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Ryuzaki Lawliet was smarter/more intelligent than Light Yagami

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Started: 6/3/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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Ryuzaki was smarter than light for a number of reasons. The most obvious being that light had the homefield advantage over him, light had the deathnote (two), some whore who had the shinigami eyes and a death god watching over him (finding cameras, the stalker and more shiz).

Light also had a proper high school education, while Ryuzaki was taught by some old dude (Watari). Considering that the odds were stacked against him and that he made it so far without being killed makes him superior to Light.

I guess that whoever accepts this is going to attempt to prove that Light was better.


Thanks for an interesting topic

Well onto to your points

Light had the deathnote so what? Light knew from the beginning that he could not be the one to kill L so he had to conduct a perfectly executed plan to kill him without having any suspicion towards him. The dumb whore which you spoke of was not of very much use, and yes he had a shinigami to find the cameras in his house but...

how did L get those cameras in his house?
He had a fully trained team from the police force which included the chief of police who was Light's dad. He had Watari
who was very well trained in the art of espionage as well as a skilled marksman.

Light had a dumb whore and a shinigami who refused to kill people for him
L had a smart and trained team of policemen, and a intelligent agent in Watari.
The field was pretty even in terms of resources

So what if Light had a high school education, L was taught by Watari who has spent his life teaching gifted children so in a way Watari is the ultimate professor. Light and L were both born with superior intellect and Light was probably already smarter than all of his high school teachers.

Light is smarter because he understands people. The reason he was able to kill L was because L was letting his guard down when Light pretended to be his friend. L was a loner and Light abused that into gaining his trust by offering what all loners want which was friendship. Misa or the "Whore" was in love with Light, Light never turned her away because he could use her to his advantage persuading her to do anything he wants on her own free will which included giving up half her life span. Light even abused the emotions of the shinigami Rem into killing L, Watari, and herself in the process. Light's social intellect far trumps L's and his intelligence is on par if not better than L's because lets face it who killed who?
Debate Round No. 1


Yes i knew it would be interesting ;)

"Light had the deathnote so what? Light knew from the beginning that he could not be the one to kill L so he had to conduct a perfectly executed plan to kill him without having any suspicion towards him"
The deathnote is a supernatural book that could kill anyone with the right plan. Ryuzaki knew that Kira could kill someone supernaturally and had to conceal himself and limit his investigating. He came to the conclusion that the death note would only work if you had a name and face, and revealed himself, without revealing his true identity

"The dumb whore which you spoke of was not of very much use"
The dumb whore i spoke of was not of much use on more than a few occasions, but when it was her time to shine, Ryuzaki effectively blocked her from contacting Light and telling him his name. He successfully interpreted that she was the second kira and stole her phone/s without the onlooking crowd noticing.

"Light had a dumb whore and a shinigami who refused to kill people for him"
Seeking permission to use as a favourite quote

"The field was pretty even in terms of resources"
Ok, lets look at what they had
- Light knew everything about the police force since his dad was the chief, hacked his computer
- Light had "the dumb whore" who did indeed have a few uses. She was a fear factor and a danger to be around since she had the power to kill with only a face, as believed by Ryuzaki and she could would do ANYTHING for light, making her the perfect pawn.
- Light had eventually two shinigami at his disposal, unseen, untouched and easily manipulated (Apples? Ryuk?)
- High School education, limited his learning curve to that of what the teachers taught him "probably already smarter than all of his high school teachers." Not smarter than Ryuzaki.

- Five police officers with an average intelligence
- Lights dad, police chief
- Watari (Cameras? ok it was Watari)
- His education was recieved by Watari who "spent his life teaching gifted children", Watari was also the "ultimate professor" allowing Ryuzaki to fully develop his intelligence, later hindered by his role in the Kira investigation

I agree that they were pretty even in terms in of resources, however their resources, apart from education should not be used to determine their intelligence. With that being said, their resources determined who won, but not who was ultimately smarter. It did not take long for Ryuzaki to determine where, how and why Light was killing people. He accurately deduced who the first victim was and used the statistics of their times of death to conclude that kira was a student. I must also add that lights intelligence contradicts logic. For example, when under light was under surveillance he used a tv in a bag of potato chips to carry out killing, we see him open a fresh bag of chips while cameras are capturing every one of his movements. In the next scene we see a small tv, a pencil and a piece of paper sticky taped to the inside of the bag. The items appeared to have magically placed themselves into an unopened bag of chips, i mean come on, not even houdini could have pulled that off.

Light never in the series gained the trust of Ryuzaki, Ryuzaki always suspected that Light was in fact Kira and only allowed him to come close to him so that it would be easier to catch him. Remember keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

Thanks for accepting this debate


Loserboi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Chronos forfeited this round.


Loserboi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Syedwaqarfahad 3 years ago
When a writer or creator of a story states something with a finality, then he or she is right. Because they create the characters or the objects in their stories. The creators of Death Note clearly stated that Light was the smartest character in Death note. His intelligence and logical skills was stated to be higher than that of L. Hence Light is more intelligent. The creators set the parameters of each characters abilities. We cannot tell that they are wrong. Because the creators are the ones who made them and know them perfectly to a level that we may never achieve unless we look into the information in their minds. And as they proclaimed that Light is more intelligent it proves that Light is more intelligent. Refer to Death Note Volume 13 in the manga to verify this information. Thank you for kindly and patiently reading through this. I hope I have been able to clear the issue up.
Posted by Jesher 3 years ago
Also, I'm sorry, I don't know how to edit my comments. But I have two reasons as to why Light was superior. One, the official databook states his intellect is a 9/10 while Ryuzaki was merely an 8/10. That said, Ryuzaki had Watari on his side (Also an 8 or perhaps a 7), as well as Chief Yagami (6) and some 5s. If you add them, Ryuzaki has more heads to think for him, but if you average them, the task force was well beneath Light in terms of intellect. Ryuzaki knew this which is why he didn't mind working alone halfway through the first arc.

SECOND, Ryuzaki himself stated that Light was capable of coming up with Ryuzaki's own plans faster than Ryuzaki could. Not only was Light beyond Ryuzaki, but he could read him like a book. Ryuzaki's social intelligence is vastly understated, however, and while he may have seen Light as a friend, I don't think he was at all under the impression that Light was not Kira. Even if Light was Kira, I think Ryuzaki saw someone he could relate to, and in the end, despite wanting to win and bring justice, he was outsmarted, not emotionally manipulated. Ryuzaki was brilliant, but Light had the edge. That said, I think Ryuzaki had all of the potential to bridge the gap Light created, just as Light was capable of bridging the financial and political/personnel power gap that L had over him. They're both geniuses and in the end it was a bloody mess. Neither one was *significantly* smarter than the other at any given time, but, like I said, Light was fortunate to have the edge.
Posted by Jesher 3 years ago
Chronos, I must point out that you said L deduced "how and why" Light was killing. This is not true at all. He had no clue as to how, and "why" is conjecture at best.
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
Sorry i didnt make an argument i had Graduation, Job hunting, work, College Orientation, been busy
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