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Saitama VS Sans

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Started: 3/28/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Saitama: destroys all opponents with one punch, hero for fun
Sans: dies in one punch, skeleton who loves puns
who wins?
Round one acceptance.
I am arguing that within a death battle, Saitama would win versus Sans. Saitama is post-training, post-Boros. Sans is presumed to be in Genocide mode and will do anything to stop Saitama.
Location of battle: Judgement hall. (This doesn't really matter but I'm just setting the scene that makes the most sense :P )
Both of the battle people are in-character.
4000 character max


Debate Round No. 1


1. Saitama is too quick for Sans
In the youtube video, it is clear that Saitama is able to move at a speed so fast that in only about 10 seconds, he is able to jump from the moon down to the earth. Being that the distance is 230,100 miles, [see], Saitama's quickest speed shown so far is 23,010 mile per second. Sans' greatest feat is dodging a kid's sword. While we don't know how fast Chara was, even if Chara was a malicious force taking control of a human body, a study finds that even theoretically, normal humans can only run 40 miles per hour at maximum. []. The thing was, Sans was able to observe Chara at her very best. But since in round one I already stated Saitama was in-character, he most likely would hold back against Sans (Except possibly speed-wise, since he didn't hold back even against Genos in that aspect). Sans wouldn't suspect that Saitama would be able to move at this insane speed, and thus would be caught off-guard and easily killed.

Let me make another case for Saitama. Even if Sans COULD dodge this insane speed, Saitama's speed only strengthens his victory against Sans. In the second youtube video, a human--Chara--was clearly able to dodge the bones. Again, the fact that even Chara was able to detect and dodge these bones after a few saves and reloads asserts the fact that Saitama would not be easily hit by the bones, especially if he didn't want to be hit.

2. Saitama is too strong for Sans
Saitama has NEVER been hurt in a fight, except in his dreams. He has only be ever gotten dust on his clothes, and the one time he did NOT finish an opponent in one punch was when he was holding back. There's no evidence that even Sans poison of "Karmic Retribution" could damage Saitama, since even a massive energy explosion sending Saitama to the moon didn't do anything to him (which Sans did not even show himself remotely capable of doing...). Let us analyze this another way. If Frisk, a pacifist child, has 20 health at the start of the game, and we assume all the people on Saitama's planet having 20 health (except Saitama himself and exceptionally strong heroes), and let's say his planet has only one billion people (for easy calculation). Even then, Boros's planet-surface wiping beam would deal a massive 20 billion damage (kill everyone on earth). The fact that Saitama can wipe it out with a "Serious serious punch" hints that he is capable of negating 20 billion damage. Sans can deal one damage per frame, and there are 24 frames in a second. [] To make calculation simple, let's say Sans takes it slower than Chara and takes 15 minutes, fully taking damage from Sans's poison. Despite such, 24*60*150 merely equals 216000 damage. Even assuming that the Karmic Retribution can make each hit deal 100 times more damage (because Saitama killed many monsters), the total damage is still only 216,000,000. That would absolutely obliterate Chara but would be nothing against Saitama since he negated 20 billion damage while holding back.

Onto you my opponent.


I thank my opponent for this debate.

1. Sans knows the fabrics of time.

In the game, it is well known that Sans is smarter than he lets on. In your final battle with him, he even tells you about the fabrics of time and how "you'll probably just reset anyway". This shows that Sans knows about many different timelines, and, therefor, would most likely know of Saitama's insane speed and strength. This would give him time to prepare and think about the battle, choosing the right actions to take in beating him.

2. Sans can STOP TIME!

In the Pacifist run, when you go with him to Grillby's, he literally STOPS TIME so he can talk with you about the talking flower (Flowey). This is evident when everyone's sprites stop moving as soon as the light shines on just Frisk and Sans. Obviously, Sans can probably use this to catch Saitama (even with incredibly fast speed). Since it doesn't say how long he can hold time for, it is safe to assume he can do this forever if he wants too. This can lead to him atacking and attacking Saitama until the ends of time (Sans is already a skeleton, so he won't ever die of age). (Sorry, Undertale's not supposed to have voices, just couldn't find another video of it.

