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Robox is better than Minecraft

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Started: 8/13/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1A) Roblox has a better community than Minecraft: Roblox has all sorts of systems to help support a good community. One of those systems is a friending system. This allows player to make new friends, or meet with an existing one. This can make finding your friends game much easier.

1B) Another way that the Roblox community is better is that it has a way to report players who are hacking or abusing the game. This can create a better community for all players.

1C) One final way the Roblox community is better is that it is very easy to find other players' games. For minecraft, you may need to go online and find an IP for the server. On Roblox, you can just search for the game, or find it on the front page.

2A) Clearing some things up: Some may say that Minecraft has many more mods than roblox. To start off clearing this up, in order to have a "mod" a game needs to have a set objective, or some kind of storyline. For minecraft, these are things such as building, surviving, and things like that. There are mods that add to these aspects of minecraft. Roblox does not have a set objective, as every single game on Roblox has a different objective, thought of by the creator of the game. Roblox cannot offer "mods" for this reason.

2B) Some may say that Roblox is for little kids. This is quite obviously not true, as the rating of Roblox is T for Teen. To add to this point, if Roblox were for little kids, then how come building games requires knowledge of programming. One last reason that I think that this may be one of the dumbest things minecraft supporters can say is that Minecraft's community mostly comprises of little kids. Just think about it.

3A) Creativity: Both games do require a good amount of creativity, but in this category, I think Roblox is the clear winner. Minecraft has building, which does require some amount of creativity, but roblox takes creativity to a whole new level. Minecraft has a limited selection of bricks to choose from. With roblox, you can build anything you can imagine, make any kind of brick. You can even reprogram the entire game if you want to.

4A) Graphics: This is a small category. I personally dont care about a game's graphics. What I care about is gameplay, yet I decided to put it in here. Some Minecraft fans may argue that Minecraft has better graphics. I cannot fathom why they could POSSIBLY think this. Minecraft has the most simple graphics you could possibly have. Cubes. Thats it. Cubes colored with squares. Roblox has curves, circles, and many many other shapes. Roblox has modern graphics, which are actually quite good.

That is all I have to say for this opening argument.
By the way, before anyone goes and says
Yes I have.
I enjoy roblox more.


First off, I'd like to thank my opponent for starting this debate. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Now, on to my rebuttals.

1A. You make this friending system sound special to Roblox. Wrong. Many servers have a way of marking certain players as friends.

1B. Again, this is common in many servers. You need something special to prove Roblox superior.

1C. At last, an actual advantage to Roblox. However, quite a tiny one. It really takes almost no time to look online for an IP.

2A. Is this an argument for or against Roblox? Saying that the game is not capable of offering mods sounds like a disadvantage to Roblox. And that the players are forced along a linear path is, in a day where gamers really appreciate open worlds, is not at all a good thing. Minecraft in fact is known for having no set objective, and that's what allows it to have such great potential for modding. Roblox has no excuse for a lack of mods.

2B. No one listens to ratings. Don't pretend that a large portion of both community's are a bunch of little kids playing other users creations. It's backed up everywhere- look up on the internet and it's pretty apparent that ratings are for the large part ignored. Building the mods that make the game great requires programming. So here, once more, Roblox has no superiority.

3A. As you say, only those who can program can make stuff that's all that creative. Minecraft definitely wins in creativity, as everyone can be creative at a certain level, while some can go the extra mile and actually program up a mod. So Minecraft has what Roblox has and extra.

4A. What I've seen of Roblox has disgustingly poor graphics. Maybe I missed some good stuff, but if what I've seen is how Roblox actually is, Roblox has terrible graphics, if you're looking for realism. Minecraft with shaders looks beautiful- and even with vanilla Minecraft, something does not have to be complex to be beautiful. Many art teachers encourage their students to make their drawings as simplistic as conceivably possible, because that's what is considered beautiful at this time. Simple is often better.

Now, as to my actual arguments.

1. Minecraft has a lot more potential, which can be utilized while still having an open world game, in the form of mods. Roblox has potential, but for the most part the potential is hideously linear, which in today's age put's Minecraft at a clear advantage.

2. Because of how it's worlds are generated, there are almost 18 and a half quintillion unique worlds, which far outweighs the number of worlds available in Roblox. And each of these worlds is by no small amount massive in comparison to one of their Roblox worlds. And if you want quality over quantity, there's a bunch of great maps and servers which you can try out. Really, Minecraft world are everything Roblox worlds are, and more!
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting my debate. This is my first argument, and I would love to see the outcome.

Counter counter arguments: ~not really sure what to call this
1A) As you have just proved, only some servers have a "friend" system, and this needs to be programmed. Roblox has an integral friends system, making it much easier.

1B) Again, only in some servers. It is integral in Roblox.

1C) My opponent makes a good point here, but it still is an advantage.

2A) I was not really making an argument here. That's why the section was titled "Clearing things up." I was just clearing up some common misconceptions. My opponent also states that I was making an argument against myself, which is false. Roblox cannot offer mods as it does not have a set objective. It is ACTUALLY impossible to create a mod for roblox. It has nothing to modify in the first place.

2B) Again, just clearing things up. Overall, my point there was to say that Roblox is geared toward older teenagers, as a way to learn programming.

