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Saitama vs Kid Buu

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Started: 5/24/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello everyone. Here I will state why I believe that in a fight, Kid Buu would eventually defeat the One Punch Man.

Saitama is incredibly powerful, unbelievably actually, but his strength isn't a factor against the likes of Kid Buu. Kid Buu cannot be defeated by physical means. You see, for those of you who don't know of Kid Buu, he is a being made up of magic. His body can completely regenerate in seconds, even from the tiniest of molecules. He's restored himself even after blowing up planets while still on it.

I think Kid Buu would toy with Saitama in the beginning. Saitama would continue his devastating blows, and Kid Buu would laugh them off, though he'd get a bit frustrated that his attacks aren't doing as much as he'd hope.

You can argue that Saitama's fought against enemies with regenerative abilities before, like Boros. But Boros' regeneration and Buu's regeneration are completely different. Buu can regenerate himself completely in seconds, without thinking too much. And it appears that Boros needs to focus on his injury to regenerate it, since he did not restore his arm when he first lost it.

Not only that, but Boros used all his energy to attempt to destroy the planet. After he used it, he had no energy left. Kid Buu seems to have no real limit to his ki. It seems to restore itself, same as his regeneration. We've never really seen Kid Buu's limits. Obviously, the Spirit Bomb was beyond his limits, but we haven't seen Kid Buu pushed to the edge, we haven't seen him tire out ever! Because of this, it's hard to accurately calculate Kid Buu's limits...

There are a couple different ways that Kid Buu could win this fight. He could use his Chocolate Beam on him. The Chocolate Beam is a magical beam that turns the enemy into chocolate, letting Buu eat him and gain his powers. Saitama has deflected energy based attacks before, like Boros' devastating attack. But the Chocolate Beam cannot be deflected at all. As soon as it touches something, it'll turn it into chocolate. Buu also has a different attack similar to this called the Candy Beam, which does the same thing, except turn the enemy into candy. Finally, there's the Cookie Beam. You can guess what it does.

Another way he could win is by blowing up the planet. Kid Buu can breath in the vacuum of space. He's shown doing this when he blows up Earth. Saitama cannot breath in space, and it's unclear if he can take a planetary explosion. Even if he could, he'd eventually die in space. Whether it be from lack of oxygen, or by Kid Buu beating him down while he floats through space.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a BIG Saitama fan. I love to watch One Punch Man, it's both epic, and humorous. But Saitama has no way of killing Kid Buu. The only way to kill Kid Buu is to completely destroy his entire being. The Spirit Bomb could do this, because the Spirit Bomb is an attack made to destroy evil ki. And even with an attack like that, Buu could hold it back until he met his demise.

Now, I'm not saying that Kid Buu would be able to easily damage Saitama. Saitama's durability is unbelievable. He took a kick that sent him flying straight to the moon. And it didn't even faze him! The only real way Kid Buu could defeat him is by either turning him into candy and eating him, or blowing up the planet, leaving Saitama in the vacuum of space.


Alright this is my fist debate on here so wish me luck, and let me tell you why i believe Saitama would win against Kid Buu.

Ill start off by saying that my opponent does have some great points, but they don't entirely show the big picture. Yes Kid Buu is a really nasty piece of work, unlimited stamina and ki, enough destructive power to blow up several planets, and beams that turn his opponent to candy, what more can you ask for, but these things are not strait off deciding factors.

Lets starts with Buu's chocolate, cookie, and candy beams. While they are very powerful, and downright cool, attacks its not something that is automatic, their beams. Yes Saitama can't block it but he can still dodge and easily, Saitama has shown on many occasions that his speed is something that should not be underestimated. The first time was in his fight with Boris in the anime firstly he completely held off Boris's attacks with one hand effortlessly intill he gave up and started letting Boris hit him so that Boris got the fight he was searching for, then in the same fight after being knocked to the moon (and not being phased at that) he jumped back to earth before boris could finish his thought, I'm no expert in mathematics or anything like that but thats a incredibly short amount of time to move such a long distance. Now lets go to the manga, to prove a point to Speed of Sound Sonic, he effortlessly jumped side to side so fast he created afterimages as far as the eye can see, the shockwave alone defeated his opponent, and he never broke a sweat. Now lets go to the original and the true feats, Garou the Human Monster, was a man who could easily keep up and out pace Lightspeed Max, who as the name suggest moves at light speed. When Saitama fought Garou he easily outpaced outmatched outran him and still didn't break a sweat. more then proving that he could move much faster then light speed. All in all he can probably dodge the chocolate beam pretty easily. Furthermore even if he's hit that doesn't mean he loses, Vegito fought and was beating Super Buu easily when he was turned to candy, whats stopping Saitama from doing the same.

