you can script and code many things, letting you create virtually anything you want. Compare this to Minecraft, with cubes and pixels, which can only let you use limited items predetermined by the game, while Roblox lets you create whatever building bricks you want. Roblox's building is on a far greater scale than Minecraft, allowing you to build what you want, how you want, while surpassing all of Minecraft's flaws.
-You can change gameplay easily
This too, is accessible in Roblox, however you can customize every single aspect of your game, letting you make it a RPG, a shooting game, an adventure game, and much more, no coding experience required. Minecraft however, only lets you change whether you can fly or not, what bricks you can use, and whether you can break blocks or not, along with a few others.
-Setting up a server is pretty easy
You can create a server pretty easily with a plugin/software downloaded from the Internet, which you have to configure, run, check stats, ect. Well in Roblox, you can set up a game in literally 4 clicks from the home page, no downloading necessary. You can even choose from preset games, in case you want to use an existing map, and the free models Roblox offers lets you add whatever you want from the game, that people have made worldwide.
-Minecraft's authenticity
Honestly, Roblox's version of a certain item compared to Minecraft's version is usually more aesthetic, with more detail. You have made no arguments showing how it misses the autenticity in Minecraft's version, or even if Minecraft's version has autenticity. Just look at these links comparing Roblox's version of an item to Minecraft's version of an item.
Minecraft Eiffel tower:
Roblox Eiffel tower:
Minecraft Statue of Liberty:
Roblox Statue of Liberty:
On to my arguments.

You can make money off Roblox.
You can build your place, have people visit it, and convert your earnings to Robux, and convert that to real money. Someone is even earning $10,000 monthly, while Minecraft does not allow you to earn money from selling items, because it violates their Terms of service by selling a part of their game.

Roblox releases updates quickly

Minecraft's updates take lots of time, and usually release new blocks, items, and mobs, things like that. However Roblox's updates take only 1-2 weeks, and add new concepts that are benificial to your building, such as the more recent one solid modelling, which lets you create virtually any block you want. This new concept also lets you remove lag from your games by getting rid of dozens of parts. Roblox also releases new textures, which can be combined with colours to create up to 1216,000 different blocks.

Free to Play
Roblox is free, and every single one of it's payable features are optional. You do not need to pay for creating games, downloading plugins, and scripting objects. The only things you would want to pay for are an optional membership which grants you robux and tools for your place, and certain amounts of Robux which you can easily get by converting your money.



I will quickly address each of your points first:

  • Although it is truth that Minecraft's blocks are cubes, you can build as high and as long as you want, therefore it doesn't really matter about detail, as that means you can view a lot of detail stood back far from the build. As this example shows, , Minecraft is a lot more detailed when viewed far away after a build.

  • I would also like to state that I said I would use the latest version of Minecraft in all of my argument, but you used a pixelated image of Minecraft's Eiffel Tower which game's version is obviously still in its early alpha/beta, while your "Minecraft Statue of Liberty" is using a 'texture pack' which isn't implemented into Minecraft by default, therefore comparison on both of those areas are false. You can't compare fan-made graphics and old versions of Minecraft with the latest Roblox, because the technology and the game have advanced year after year.

  • Its authenticity comes from its graphics, which may not be great up-close, but gives the game an old-age feel. It is also symbolic of the fact that gameplay comes before graphics, and that idea has been lost throughout time as major corporations, such as XBOX and Playstation, have focused on how their cosmetics can improve rather than gameplay. Is Fifa 10 really any different from Fifa 9?

  • You say that it violates their "Terms of Service" by selling parts of their games, but how do you explain youtubers, like Syndicate and the Yogscast, who make money for generating video material from the game? How do you also explain major Minecraft servers, that aren't affiliated with Mojang, like TheHive and TheChunk, that make money from their servers? Surely this should be violating Mojang's "Terms of Service", and yet Mojang still do nothing about it? I think the publicity bought to Mojang by youtubers and the servers gets more money to Mojang than takes away, so I don't think they are that picky about the "Terms of Service". Additionally, if you are trying to say that Roblox are fine with you selling their product but Mojang aren't, then is it morally right to be selling Roblox parts and services when it isn't your game?

