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Saint's Row VS. Grand Theft Auto IV

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Started: 10/4/2015 Category: Games
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There's a rap about this game competition.
Some people say SAINT'S ROW is better.
I'm for grand theft auto...
Can someone tell me why Saint's row is better?


I understand your confusion, I myself have been a fan of both series for years now. I look at it this way, they are 2 separate entities, GTA 5 has a decent size world, with a fairly more realistic view in the story mode trying to make it more and more realistic as the series progresses. Going from focusing around memorizing cheat codes, to barely using them at all, to pretty much an online multiplayer only type of game.

Now let's look at the Saints row franchise, first time I played saints row I only did because it ran smoother on my pc than GTA. I liked the customization from the get go, and the boss battles, real "crackdown" type feel. Something different. Now when it comes to Saints Row 4, I think that the story mode is where it beats GTA V hands down much more entertaining, I loved how they themed a lot of the levels after classic video games, and the introduction of the dubstep cannon in the 1950s era part was amazing. Unlike GTA V they opted for less realistic graphic approach, more blatant cartoonish violence and A LOT more sex appeal. I am not a fan of the "Gat out of Hell" add on because it tends to just be too silly for my gaming preferences. But as I said earlier, where GTA V is getting away from, Saints Row encourages using cheat codes. Again, it adds a feel to that of "Crackdown" with the "Super Power" abilities you can receive which then ends up making the game much more fun the GTA when you are flying around the city jumping from building to building destroying enemies.

So in conclusion, If you enjoy games like Prototype, or Crackdown. The kind of games with Collectibles to find, an immersive Matrix like story line, and over sized cleavage than get Saints Row.

If you like a story mode that eventually kills one of your main characters leaving you to free roam a massive city with a bunch of money and a garage that deletes purchased cars all together. Forcing you to move to online play, where in the beginning you find yourself being destroyed by randoms online, and then being ask to do heists 87 time within 15 minutes. Then I would suggest GTA V
Debate Round No. 1


I think that most people would prefer grand theft auto, because they want to experience a very realistic game. In GTA, it feels as if you are living a second life where you can do anything, and it feels at if you are venting.
If you want to play a game where nothing could even be compared to real life, then play Saint's row.
People who have been with GTA since the beginning may also prefer GTA too, but we all know that GTA might just be the best sandbox game.


Honestly, GTA isn't the best sandbox game, it's not even top ten, especially since it's so multiplayer centered.
If you truly want to escape from reality Saints row is where it's at. Most people Judge a game within their first 30 minutes of playing it, they don't look whole scope. That's why amazing games like saint's row, and Just Cause 2 get overlooked. GTA V has no Single Player replay value at all. Saints Row offers New Game +. It also has an expansive map with territories and businesses you can own that offer you in game benefits.

I said it once I\ll say it a thousand times, GTA V has 0 replay ability, Multiple times after a half hour of playing I'll find myself bored with just driving around, doing repetitive missions robbing the same stores, doing the same things day in day out. Saints row 4 is a much better value for your money, and you'll have a lot more laughs
Debate Round No. 2


I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are. GTA is DEFINITELY in the top ten of all games, if not sandbox games.
"Grand Theft Auto III is considered as the most important sandbox game in video game history, as it was one of the first best-selling games to be of such a nature." ( That's right, Grand Theft Auto is one of the MOST important games in video game history.
And about humor and laughs, GTA has that too. Players find themselves chuckling more than once throughout the game.
GTA was also the first game to introduce experiencing being in a gang... But that's older, and I'm just trying to get my point across that GTA has been around for a long time, and has popular for a long time.
It's also the first sandbox game to introduce 3D.
So, If you want a realistic, fun, wide open sandbox game with great multiplayer, you will choose Grand Theft Auto.
It is truly the best of it's kind.


Aright, before you start confusing yourself with first 3d sandbox game. There have been several games prior to that, which use open world play, such as the legend of zelda, I don't know if you've heard of that series. The driver series, which was huge and pretty much inspired GTA to go 3D. Let us not forget Shenmue, which introduced a lot to the open world genre including day-night cycles, changing weather and great background character voicing.
Just to name a couple of games prior to GTA 3 that had the "sandbox" type game style.

GTA only got it's fame because it was ridiculed by the media so harshly for being based off of gang violence. Saints row is a massively underrated game that did not get nearly enough publicity in comparison to GTA.

If you look at the development of the Saints Row games, they just keep getting better and better, adding more features and ways to customize your character, and vehicle as well as your choice of multiple home locations and your ability to customize those.

GTA went from being able to customize vehicles and fly planes to completely taking those options away in GTA 4, then deciding to give them back, in GTA V but take away all the other aspects like driving trains, a working subway system, and online social presence in game. Rockstar just does not know how to take a base game and continue to add to it. GTA 5 could be so much better, but now that they've admitted to giving up on the single player mode all together and focus on the multiplayer you will yet again see something taken away from GTA. Guarantee GTA 6 will be online only, as they slowly rip yet another piece of what makes that game great out from under you.

As for best sandbox game, I can easily list a few "sandbox" type games that are far better than even GTA V:
1. Obviously Saints Row IV
2. Just Cause 2, the map on this game that came out in 2010 is easily 4x the size of the map in GTA V
3. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain, Easy contender for game of the year
4. Any game in the Far Cry series, I would recommend 3, but 2 and 4 area also great. Amazing story and huge open worlds they double in size as you progress.
5. Watch Dogs, it gets a lot of hate for having such a short story, but it is open world, and it does have some pretty fun side missions.
6. Dues Ex: Human Revolution, great futuristic game with a decent storyline.
7. Any Assassin's Creed game, except Unity. All have pretty amazing storylines, plus decent size sandbox maps.

The list just goes on and on until I hit GTA at like maybe top 26 not even top 10.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SongHaGin 2 years ago
Once again, the rap still compares the two games. Listen to it yourself, It's by team headkick.
(Don't you know there was a dildo in San andreas?)
Posted by WAM 2 years ago
How are you going to compare a game where you have superpowers, beat your enemies with dildos, have a gun that shoots dubstep, fight aliens, live in a virtual reality, have intercourse with all main characters and can 'rectify' individuals ( with a game that is 'semi-realistic'
Posted by SongHaGin 2 years ago
Um, the rap does compare the two latest games.
Posted by WAM 2 years ago
Saints Row pulls the piss.. While gta did that more in its last instalment, saints row's main purpose is to pull the piss out of a huge variety of things, gta amongst them. I play both series, however I don't really compare them.
While the first two Saints Row games could be compared to GTA, the 'current' ones cannot, simply because GTA cannot be beaten in what it is, thus Saints Row, instead of being a GTA 'clone', went into the opposite direction. The 2 series don't really have that much in common therefore..
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