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Ron Swanson is better than Leslie Knope

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Started: 2/19/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ron Swanson is one of the backbones of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department and has shown that his power is superior to Leslie Knope's. Ron not only can build many things, but he can fight bears, and everyone knows that defeating a bear is more important that scrapbooking and creating color coded binders.


I accept your debate.

Leslie Knope is better than Ron Swanson because she is the actual backbone of the department. She does the work Ron Swanson doesn't do because he hates the government. Also Leslie has prevented Ron from making mistakes he would regret., like getting back together with Tammy 1 and 2 multiple times.

"He has closed many unnecessary recreational spaces during his tenure, including the Portola Skate Park, the Grice Dog Run, the Morris-Easton Observatory, the Mohanga Native American Heritage Center, and most public drinking fountains." Leslie has made Pawnee more enjoyable and would have kept the Grice Dog Run open if it wasn't for Ron. Do you hate dogs? Is that why you support Ron in being able to take down Dog runs?

Ron may be able to fight bears but Leslie Knope could befriend bears with her color coded binders.

Debate Round No. 1


What true purpose do color coded binders even serve? Organization can be good, but eventually they will just litter the Earth. Do you want to destroy this planet? ? Do you?
And the public recreational spaces, as you stated, were unnecessary. He is saving taxpayer dollars and they can do what they want on their own time and not steal money from other citizens.

On another note, without Ron, you wouldn't be able to criticize the other characters. The whole office is pointless without Ron, who knows them enough to keep them orderly, and unproductive enough that the rest of the government doesn't care. He helps people keep a job and not hate their work at the same time. Do you want to work hard? Didn't think so.

Ron Swanson is a man of his word. As he mentioned when he was going to advertise for Snake Juice, he wouldn't never promote something he doesn't believe in. This man is just.

Ron Swanson has far more notable qualities than his colleague, Leslie Knope, who is inferior to him.


Ron Swanson wants to support large corporates that may put smaller business out of business. Is that what you want? People out of jobs? He also supports Paunch Burger, which was one of the causes the of the high rate of obesity in Pawnee. Leslie wants the best for her people because she supports healthy decisions. Also Leslie is has alway been there for Ron because she cares about him. She helped him get over Tammy 1 and Tammy 2. I think you should state your sources because I don't trust your information.
Debate Round No. 2


Ron Swanson clearly stated in the pilot, episode one, season one, "Pilot," that he believes doing things for the community and such would be a waste of taxpayer money (Source: .

As well as Ron Swanson wanting the taxpayers to save their money and not give it to the government, he keeps things in order. Leslie does not follow commands, and is unorderly as shown.
"Ron Swanson: If you're gonna stay here, there are three rules you need to follow: One, no talk about Tammy One. Two, no talk about Ben. Three, no talk.
Leslie Knope: I didn't even ask you last night: What is going on with Tammy One?
Ron Swanson: You just violated rules number one and three. You lose your coffee privileges."
(Dialogue found:

Ron Swanson believes in the rights of the consumer. As mentioned in episode 2, season two, "Soda Tax," Ron says the buyers know, or decide not to know on their own, what they are consuming and putting in their bodies. Do you want to rule other people's body?

Ron has also always been there for Leslie, even when he tried to fire her. Everything he does is out of care, and a well thought out process as well as the feeling of free will. Ron Swanson knows he lives in America, and he knows he can do what he want. He is just trying to keep that value.


As this is the last round, I will say this: Leslie Knope only wants the best for her friends, which include Ron, and her town. She is willing to fight through anything to do what is right and to help her friends. Ron gets his emotions (the ones he claims not to have) in a bundle and can't think rational. Yes, Ron is number one survival guy but Leslie improves those around her for the better and isn't afraid to show emotions because it's not a weakness. Leslie does follow the rules but some are meant to be broken. For example, in season 5 episode 4 ( when the law stated that only abstinences could be taught by any public server, Leslie still taught prevention. Do you support abstinence only education? Leslie believes in the rights of the consumers but sometimes they don't understand what they are doing to themselves. Paunch burger is literally the number one way to get diabetes.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by brant.merrell 2 years ago
What an awesome debate, it's too bad I missed the voting period :/

Not sure who I would have voted for, there's a lot of pre-vote considerations in which I won't invest at the moment. Con clearly took the debate more seriously and made better arguments, but given that Pro opened the round with "he can fight bears," I'm not sure how serious the debate should be.

Anyway, I'm just glad this debate exists :)
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