My second point:

  • My second point is that Minecraft has a large community because of its many areas. It picks up fans from the Hunger Games, from its Survival gamemode and from other multiplayer games. Such a community can allow you to branch out and make plugins and maps that people will enjoy and use on their servers. The publicity that Minecraft gets is amazing! As an example, I started playing Minecraft when I was 13-14 and I started because I liked the look of MCPVP's Hunger Games (now called Hardcore Games). The whole concept seemed infallable and I was really excited to play it. People like me, who wouldn't usually play games, were pulled into a welcoming community, which led me to go to gaming festivals and playing other games. Minecraft's community was so welcoming that I had entered a world I wouldn't have otherwise, which Roblox can't offer as it is abounded by 12 year olds playing and running servers, while Minecraft has a range of ages from people of the age of 9 to the age of 21.

Debate Round No. 2


-Latest version of Minecraft
I apologise for using a pixelated image of Minecraft's Eiffel tower, use this later picture
and you, voters, can compare it to a newer version I, too found

-Minecraft is more detailed when viewed from far away
This is not true, as you have not posted any comparisons showing any Roblox creations while just showing a Minecraft creation. This Minecraft creation itself violates a rule that you have created, you stated directly that my picture "which isn't implemented into Minecraft by default, therefore comparison on both of those areas are false," right in the argument you made before this one. Your picture uses both a shader and texture pack, which aren't implemented into the default version of Minecraft, so this argument also doesn't work. I also have here a city viewed from far away, created in Roblox, which looks beautiful from far away.;

Autenticity comes from graphics
Minecraft's graphics, however aren't that great, with just pixels. Due to your claim that texture packs can't be debated on, you can only argue for the vanilla Minecraft's textures. Minecraft only uses pixelated cubes for graphics, is that really better compared to Roblox's graphics, that can be customized to be HD, or pixelated, whatever you want?

Terms of service
As you can see in this article violates their terms of service. The article states that you are not allowed to sell parts of the game, so that means items, and kits. You are, however, allowed to sell server benefits and cosmetic effects, but that's it, You are only allowed to make money off items that you make yourself, not part of the game. I went on Syndicate's store and saw that they only sell server benefits and cosmetic effects, no actual items. What I see are these major Minecraft servers following the rules. I should make myself clearer about making money from Roblox. You have a place that you create things on, and people come to your place. Every time a person visits, you earn some virtual currency. Get a popular place that people love, and you start getting lots of money. Then, once you have enough, you can exchange that in-game money for real money. You don't sell parts of Roblox, just the profits earned from the game you made.

Minecraft's large co-manatee
I agree that Minecraft has a large community, but Roblox also has a large community, but it just has less players than Minecraft. Roblox also picks up fans for it's unique creations that people around the world make, the gameplay styles and imagination of induviduals creating games, and more. Minecraft now only has few minigames, and servers just replicate those instead of make their own, like Survival Games, One in the Chamber, Spleef, and others. You don't see any new concepts, just the same old minigames. You claim that Roblox is just overrun by 12-year old's but you have no proof. You see a few then assume that they all are 12-year olds. Besides, what's wrong with being a kid? Children may be immature and lacking in knowledge sometimes, but their imagination is far greater than when you get older, which is what Roblox strives for, Roblox's goal is a system that lets you build what you want from your imagination, which gets smaller once you get older.


  • I would like to redirect the attention of the voters to the name of the "later picture". We agreed that we should use the "latest" version of Minecraft. This was taken/uploaded in 2012, which was two years ago. Minecraft has obviously increased its specs and resolutions since then. We are now on 1.8, therefore please stick to that in your argument. That argument is irrelevant until you get a 1.8 comparison.

  • The roblox image is not found when I tried to go on it. Can you please redirect us to another link of it? As for the comparison of the Earth, here is a Roblox image:;. This image, in my subjective opinion, looks shabby and unprofessional. It looks like one of those old 90s games, while Minecraft has at least some new functions with its 3D environment.

  • As we are talking Minecraft default textures, shall we keep it to Roblox default textures, as it seems unfair to compare something that can become HD in Minecraft to something that can be adjusted to HD is Roblox? Alike Roblox, anyone can create textures to improve the game's graphics. Therefore, it is subjective to compare these two games on its range of graphical ideas.