Next Buus pure power, this is probably the hardestt to judge, yes Buu is capable of blowing up multiple planets but we haven't fully seen what Saitamas capable of only portions, we know from his fight with Boris that he can effortlessly take and negate planet buster energy attacks, but so in theory maybe at full power he can beat multi planet buster attacks such as Buus Planet Buster, however thats theory the true deciding factor is in his fight with, believe it or not, Geryuganshoop, when Saitama fought him he manipulated gravity to what he claimed to be the same power as a black hole, which is much more powerful than a multi-planet buster, Saitama simply shrugged it off like it was nothing and beat him with a rock, so in terms of sheer power, blackhole means nothing vs multi planet buster, I'm pretty sure that physically, Saitama is much much stronger and more then capable of dealing with anything Buu hs to throw his way.

Now lets go to Buus regeneration and unlimited stamina and pretty much near immunity to destruction. This is probably the deciding factor in the fight hands down, but I still think that Saitama will be able to take down Buu. Lets start with stamina, Buu has unlimited stamina and ki so he never tires or runs out of power so litterally can fight forever, however saitama is pretty much doing more and more things all the time and the one thing hes never done is tired, not once has he even breathed hard. So in all respects that simple fact make Saitama stamina on the highest of tiers, in the end it would take Buu so long to tire him out it wouldnt be worth it by the time it gets to that point the fight would have long been decided, and if it doesnt Buu simply isnt the type of person to wait it out hed probably get bored and leave before it happens. So really the chances of this fight going to simple stamina is unlikely at best. Saitamas stamina simply is to high for it to stall out that long. Now lets go to Buu, while does have some of the highest regenerative powers ever hes still not immortal, and Saitama has dealt with it before. in one punch man there were 3 enemys to ever survive more then one punch to Saitama, one of them is known as Natural Spring Water, and it was considered one of the strongest monsters simply because its body was immune to damage, it was completely liquid so attacks didnt work on it at all and the ones that did the water simply refused with it in seconds from the smallest amount much like Buu's regeneration. When saitama hit Natural Spring Water the first time the punch it had so much power that not only did it hit something nearly impossible to hit their wasnt enough left of it to reform properly, the monster didnt die but the fight was over. So if he can do this to an enemy with powers alot like Buu's, if not stronger because of the infallibility to go with its regeneration can we really say that Buus regeneration would fair any better if Saitama used enough of his strenghth to have the same effect, and let me add Saitama did this casually as a random punch as he walked over to Garou, so surely he more then has the strenghth to do it.

Now lets look at how Buu can beat Saitama, I already explained a stall out wouldnt end well, so what left is for Buu to blow up the planet and let Saitama die in space. This would work, but theres a major flaw in the theory.....Saitamas a Hero. Even if its just for fun he's a hero, he wouldn't just sit back and let Buu blow up the planet. if by a ky blast hes going to sit back and tank it or hit it hard enough to dissapate it, he wouldnt let it hit the earth. If Buu trys to blow himself up the second he starts the action Saitama would grab him and jump into space , or use his own body to cover the blow before he fullly detonated he more then has the speed to do so, and since hes never truly taken damage he will probably survive the blow at the very least. simple saying he could blow up the planet in win isn't going to work in the end.

So in the end Buu simply doesn't have the power to take down Saitama, the endless ki and stamina won't be much of a factor, Saitama's not going to let Buu blow up the planet, and Saitama's proven to be able to take down enemy with Buu's level of regeneration. End of the day Saitama's going to be worrying more about this month's rent then Buu trying to kill him.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent gave me a very good argument, and even gave me another reason of why Kid Buu would eventually win this.

Kid Buu's unlimited stamina and ki. Kid Buu could fight forever if he wanted. Kid Buu doesn't really need to eat, drink, or sleep. He mostly just eats because he likes the taste of candy.
And though Saitama is incredibly powerful...he's still human. He needs to eat, sleep, and everything else that a human needs to do. And it's not like Kid Buu would just let him go off on a lunch break. The moment Saitama would leave would give Kid Buu plenty of time to blow up the planet.

Another factor is Kid Buu's teleportation. Kid Buu instantly copied Supreme Kai's instantaneous movement ability. He can appear anywhere he wants in an instant. So he could just teleport to the other side of the planet and blow it up from there if he wanted to.

And it's not like Saitama can sense ki. If Saitama loses sight of Kid Buu, then it could be all over for him. We've seen how fast Kid Buu can charge up a planet busting attack. When he first turned into his Kid Buu form he charged up an attack that could destroy the Earth 10 times over in mere seconds.

Though it's hard to say if Kid Buu would actually do that. Kid Buu is...well...a savage. When a powerful opponent is placed in front of him, he's gonna try to kill him. Saitama's durability may be able to take Kid Buu's hits, but Saitama has no way of killing Kid Buu in return.

