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Russell Westbrook will win the NBA MVP

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Started: 3/6/2015 Category: Sports
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Russell Westbrook is the only NBA Players in the last 2 seasons to have 4 straight triple doubles. Also, he is the first NBA player in years to score a 15, 15, 15 triple double. He is a top 10 fantasy scorer in most standard fantasy leagues, and he's missed 1.5 months. He's not a selfish player, and is helping his team make their way to the playoff, while starting off with a below .350 record without him.


Russel westbrook is not gonna win the mvp and im gonna tell you why.Russell westbrook is posting triple doubles left and right its amazing i get that its in losses.When durant went down against dallas 6-3 in their last 9 the important stat here is their 1-3 against 500 teams,3-2 in their last 5 and all those games russell westbrook posted monster numbers in losing efforts.for example
phx suns 39 pts 11ast and 14 rebs lost
por 40 pts 11ast 13 rebs in a lost
chi 43 pts 8ast 7 rebs
Another stat in all these games hes has taking 30+ shots and took to many shots in the 4th quarter which is why hes not winning these close games.The difference between the other mvp candidates James harden steph curry,lebron James these players plays mvp ball they know when to let their teammates take control and pick their spots to score a bunch of points.I Said this before with all my russell westbrook debates Russell cant run a team if he keeps playing hero ball and not looking for his teamates down the stretch.The mvp this season is James harden or steph curry russel is up there but i put him behind anthony davis because the pelicans is about to past okc for the 8th seed and Anthony is playing out of his mind.
Debate Round No. 1


The current problem in OKC is that Kevin Durant is out. When Durant is out, Westbrook is the only play maker on the field. When Durant plays Westbrook doesn't take 20+ shots.

And, Russell Westbrook is now the leading scorer in the NBA averaging 27.4 Pts. 8 AST and 7 REb
Lebron is averaging 26. 7. 5
Harden is averaging 27, 7, 5
Curry is averaging 24, 7, 4

So I think I've made my case, Westbrook is the highest scorer, assister, and rebounder out of the 4 contenders.


Mvp equals good stats plus a winning team.james harden steph and lbj is posting good numbers plus their teams are winning.these guys been posting these numbers since the start of the season.
Debate Round No. 2


Russell Westbrook has a winning team. When he missed the 1st month of the season OKC fell to bellow .350 winning %, since he came back, they are up to 32-27. He's helped his team win.

He has the stats, and helps his team

Lebron James had 9 turnovers last game, that's why his team lost.


Kd is the main reason for 32-27 kd was destroying teams when he went down they start struggling against 500 teams.lebton had 9 turnovers yea but russel went 12-38 .lebron transformed the cavs when he came back from injury.russel didnt transform okc kd had to help them get 500
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AlwaysRight12345 3 years ago
No, because the zombie apocalypse begins tomorrow and nobody will care about things as trivial as this anymore.
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