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Ronaldo is better than messi

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Started: 10/16/2014 Category: Sports
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First Round is for accepting
Debate Round No. 1


Ronaldo is a winger, not a striker

So, Messi has scored more goals that Ronaldo in the 2011-12 season. But what one has to realise here is that Messi is a forward/striker where as Ronaldo is a winger and for a winger to score as many as 60 goals in 55 appearances in a season is no mean achievement. While with Manchester United, he also had the distinction of being the first ever to win the European Golden Boot award in the 2007-08 season " as a winger.

With Real Madrid, Ronaldo also has the distinct achievement of being the second fastest La Liga player to score 100 goals in just 92 matches. He also became first player to reach 40 goals in a single season in two consecutive years in any of the top European leagues " all these achievements as a winger and not striker. And while Messi has score just 169 goals in 214 appearances for Barcelona as a striker, Ronaldo has score 112 goals in just 101 appearances for Real Madrid, a much faster scoring rate.

Move Messi out of Barcelona

So far, Messi has played for just one club, Barcelona FC, thus proving his ability with one club. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo has proved that he can play in any league across the world - Sporting Lisbon (Portugal), Manchester United (England) and now with Real Madrid (Spain), winning the leagues with Manchester and Real Madrid.

Barcelona FC is no doubt, the best club in the world right now. But as many critics had said then, Barcelona is what Ronaldnho made it; prior his arrival Barcelona was distance away form Real Madrid. This means that Messi is enjoying the outcome of what Barcelona has turned out to be though his contribution cannot be denied either.

Moreover, the support that Xavi Hernandez and Andrea Iniesta, considered the best midfielders in the world, are giving him is nothing like any in the world of football. Hence, many have wondered what would happen to Messi"s football without the support of these two players. Moreover, with Pep Guardiola having left the club, one never know how the Barcelona FC will perform.

So, can we move Messi out of Barcelona FC and see what happens? It would be interesting indeed.

Ronaldo is from Portugal, not Argentina

Messi is lucky to be born in the South American country of Argentina known for their football, while on the other hand Ronaldo is from Portugal, a country not as good and popular as Argentina in football. This means that while Messi has been almost genetically and ethnically gifted with the skills of football, Ronaldo has put himself in a place where he is today through sheer passion and hard working.

Imagine Cristiano was from Brazil. Perhaps, the outcome would have been a different story.

Performances for country

While Messi might have won the Olympics gold in football at the Beijing games in 2008, he has otherwise failed to impress in the national shirt. He failed again to help his country qualify for the London Olympics 2012 despite being the defending champions.

Thus, when it comes to the senior side, Messi has failed to perform for the country " he was goalless at the FIFA World Cup 2010 held in 2010 while Argentina were knocked out by Germany 4-0 in the quarter finals.

On the other, Ronaldo almost single handedly took Portugal to the round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup 2010 and the quarter finals of the Euro Cup 2012.

Thus, when it comes to performance for the nation at the highest level, Cristiano has performed better than Messi.

No. of Awards

One might also argue that Ronaldo has just one FIFA Player of the Year award to Messi"s three, but the latter"s award in 2010 did not come without its share of controversy; many players and critics expected Wesley Sneijder of Holland to win it after having led the Orange to the finals of the of the FIFA World Cup 2010, winning the Bronze Boot award for five goals and the Silver Ball for being the 2nd best player of the tournament. He was also heavily instrumental in Inter Milan winning the EUFA Champions League in the same year.

So, at the end of the day, Messi has higher number of awards, both group and individual. But that said again, Messi has been stuck with the same best club of the world. Had he moved out to other team, he might as well win so many awards.

But that said and done, both these players are amazingly talented and the competition between the two will continue for few more years to come.

Thus, at the end of the day, the debate of who is a better player will definitely continue. However, if one has to analyse every angle, situation and the likes, Cristiano takes the edge as the better player between the two.


1. Born To Be Stars
Popular proverb says, "Hero is not born, but made." Hero was created from the process, not from birth. However, it does not apply to a Lionel Messi.

Not like Ronaldo who forged a great player with the guidance of Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, Lionel Messi has become the center of attention when he set foot in the Nou Camp.

We know that Messi is a special player when Ronaldinho gave a perfect pass through the stomach to the Albacete defender 17-year-old Messi, who then forwarded it to cool, lovely chip kick to trick the goalkeeper is already developed to block the ball.

Messi is so easy to penetrate the line of the front-line who inhabited Barcelona great names in world football such as Ronaldinho, Deco, or even a great partner today, Xavi.

2. Flooding Degree
Since making his debut in Barcelona, R03;R03;in 2004, King Leo has given an abundance of trophy cabinets to meet the Blaugrana title.