And while Saitama has no way of killing Kid Buu, Buu has a couple different ways to win this fight. He can either outlast Saitama, because of his infinite, ever regeneration stamina and ki. He can turn him into chocolate and absorb him. Or he could destroy the planet. There are other ways too, I'm sure, but there's no real point in bringing them up now.

The point is, Saitama can't kill Kid Buu, and Kid Buu can't do much damage to Saitama in return. But Kid Buu's regeneration outclasses Satiama's durability. And the fact that Kid Buu doesn't really need sustenance to survive doesn't help Saitama at all, since HE does.

This battle may take a VERY long time. Hell, it could take weeks. But Saitama can't fight an endless battle. As I stated before, he needs sleep, and he needs to eat. Kid Buu doesn't and eventually Saitama will tire out, even if it takes days, weeks, maybe even months.

Kid Buu wins.


Well since most of my arguments were not proven wrong or really even countered (and I dont want to copy and paste my last argument), I'm going to stick with it and just counter my opponents new arguments.

First lets start with Buu's Instantanous Movement, unlike what my opponent said its not teleportation, it's Buu simply moving so fast that he gets from one point to the next instantly. Saitama has already fought and beaten and instant movement technique. When Saitama Fought Garou in his 2nd form, Garou used an attack called "Monster Calamity God Slaying Instant Attack", when he did this he moved instantly, he attempted to barrage Saitama with countess attacks, so fast that rubble stopped falling, the dust on the ground didn't stir, an after image wasn't even left because he wasn't there long enough to leave one. as the name suggest the attack was instantanous, Saitama was able to fight him pace for pace when he was doing it, and Saitama didn't even break a sweat. Furthermore when Garou entered his final form and was so much faster he made his previous form look like a sloth, Saitama not only kept up but was faster. So even if Buu can move Instantly, instantly is not fast enough to outmatch Saitama. So moving instantly won't outmatch Saitama or get Buu to the other side of the planet to blow it up before Saitama gets there, won't be able to charge up a planet buster before Saitama has time to counter (which as my opponent says does take him a few seconds), won't be able to get out of Saitama's vision since he cant move fast enough to do so, because, by all means Saitama can move instantly, and more then likely faster then it.

Next Saitama's humanity. Firsty as previously stated Saitama is a hero, what type of hero would let his planet get blown up because he's hungry...... and in terms of going to the bathroom, you don't need a bathroom to go. Yes Saitama but referring to all previous points i've brought up, he will end the fight before his humanity takes its toll, he's both strong enough and fast enough to do it, and has dealt with Buu level regeneration before.

Saitama wins.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Astronautian 2 years ago
Sorry Garou, I did read but when I'm posting an argument I often forget what I just read and then when I realize it after I post it it's too late. ^_^; Sorry about that
Posted by Garou 2 years ago
Im sorry i just feel as if my argument wasn't even read..........
Posted by Garou 2 years ago
my paraghraph on why saitama wont be turned into choclate is countered by "He can turn him in to chocolate and eat him" did you even read what i said Astronautian
Posted by Garou 2 years ago
Astronautian im not posting my argument yet an im hoping you read the comments because you pretty much just said that all the things i clearly proved he is not going to do hes going to do anyway with no real evidence of why....... just that he can........... you only had 2 new arguments but while there good the rest were pretty much "even though my opponent says he cant blow up the planet he can" with very little evidence....... just expressing my thoughts
Posted by Garou 2 years ago
Meropenom777 thanks for the comment, but now i feel like you stole my thunder on that specific thing....... but don't worry i have a lot of arguments here and this should be a fun debate. Ill post my argument later today if you wanna read it. I'm just checking up on my DBZ knowledge and refreshing my memory its been a while since I've watched the Buu arc, don't wanna be incorrect about something.
Posted by Meropenem777 2 years ago
I was thinking of accepting before Garou did. Arguably, the chocolate beam wouldn't be that effective in the fight because of this happening in DBZ:

Also, saitama can move very very very fast, so he might even be able to dodge the beam anyway.

Saitama could probably hold his breath for a very long time since his oxygen consumption rate is probably very low to be able to move as fast as he does, so being in space wouldn't be that much of a problem for him to keep fighting.

Here is where I got stuck though, how can majin buu ultimately be defeated? So far, he has only been defeated by all of his atoms disintegrating from an energy bomb. There were times where he had problems regenerating: picture from website:

So Saitama maybe, if he had sufficient stamina and resilience, could keep on obliterating buu to bits to the point where he could no longer regenerate on a sub-atomic level. But that would only be if Saitama can punch so hard to the extent that it would break Buu's body on a molecular level. But again, Buu has only been defeated so far by energy bombs, so this is only in theory.

Hope this helps pro win the debate, you might be able to think of some other ideas for him to win.
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