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Ryan Howard is the best player of the decade in Philidephia sports.

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Started: 8/8/2011 Category: Sports
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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First of all let me start off my saying to be the best you have to play like the best. Ryan Howard is one of the best baseball player Philly have ever see. This man is a champion and a real winner any way you look at it. In his career he has won rookie of the year, Major league player of the week. Major league player of month and much more including the winner of the home run derby in 2006. And one more thing to keep in mind Big PaPe , also call Ryan Howard is a beat in the making. Stats tell it all.



I believe that while ryan howard is a very good player, but Cole Hamels is the greatest of the decade. He won the MVP of NLCS and World Series in the year the Phillies won the world series. Cole Hamels enters the 2011 season as the youngest of the heralded Phillies starting rotation, having just turned 27 this past December. He's already pitched four full seasons – plus the majority of a fifth – in the Major Leagues, and has established himself as a premier pitcher entering his prime. Hamels is the front-runner to be the best player on the Phillies over the next five years, Halladay and Lee included. This young, homegrown talent has already accomplished so much, and is just entering his prime. He appears in line to receive – and is, for all intents and purposes, deserving and worthy of – a five- or six-year deal worth around $90 million. Time remains for the Phillies to decide if they can afford yet another large contract on their books. In Hamels's case, he happens to be worth it, at least as we sit here today at the dawn of a new slate of spring training games. He's proven durable enough to make 30-plus starts per year, and effective enough to have the 15th-most strikeouts of any pitcher in his first five seasons since 1901. Cole Hamels is good. Real good. He was drafted and groomed by the Phillies, and rewarded the club by being a key part of a championship team. He's done his part. Will the Phillies do theirs? The first key statistic explaining his turnaround is his average fastball: 92.0 MPH. This is 1.8 MPH faster than his 2009 fastball. The second key statistic is Hamels' reliance on his newly developed cutter 14.7% of the time. This is pretty significant considering 2010 was Hamels' first season using the pitch. The third statistic is the 55.4% contact rate of pitches he threw out of the strike zone. This is a 7.8% decrease in contact rate from 2009, while also increasing his opponents' swing percentage of those outside pitches from 2009 to 2010 (26.% to 29.7%). Synthesizing these three statistics together reveals that Hamels' not only threw more effective pitches than the past year, but he took his pitching style to a new level. A 2 MPH increase on your fastball is significant and the added cutter to his arsenal allowed him to throw the fastball less, making it an even more difficult pitch to hit. In strengthening his fastball while also adding a cutter, Hamels made it more difficult for batters to not only lay off pitches out of zone, but to also make contact with those pitches. Thus Hamels lowered his BAA from .269 to .235 and his line drive percentage from 20.8% to a career low 16.7% – a sign that hitters were not able to make as solid contact with Hamels' pitches when they did make contact. These are all great signs that Hamels 2010 line is sustainable. Before the year started, everyone thought that the Philadelphia Phillies had the best pitching in baseball and were a shoe-in to win the NL East. They were right. Saturday behind a complete game from Cole Hamels, the Phillies ran their winning streak to nine games with a 2-1 victory over the now hated rival San Francisco Giants. Philadelphia is now 74-39 (.655), 9.5 games up on the Atlanta Braves in the NL East with the best record in MLB on pace to win more than 106 games.

The Phillies had lost two of three games to the Giants late last month at home causing at least this one writer to opine that San Francisco and not, Philadelphia had the best pitching staff in MLB. That series followed last season's National League Championship Series, in which the Giants upset the Phillies on their way to winning the World Series. Had the Phillies stumbled again this week, there would have been legitimate concerns about their ability to beat the Giants.

Although it's just one week later, perhaps it's already time for me to issue a mea culpa of sorts as Philadelphia has outscored San Francisco 14-3 so far in the first three games of the four game series, pretty much putting the theory to rest that the Giants were in their heads. And while on July 29th the Giants had the best ERA in MLB at 3.06 and the Phillies were at 3.11, as Sunday, August 7th rolls around, it is the Phillies with a 3.06 team ERA and the Giants with a 3.19. While I may have been guilty of jumping to conclusions about the Giants being ability to outpitch the Phillies on a regular bases (still not convinced I'd be wrong if they matched up in the playoffs btw, but for now I'll concede to avoid more Philly hate mail as it's not certain that Giants will even make the playoff), one thing that I do not have issue a mea culpa for is my opinion that Cole Hamels has a great shot to win the NL Cy Young this year. This is something that I've been harping on since preseason. Check out Hamels' 2011 numbers juxtaposed next to his two Cy Young candidate teammates.

Hamels has the lowest ERA, the lowest batting average against and the lowest WHIP. For those of you less versed in pitching metrics, in short this means that Hamels allows the least base runners on base per 9 innings and the least amount of players to cross home plate as well. To me, Hamels has the inside track on the NL Cy Young award. If he doesn't win it, is simply because the three guys end up stealing votes from eachother.

Now onto the head to head. In the year it most matter being the 2008 when the phillies won the world series Cole hamels not only won the mvp in the nlcs and the world series, but he had a war 1.6 wins higher which is what it all comes down to.

home run derby doesnt matter

Debate Round No. 1


It's a fact not an opoing, you just have to go by it. This debate focouses on Ryan Howard not cheese Utley or some other member of the team. What has been accomplish can never be taken away, is just life and the true is somethime you need to acceprpt the rtruth. By the way during the decade he become the faster baseball pl;ayer rto ever reach 200 homeruns. Just go with it because talent is god's gift and that's what Ryan Howard has. Talent that include speed , power and a whole lot of team work. So let me leave you with this to remember before you hurt your hand typing you must remembedr rthis, for most poffesional athlete stats is the proven reason to their succes and don't forget hardwork.


kingoftroy181 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
2000 - 2009 (or 2001 - 2010 if that's the way you like it).

Since he said "the decade" that implies only 1, and since he specifically mentioned 2006, he implies that it is the decade that has 2006 in it.
Posted by wjmelements 6 years ago
Which decade?
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
wait, nevermind about the conduct thing. Though I still argue that arguing between sports is going to be very difficult and people are naturally going to learn in the direction of what sport they prefer.
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
That would still be debatable, as the two play two different sports, so they cannot be directly compared to each other (a true case of comparing Apples to Oranges). It is also pretty clear from the R1, that Pro is refering to just baseball. I would take anyone arguing non-baseball would lose the conduct point off the bat (lol, baseball reference).
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
Ore_Ele, if he opened it up to any Philly player then people would just run Wilt Chamberlain and get an easy win.
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
Other than him and McNabb I can't even think of any great Philly players this decade.

Maybe run semantics and say "decade" only applies to 2011.
Posted by Rockylightning 6 years ago
Agree with Ore_Ele.
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
If this were extended to all Phillies players, I would take it. But limiting to just the last decade, he doesn't really have a large field of competition for that title.
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