Messi seems to be winning everything at club level. When compared to Ronaldo, since it comes in Spanish, he indeed has scored a lot of goals, but his contribution to the Madrid still Copa del Rey and La Liga.

Maybe, fate has made Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Spanish League. To deal with the phenomenon as well as stem the pace. However, how well Ronaldo Messi blocking? We are going to be witnesses.

3. Over much out of Cooperation Team
Being a player to a club that is more concerned with cooperation rather than individual games will surely trouble to score a lot of goals. However, again, it does not apply to Messi.

In the last season, he still scored 73 goals and is able to assist other colleagues with 29 assists. A spectacular note.

Without considering the negative side, Ronaldo is the type of player who will try to kick the ball toward the goal, after scoring a goal, as difficult as any condition. That was his job at Real Madrid. With all the advantages and drawbacks, Portugal's captain is a player that puts the individual in order to win the game. In contrast to Messi who relies on teamwork.

He also had to share the title with his third Ballon d'Or two best friends in Barcelona, R03;R03;Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

4. Messi Wins Everything, addition and kick Heading
Nothing can be expected from the player plays the body 169 cm when the agency must compete with European players who are generally tall.

Although he never fool Edwin van der Sar with a header, do not expect he could make a lot of goals like that. It is too ridiculous to be expected from a Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo was able to jump high because he has a palm is more qualified. Foot structure may also be the secret of his free-kick which is always hard but could dip and turn sharply.

However, when compared with a goal of consistency, calmness in every game, as well as the ability to dribble past opponents, Messi is superior.

5. Humility
When you want to admit, Ronaldo emphasizes words rather than actions. One example, he once said that he felt deserved to get the Ballon d'Or. Something that was never done by the Tango 10, Lionel Messi.

Who said that Messi deserves an award it was the fans, coaches, or players who feel Messi deserved it, not himself.

Humility is something missing in karakterseorang Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi had indeed been at loggerheads with David Villa as frustrating to dismantle the opponent's defense, but he never made it big.

Cristiano Ronaldo made a worldwide frenzy as an expression of unsatisfied when creating goals against Granada. Various speculations about him-also appear.

Cristiano Ronaldo is an explosive personal. While Messi will always try to calm in every situation.
Debate Round No. 2


When it comes to Lionel Messi and his national team, it rarely "works" " the polar opposite of the kind of impact Ronaldo has had for Portugal. This is most notably obvious when the goals column is compared. Messi has hit the back of the net 37 times in 83 caps and as you"ll find out, most of these have not been in games that count for much. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is one off his half century (49 goals) in 110 caps, and four of his most recent goals directly influenced his country"s path into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. To be considered the best player of this or any generation, one must have a set of tools that makes you a threat in any position " something that Cristiano Ronaldo has when goals are concerned. This is especially the case when in the air, where he has developed a leap that an Olympic gymnast would be proud of. It has meant scoring SIX TIMES as many headed goals as his arch nemesis. As of the end of the 2014 La Liga seasons winds down, the Portuguese superstar has scored 60 of his goals with his head compared to Messi"s 14. t"s the eve of the biggest tournament on the planet and Messi still can"t profess to have scored even half as many goals as Ronaldo in major international tournaments. Across 24 games in either the European Championship or World Cup, Portugal"s favourite son has scored a total of eight goals. In comparison, the Argentinean has three goals in 18 games across the Copa America and World Cup. One of Ronaldo"s major assets is the way that he hits a dead ball, and it means that anything within almost 40 yards of the posts is fair game for the striker. This has translated to a total of 41 goals from free kicks over his entire career of 504 games at both club and international level, as of this writing. Messi, in comparison, has scored from just 15 free kicks and even though he still has a few years on Ronaldo, it"ll be some effort to catch up. Ever since Real Madrid splashed out some "80 million on Ronaldo in the summer of 2009, it has become a constant competition between the two to score more goals than the other. Now, even though Lionel Messi has a better goals to game ratio since Ronaldo arrived, the Portuguese has the superior record when it comes how many minutes it takes to score each goal. Ronaldo hits the back of a net on average once every 79 minutes, whereas it takes Messi 10 minutes longer to score.



Messi performs on big occasions consistently, he is the best dribbler in the world without a doubt, the ball sticks to his foot. Nobody has EVER been able to dribble like he does.

Ronaldo's scoring record is amazing, yes, but look at how many were penalties or tap-ins, you will find that Messi's goals are often scored from difficult angles. Which proves Messi is also a better finisher.

Ronaldo is the second best in the world, if only he performed on big occassions, he would be in the same category as Messi. But I think Messi is in his own category.

I will put it this way:

Ronaldo at his best: Game winner.
Messi at his best: Unstoppable
Debate Round No. 3
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