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Rock vs Paper vs Scissors - Fight for Supremacy

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Started: 5/12/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Throughout the history of, it has brought you many of the most notable debates on politics, religion, sports, entertainment, and many other fascinating subjects. Today, though, we tackle a new epic debate of which the subject matter has never been fully explored. There is one debate that has been raging throughout the years, re-enacted millions upon millions of times in far-flung reaches of the globe. It is fought over time and again in homes and schools, in burgeoning cities and in the serene countryside.

After countless battles, this conflict is not one step closer to its final resolution than the day it first began. No side can conquer; no side will yield. Unchecked, it may well continue until the last human being on Earth has perished.

This scourge must end. And it shall.

Today, we bring the antagonists together for one deciding battle, to end the conflict that has torn us all, to proclaim a final champion. And so it begins with those time-hallowed words:

"On three -- one, two, three!"

Yes folks, it's Rock vs Paper vs Scissors in a fight where one must finally triumph and stand over his foes.

As Pro, I will make the case that if any one of the three must become the Supreme Champion, it is Rock.

Con must therefore choose between either Paper or Scissors for their case.

The first round will be acceptance and the naming of either Paper or Scissors for Con to represent. The second round will be opening arguments and clash. The third round will be clash, and the fourth round will be clash and concluding arguments.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to whoever accepts this debate.


Thank you for this debate. Good luck.

I will be debating that scissors is the ultimate weapon in the famous game, rock-paper-sccissors.

1)... Rock's have been around sense the creation of the earth. We all know, they are old. They are out of date, out of mind, and out of strength. Scissors have been created by man. Therefor, the technology used is much better, and more powerful than rock.

2) Scissors have blades, almost as sharp as a knife, one could say. When you see someone with a knife, they look dangerous. Scissors show that kind of power.

3) Rocks are old, dull, and small. Basically screaming for mercy.

4) Rock get beat by paper. PAPER. This shows how inconsistent a rock can be. One day it destroys a great power like a scissor, than the next it looses to paper. INCONSISTENT.
Debate Round No. 1


Con has ignored the rules of the debate, stating that the first round was for acceptance and the naming of his object only. I therefore request that Con forfeit his part in Round 4 so that we've got an equal amount of posts in which we have made arguments.

The Case For Rock

1) Firstly, the very name of the game speaks for itself: "Rock Paper Scissors", or in some variations: "Rock Scissors Paper". By virtue of being consistently the very first to be named, it's quite clear that in the manner of Hollywood movies, "Rock" is clearly the one that has the starring role, and is seen as the strongest and the one most likely to dominate his foes. It is no coincidence that Scissors tends to come last in the first mentioned name of the game, as among any sane player NO-ONE will use scissors first.

2) Rocks are the most cherished tools of mankind. Rocks make fire. Rocks were our very first weapons and are still absolutely deadly in an avalanche or even if you throw a single solitary rock aimed well at someone's head. In contrast, scissors is highly limited in the offence it can bring to the table.

3) Shiny rocks were our very first forms of currency, and without rocks, paper and scissors wouldn't even exist.

4) Still maintain that rocks aren't the heavyweight to the lightweight variant that scissors is? How about the fact that a big rock managed to destroy all the dinosaurs, as well as what helps to cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes? Scissors and Paper cannot even remotely comparatively boast such power.

5) Of the three, to what do we know dedicate most of our entire culture more than Rock? Rock music, awesome fictional characters like Sergeant Rock, Rocky Balboa and of course the WWE's own The Rock. There's also the movie The Rock made in 1996, which grossed $125 million, while the most scissors can boast of is Edward Scissorhands, which made $56 million. As always, Rock beats Scissors.

6) Of the three, Rock has the most historical significance. The recording of the lives of the Sumerians, Egyptian Pyramids, the Roman Empire, Stonehenge, how William Wallace defeated his English enemies, how Indians pursued their enemies, how David killed Goliath, how Truman managed to hold off the Russians and put an end to the Japanese (Uranium 238), the thing chosen to be Superman's greatest weakness in comics, what Ben Grimm is made of in the Fantastic Four - oh yes, they are all Rocks.

Rebuttals to Con

7) Con claims that scissors are more powerful than Rocks, but I'm curious, how? This is one instance where quite clearly the "technology" that Con appeals to doesn't mean anything, as while scissors can make barely a dent on Rock, Rock can quite easily crush Scissors.

8) Scissors may look dangerous, but as mentioned before, are only short-range weapons, and it is only effective with the inside edges. Arm someone with a Rock and all it takes is some moderately good aim and a rock throw can take that other person armed with scissors out and cause pain no matter what side of the rock you hit them with.

9) Rocks may be old, dull, and small, but they are also strong and can deliver a hell of a lot of damage. Scissors on the other hand are weak and more easily breakable, again making them highly vulnerable.

10) In all but one instance, the logic behind who beats who in Rock Paper Scissors is consistent. Scissors can beat Paper because Scissors can cut through Paper, and Rock can beat Scissors because Rock can smash through Scissors. But what, on the other hand, is Paper able to do to Rock? Wrap around it? Well maybe, but it's not like it can suffocate Rock or anything. As a counter to this, I would propose an experiment where you get someone good at pitching in baseball to throw a Rock at you while you hold some Paper to your face. If, as one suspects, you'd be deeply uncomfortable with allowing the pitcher to do this, then Rock's last supposed weakness falls down.

Thus, based on the above, Rock must win.


joeycsc21 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited. I extend my arguments to this round.


joeycsc21 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Arguments extended.


joeycsc21 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
I've got a set of cutco scissors, I can cut coins in half as a party trick and not even dull the blade.
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Reasons for voting decision: FF. I likely would have sided with con had he continued, as scissors represent advancement/civilization and the taming of nature.