3A) My opponent says that only programmers can be creative on roblox. I disagree with this, as there is "free models" that players without experience can use. It also is not difficult to master building in Roblox studio. In addition to this, there are also building games within Roblox that players can express their creativity in.

4A) My opponent has obviously not taken a good look at roblox, or has not played in a while. The graphics are actually quite nice, and not like legos, as many people think. If you would like to see a game with some amazing roblox modeling look at the game Phantom Forces, a first person shooter on Roblox.

Counter Arguments:
1) I happen to think that Roblox has more potential, as player can learn how to program through roblox, and start their path to becoming a developer. I fail to see how minecraft has any learning potential at all. (yes I know that was not his point)

2) My opponent here says that Minecraft can generate 18.5 quintillion worlds, which is more than roblox can. This is false. The Roblox world does not really have a limit. There also is scaling, rotating, and moving blocks around. Here is a hypothetical example. lets say you have a regular minecraft world. On roblox, you can scale this world, rotate it, and do just about anything you can imagine to it. Even if you only had minecraft worlds in roblox and the only too you had was the rotating tool. This makes 373248000000000000000000000000 or about 370 septillion combinations. And that is only with the rotating tool.

1A) Roblox is free: Roblox is absolutely free to anyone who wants to play. Players do not even need to make an account, as they can play as guests. People may say that you need to pay lots of money to get builders club, and make your player look nice. I disagree, as neither of these things are neccesary to play roblox and have fun.

2A) Roblox is a lot more user-friendly: Although both games are quite straight forward, I think roblox is a little more user friendly. All of the information that you need is in a clearly named tab, which you just need to click. Finding games is also a lot easier, as they show up right on the front page. All you need to do is click play. On minecraft, you need to go online to find a server's IP, and a new player may not know this.

Thanks again to my opponent for accepting my argument.



1A & 1B-
The entire of Roblox has to be programmed! It's a lot easier for a few people to code in friending ability than for everyone who wants to get the best out of Roblox has to code the whole game

1C. Yes, it is an advantage. But such a tiny one, it can practically speaking be ignored.

2A. Still sounds like you're saying Roblox has a limit where Minecraft does not.......

Minecraft can easily be made into custom maps, like Roblox's maps. So Roblox has no advantage here. And Minecraft is famed for having no set objective. Roblox meanwhile is hideously linear for actual players- the people who make the actual games you play can only make pretty much purely linear games. Minecraft has less of a set objective than Roblox- by default Roblox has a set objective, or else you can't play anything on it.

2B. It's great that teenagers want to learn code. They can also do it by a bunch of handy guides written to teach how to write Minecraft mods. Isn't that cool, not being utterly dependent on a particular game engine that's not even one of the big ones like javascript?

3A. That's cool. You can, with great effort, make a program inside Roblox to poorly resemble what Minecraft has automatically? GREAT! You can't pretend it's as noob-friendly as Minecraft building.

4A. Better than I remember it, still not great. I'd take Minecraft graphics any day.

1. You can learn to program through Minecraft, as a matter of fact I got a book to try and learn how to program, many teachers use it to teach their students actually.

2. I wasn't counting all the possible changes you could make. I was counting the number that could randomly generate. The number of possible Minecraft worlds then is 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 1.276.
You can do pretty much anything you want in Minecraft too- it's just easier.

1A. Minecraft is still awfully cheap, and you can essentially do what you want. You aren't relying on someone else coding up the world you want, you can make literally whatever you want. If you'd prefer something vaguely like what you're looking for to something exactly like what you're looking for, Roblox is good, but otherwise Minecraft wins, because you can easily make whatever you want.

2A. I already covered this, it's really not a lot easier, It's barely an advantage at all, it takes all of ten seconds to look up a server's IP. Finding games you barely win at, when it comes to easy usage, to suggest Roblox wins is laughable. Ever seen a creative inventory? Minecraft is an awful lot more straightforward.

It's my pleasure to join this debate! For the reasons previously mentioned though, I believe that I should win this debate thus far. Many of your arguments actually lend themselves to Minecraft- educational, of course the many opportunities where you carefully make sure we know that Roblox is incapable of certain things Minecraft can do with ease. For these reasons, I believe that Minecraft is the superior game.
Debate Round No. 2


I am sincerely sorry, but I cannot complete my arguments, as unexpected plans have come up. I am sorry that you did all of that work for nothing. I am actually quite dissapointed myself. Maybe we xan do this some other time


Very well, I know how these things can spring up. I guess any voters will just vote for whomever did best thus far. I can understand that things can pop up at the last minute, and those have to take priority over this. Perhaps this will be restarted later.
Debate Round No. 3


Sauerkraut forfeited this round.


Hurrying this along to voting period.
Debate Round No. 4


Sauerkraut forfeited this round.


And again, hurrying this along to voting period.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Donderpants 2 years ago
I don't see why lacking a tutorial really matters, and in any case it has one. How long ago did you play it? Or was it on PC? Or maybe both, that would explain why you think it sucks......
Posted by IsaacBigEars 2 years ago
I dont play roblox but minecraft is one of the worst games i ever played. Not to mention lacking a built in tutorial.
Posted by llllllllllllllswag 2 years ago
minecraft u stupid dick
Posted by doctorcoconut 2 years ago
this is a wierd debate. You can like minecraft or roblox. But minecraft is a better game to play with friends that you have actually met in real life.
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