  • Are you suggesting that people can sell parts of Roblox's code? That is illegal on many levels. Yes, you can sell server promotions and so forth, but you can do that in Roblox. You can also sell plugins and maps, which isn't illegal in Minecraft's terms of use. I think comparing this is also really controversial as what can be defined by these terms? Like in law, the judge interprets it however he sees fit, therefore there will be a variation in disagreement in whether these rules have been breached in certain aspects. We must stick to the facts and it is hard to place which game gives more leaway to the user. I would also like to say that this link you have given me also leads to an error.

  • I never said that there was anything wrong with being a child. I just thought that the expertees in running servers and using maps and plugins are for the more mature, while building in Minecraft is for the more imaginative which is evident in children of a younger age. The fluctuation of the age range allows for a smooth environment as the imagination and the expertees exist. While Roblox, as you have said yourself, has "less players than Minecraft" meaning that there are less people with collective knowledge on building and running the game. It is like in UK Parliament, the astute and more mature people are put into Parliament, but the electorate can get involved in pressing the government using PMQs, debates and select committees. That is why it can be so efficient, because you have such a range of people.

Debate Round No. 3


Sorry again about not using the latest picture in Minecraft, I didn't know that it was made in 2012. Here is another comparison, with a mountain with houses on Minecraft, and some floating sky islands in Roblox. islands (No user-created textures, or shaders) mountain(1.8)

The HD textures on Roblox are it's default ones, no one creates HD textures and uploads them to Roblox. Roblox offers 19 HD textures, which change depending on colour, so if you multiply it by the amount of colours you get 1216 HD textures, which are default, they can't be gotten from uploading your own textures.

Like I said before, people don't sell Roblox's code. They sell their own creations made in Roblox. It isn't being sold for real money, only in-game currency, however the in-game currency can be converted to real money. There are no illegal things happening. In Roblox you can sell anything you create using Roblox's tools, however in Minecraft you can only sell what you create without Minecraft's tools. I believe I fixed the link, here you go.

When I said that Roblox had less players, I was assuming because of it's popularity. It seems Roblox has more players. Minecraft has about 17 million people, while Roblox has about 67 million people. There is a Roblox admin named Buildeman, and all Players are automatically friended with him when their account is created, so if you see how many friends he has, there are 66944185 people. Most of these are alternate accounts and deactivated accounts, so even a third of it is still more than Minecraft's players. Roblox also has a wide range of people who develop plugins, build things, and play other's games. You still haven't provided proof that Roblox is filled with 12-year olds, in fact since there are more Roblox players, it seems more unlikely that all of these players are kids.


Roblox gets its fan-base because it is free. It may be hard to hear, but I tried it myself because it was free. Children who don't have credit cards or don't have money can install Roblox for free, even without Admin privileges as it installs as a plugin through your browser, while young adults can buy Minecraft for themselves or for their children. Therefore, naturally, you will get some parents who disagree with the child getting the game, thus meaning the child is deprived of their want to play Minecraft. The child then reverts to a free alternative, therefore there are much more younger players on Roblox than in Minecraft, as well as a lot more players of Roblox.

You don't need evidence for that. It is common sense. Everyone has had a childhood. For some of the voters, they wouldn't have been allowed to buy games with their parents' money, while other voters may have been spoiled.

You could sell the creations you make in Roblox, but who is going to buy them? We have already established that a large majority of the players are children because it is free. Meaning that if people want to play it because it is a free alternative, why would they spend money on creations they could attempt themselves? At least Mojang makes this illegal for users so that the maps become a public domain.

I can also conclusively say that a lot of those members are just the same person creating alternate accounts because they have forgotten their password and haven't played it in a long time. Like myself, a lot of players, sign up and try it once and never go back. People who forget their password and can't be bothered to go through the process of going back to their email to reset their password will create new accounts. The number of registered users is not enough evidence of the amount of people that have registered. Minecraft, on the other hand, is paid for, meaning that people have the incentive to keep the same account as you'd have to pay again with a new account otherwise.
Debate Round No. 4
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