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Russell Hantz Should Have Won Survivor: Samoa

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Started: 8/26/2013 Category: Entertainment
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First round is for acceptance


Bring It On

I would like to point out that since Pro is arguing against the status quo, burden of proof is on them.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I thank my opponent for accepting this debate and accept his point that I have the burden of proof. I also want to point out that, as Russell Hantz made the Final Tribal Council, this debate solely is about the jury's decision. Yes, the Galu tribe would have been wise to vote Russell out at the merge, when it had a 8-4 numbers advantage. However, Russell was able to turn the tribe against each other, find hidden immunity idols without clues, and convince Shannon "Shambo" Walters to work with his tribe.

Also, it is important to note that Survivor is a reality competition show. It is a game that features castaways trying to "outwit, outplay, [and] outlast" each other (the show's slogan). That encourages players to fight at all costs to survive and eliminate their competition. As Russell was on a tribe that lost almost every challenge before the merge, his tribe was at a significant disadvantage going into the merge. However, Russell was a brilliant game player and had a strategy to overcome a numbers disadvantage.

On Day 1, he made alliances with several members of his tribe, including eventual winner Natalie White. From there, he would vote off anyone who threatened his game. By the merge, all that remained of his tribe was a close-knit group called the "Foa Foa Four". He then led Survivor's biggest post-merge comeback ever. Even after Galu voted off Erik Cardona, a member many people did not trust, Foa Foa had a 7-4 disadvantage. So, he convinced Shambo to join his alliance and found a hidden immunity idol WITHOUT A CLUE. He then played it at tribal council, negating the 7 votes cast against him (Shambo was trying to feign loyalty to Galu) and sending Kelly Sharbaugh home. Suddenly, a 8-4 disadvantage had turned to a 5-5 split. Russell then convinced John Fincher, fearing the Purple Rock tiebreaker that could eliminate anyone, to vote with Foa Foa and blindside Laura Morett. Now, Foa Foa had a numbers advantage it would take to the end.


I am not going to deny the Russell Hantz played a good game of Survivor, in fact, it most probably the most manipulative game that the series has ever seen. I also won't argue the point the Russell Hantz 'outwitted and outlasted' his opponents, as this is clearly evident by the fact that he made it to the final three against a huge numbers disadvantage.

However the main reason why Russell shouldn't have won Survivor is that he didn't. While this statement may, at first glance, appear to be tautological allow me to explain:

There are ultimately two components involved in winning the game of Survivor. The first is to make it to the final three (or two), where the jury votes for the winner, and the second is to be able to win Jury votes once you are there. This aspect of Survivor is what makes it such an intriguing show. The winner is not necessarily the person who has played the best game from an outlasting point of view, but the person who the jury deems is the most deserving recipient of the title of Sole Survivor. The way in which Russell lied, backstabbed sabotaged and manipulated his way into the final 3 fulfilled the first requirement, but made the members of the jury so resentful towards him, that there was no way they would ever vote for him. Ultimately it comes down to the judgement and very often emotions, of these 9 people, and if they do not vote for you, it clearly illustrates that, out of the 3 members remaining, you are not who they believe should win and making the jury believe you should win is what Survivor, in essence, boils down to.

Sure he may have found the hidden immunity idols .They weren't really that well hidden, and anyone with the time could have found them. Plus you must not forget that this is a TV show that can be influenced by the producers to enhance ratings. His sabotage of his own tribes campsite at the start of the game illustrates just how conniving he really was, and he certainly won't be the last to lose at the end in this way.
Debate Round No. 2


1. Initially, your argument that Russell lost because of the jury's decision makes some sense. However, we need to consider what a jury is. A jury is supposed to be an unbiased group of people making a decision about another person's fate. The jury should have objectively made a decision as to who played the best game of Survivor. Instead, the jury allowed their personal vendettas against Russell, as he caused many of them to leave the show to come into play. The jury was, thus, bitter, and not awarding based on gameplay. If it did look only at who played the best game, it would have chosen Russell over Natalie (and Mick Trimming, who came in third place). Russell led the alliance back from the 8-4 deficit. Natalie and Mick did not have to do any of the strategizing, instead riding Russell's coattails to the end. They did none of the necessary work, but reaped all of the benefits of Russell's strategy. How is that fair? Also, Russell won more challenges (5) than either Natalie or Mick, both of whom won 3. To sum it up, the point of a jury is to be objective and unbiased, which it was not by voting for Natalie to win.

2. Yes, it is possible that the producers made the hidden immunity idols intentionally easy to find. However, that does not mean that Russell had any advantage over the rest of the field in finding them. Everyone else had an equal opportunity to find the hidden immunity idols, but only Russell was able to. When combined with the other ways in which he controlled the game (challenges, leading the alliance, etc.), Russell should have won Survivor: Samoa.

3. His early-game sabotage is irrelevant. The fact that he burned socks and emptied water bottles has little to do with the game he played and should not be taken into account by an unbiased jury. Also, other factors, such as the fact that he was already a millionaire are also irrelevant.

Russell Hantz should have won Survivor: Samoa.


I completely agree, IN A COURT OF LAW, the jury is suppossed to be an unbiased judge of a case. This is why random people are selected to for the jury. But in survivor you have played the whole game with the people that are then voting on your fate. FOr them to be impartial is impossible, and wy would you want them to be. Getting to the end and having the jury want to vote for you is one of the most challenging things in the game of survivor, making it tougher than almost any other reality TV show. So, if the jury deemed that they didn't want Russel to win, then he shouldnt have won.

Thanks to my oppnent for this short and fun debate :)
Debate Round No. 3
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