3. Sans can dunk on Saitama.

You know where this is going...(unless you haven't played which you should DO IT!)

4. Sans can most likely reset time, like Chara
If a child craving power can reset the fabrics of time for a second go at domination, most likely, A time God can as well. Saitama probably doesn't know about it, so Sans can just keep resetting time until he actually beats Saitama.
Debate Round No. 2



1. Fabric of time
While Sans knows about the different timelines, it is also inferred he doesn't know everything Chara can do. He does not expect Chara's second attack. The game is always programmed so that Chara will always beat Sans after he sleeps, and Chara will always deal two attacks in a row. Yet, even being able to tell how many times Chara died, Sans still has the same attacks every single time and still dies at the end. Either he is purposefully giving up at the end or he is really surprised. Regardless, Sans is clearly limited in this aspects. Sans is most likely not even close to truly knowing all the other timelines.

2. Stop time
Sans doesn't use this ability to stop Chara....

3. Dunk on Saitama
We're not sure if the box could even trap Saitama. In Asriel Dremurr's battle, it is shown that the box CAN be severely expanded. (See 13:44) The box can also completely disappear as in the battle against Omega Flowey. Saitama's thing is that he can break limits. And if he can destroy anything in one hit, the box can certainly be destroyed in one hit.

4. Reset time
What are you talking about? Sans has NEVER shown to know about the SAVES and RESETS. All he knows is that there are different timelines and you can die multiple times. Only Flowey has been inferred to know about the same ability. In his speech against Chara, he notes that everyone he has fought is predictable and has recycled dialogue, and that the ONLY unpredictable person was Chara, who could SAVE and RESET. If Sans could Save and Reset, then Flowey would surely comment on that. And also based on the fact that Base Flowey with SAVE and RESET could beat Sans -- I've done everything this world has to offer. I've read every book. I've burned every book. I've won every game. I've lost every game. I've appeased everyone. I've killed everyone." --strengthens the fact that Sans doesn't have the same powers Chara and Flowey have.

Since I have many characters left, I shall add a new argument upon my previous arguments.
3. Saitama is practically immune to telekinesis and magic
In the third youtube video, One Punch Man is clearly shown to be extremely resilient to even Tornado, who was easily able to turn around numerous bombs within the Boros battle.
Tatsumaki Counter
This means that most likely Sans wouldn't be able to smash him into the wall with his bones power, and we're not even sure if the bones themselves would be able to effect Saitama.

I extend my previous arguments. Back to you, opponent.


Rebuttals to rebuttals:

While Chara may be an unpredictable entity, One Punch Man certainly is not. It's in his name for crying out loud. Also, while Sans knows limited timelines, who's to say Saitama's isn't one of them. It is possible (though not likely).

Actually, Sans probably does use this (time stop) in the battle against Chara, as that could possibly be how he manages to dodge all of your attacks. The only reason he got hit by that second attack is that he was caught by suprise, mostly because he fell asleep during his "ultimate move". he would most likely not use this fighting Saitama, as it most likely won't be a turn based fight. Because of this, he won't fall asleep, making it harder to catch him off guard.

It wasn't the box that kills you when Sans dunks on you. It was the infinite bones that crushed your soul into dust. Just because Saitama can punch a box away doesn't mean he could punch all those away (and don't use extemely fast speed as a rebuttal, remember, Sans can stop time).

If Flowey could easily beat Sans, than why is it widely known that Sans IS THE HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME.

Back to you, Pro
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent says Saitama is predictable, however, note that Sans has no clue of Saitama's true nature (and even if he did, it wouldn't really hint to how quick Saitama was).

My opponent says Sans presumably time stops, but this might as well be teleportation or merely moving aside. My opponent also says Sans won't fall asleep, but regardless, Sans has shown to have only a bit of endurance before really getting tired, only needing about 30 turns, or 15 minutes or real time.

My opponent again cites Sans' "stopping time" ability. Once again, it is never shown this ability, and Sans has not used this ability upon Chara

Finally, as to address Flowey, I never said he could EASILY beat Sans. Even Flowey admitted he needed many saves and resets to defeat Sans, inferring that out of all the bosses, Sans needed the most resets. However, regardless of Flowey or Chara, they are inferred to only have the reaction timing of a human and not a superhuman able to react casually to a man going at the speed of sound, or even having the strength to lift their arm while in the gravity of a black hole. My opponent has not refuted the fact that Saitama is much much quicker than Chara, giving him a massive advantage, and my opponent has not refuted either the fact that Saitama negated a planet-wiping beam and could easily do the same to the gaster blasters. In addition, my opponent has failed to negate the fact that even the mighty Tornado, a skilled telekinesis, couldn't do much to Saitama.

If my opponent chooses to take his last round to negate these, the judges ought to consider taking off conduct points since he had two rounds of oppurtunity to refute these before. My opponent has only repeated his one argument of stopping time, has not really brought up any sources to support, has, I stress, failed to refute my arguments, and thus I believe I win. Saitama would beat Sans in a death battle.
Good debate; vote me.


My opponent has a couple of holes in his last points.

First off, I'd like to bring up the fact that if Asriel needed a couple of resets just to beat Sans, the Saitama is no match, as Astiel is a GOD basically, being able to trap you in your own mind, smashing your save button, and much more. Since Saitama obviously can't save/reset, then this is an easy win.

I'd also like to point out the fact that you only know Sans is predictable when you save/reset, meaning that Saitama wouldn't even know Sans's skillset. This would make him as unpredictable as Saitama

No I did not REPEAT my argument about time stopping. I was simply refuting your points, with the argument.

I did not FAIL to refute your arguments. I refuted the facts about Saitama's speed saving him, him getting dunked on, etc. I think I have refuted enough of your arguments to prove my point.

It IS shown he can stop time (my video).

I end my case. (Was a fun debate, hope we can do it again sometime)..
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
It's time for this debate to reach a conclusion. As presented in the debate, and foreknowledge, here's what stats look like:

Strength: Saitama is the One Punch Man. It wasn't directly talked about in the debate, but Sans hasn't been shown of any physical abilities, aside from dodging. Saitama one punched this category.

Agility: Sans was never directly shown to actually manipulate time. The cutscene could very well not be important enough for NPCs to move. Saitama jumps from the Moon to the Earth. As far as I'm concerned, Saitama rushed through this category.

Durability: Saitama was launched to the Moon, and was only annoyed more than anything. Sans's durability was never talked about. Besides, when checking him, his HP is lower than Undyne if I'm not mistaken. Saitama survived this category.

Abilities: Saitama's ability would be considered his Serious Mode, where he actually tries. The only reason Sans's Karmiac Retribution did things was because Chara's LV (Level of Violence) was so high [Though never stated in this debate]. I'm not sure if Karmiac Retribution would do much to Saitama. I'll give Sans the win. Though Sans is just perceptive, not able to save with Determination.

So that's Saitama with 3 points, Sans only has 1 point for Karma. No one beats Saitama. If they do defeat Saitama, it's fan fiction. That, and/or Saitama let them win.
Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 2 years ago
Kung Fu Hustle!

Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
you misinterpretted, opponent, I didn't say Asriel beat Sans, I said Flowey beat sans, Base flowey is not a god. :P
Posted by Blade0886 2 years ago
Well, since you need to "cheat" in-universe to beat Sans, hence being a reality-warper, and since Sans is probably no bigger than planet buster/durability, I predict this to be a stalemate.
Posted by Zarium 2 years ago
If only you were another Character than Saitama, and I was Saitama!
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
Saitama doesn't always beat his opponent with one punch. He held back against Boros because it wasn't market sale day and he wanted Boros to be able to go all out.
Posted by Berend 2 years ago
V That's why you argue with feats and feats only. Nuff said. Unless he has feats to show him surviving something, he doesn't simply for being a satire. He doesn't have toon force.
Posted by Argumentative_Squid 2 years ago
This whole Saitama vs x thing is stupid no matter who you pit against Saitama. One-Punch Man is a satire of the action genre in anime. Hence, he beats anyone in just one punch (Or extraordinarily low effort). So if he is in a fight with Sans or Goku or any random fictional person you decide to have fight Saitama. He will Kill/Defeat them. It is that simple. It won't be an epic battle with bones and MEGALOVANIA. It will be a single punch and a slightly dustier room.
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