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Same-Sex marriage.

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Started: 8/2/2013 Category: Religion
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Hi my name is Sahaam. On the 19th of August same-sex marriage will be legalised officially in New Zealand. I don't agree on this.
Being a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, I know that same-sex marriage is NOT right.
My 1st point is that if we legalise same-sex marriage then we might as well legalise other laws. For example if I wanted to marry an animal, would you think im crazy? Its equal rights.If you can marry your own sex then why not marry a cat or a dog or a monkey, and so on.
Marrying an animal would be offensive to people right? Then imagine how offensive it is to people who don't agree with Same-sex marriage.
My 2nd point is that we need to think about the children! Because Homosexuals cant reproduce babies they adopt.This will confuse the child as it grows older.If the child has two dads the child might get confused on who is the mum.And the child might want to know who his or her real parents are.When the child goes to school he or she will have a high chance of getting bullied,statistics show this. This may depress the child and cause the child to commit suicide.The gay couple maybe happy that there married, but is the child happy?
My final point is that being Gay/Lesbian is not a natural thing.If you see a man dressed up as a woman you instantly think that,that is not normal.Gay/Lesbians get influenced by Society,Friends,Television and so on.
In conclusion I say that Same-Sex marriage should NOT be legalised. Thank you.


This will be fun. I will counteract each point in the order that you have put them. (I am paranoid that you might be a troll)

1; This is a question I have longed for the answer to; When it comes to legalizing gay marriage, why do the opposition always jump straight to animals? Homosexuals are still human beings, regardless of sexual orientation. To draw a line between gays and monkeys is extremely derogatory and you should not resort to such hysterical arguments as your first point.

2; Next, you argue the rights of the child. Look, if you are concerned about whether or not children will be raised correctly, then you better start confiscating a whole lot of kids from parents in low income backgrounds, or any abusive family. Homosexual families would only preach more tolerance than other parents, and you have a fixed idea in your mind that there must be one mother and father per family. This stereotype is broken by various religions and cultures, and is only a staple of Christian denominations, and homosexuals also have the right to choose their own religion in the same way they have the right to marry.

3; Homosexuality is a natural thing. I can prove this with great ease.
If you do not wish to see the video, it's of two dogs humping each other in the face. That's natural for dogs. No one trains them to do that. You know what else animals hump? Their own family. My neighbor's dog humps her own son. Nature is not always a good thing, especially when it comes to sex. I don't think I need to say more, but if a girl dresses up as a guy, no one bats an eye, but when a guy dresses up as a girl, they are often laughed at because gays don't actually dress up as girls. You are thinking of transvestites, which are not the same thing. I will see you next round,

Debate Round No. 1


I see that you take this debate as a joke by calling me a troll. I haven't said anything bad to you so could you please NOT say anything bad to me.

I am going to answer your question. You said When it comes to legalising gay marriage,why does the opposition always jump straight to animals? Well there is a simple answer for that.It has been scientifically proven that us humans are actually in fact animals ourselves but with a slight difference.And I don't think you got my 1st point. I said that if you could marry your own sex then why not marry animals? You have not answered my question. Also I used animals in this debate to refer to equal rights.

Now im not talking about parents with low income backgrounds and confiscating them.But remember that gay couples can have low income backgrounds to.And homosexuals can be abusive to.Also you haven't answered my question I said to you that the child has a high chance of being bullied so the gay couple maybe happy but is the child happy? You haven't answered my question. Now im not saying that gays should become Christians but marriage is a Christian thing so who are these atheists to come and take away a Christian thing and change it.You also said that they should have the right to marry so if they can marry why cant we marry animals? (like I said.)

You also said that Homosexuality is a natural thing and you showed me a video but are those two dogs having sexual intercourse? and are those two dogs the same gender? You also said that your neighbours dog humps HER own SON but are they gay? Are they the same gender? And some people do bat an eye on gays there people in Paris who are protesting and are burning things because they don't want to legalise gay marriage. And I think if a man is dressing up like a girl then he is probably gay. And if a person gets a sex change then there gay because they want to be there opposite gender and do it with there opposite gender.



You have misunderstood my entire speech. First of all, a debate topic like this seems too good to be true, and this led me to wonder whether you were simply trying to anger or troll me. Nothing but healthy paranoia.

1; True, we are animals, but homosexuals are still the same species. Animals are not. We have many aspects as humans that set us apart from animals. We can use tools. We have thumbs. We can pay taxes. This is the bi one. We can convince others of our species to give up money for a result they do not want of care about, for the good of others. Ants may have a similar lifestyle, but an ant will only give its life for the queen once for obvious reasons, we do it on a regular basis. It just comes out as immature to compare animals to homosexuals. It's quite hurtful too, like calling immigrants monkeys is hurtful and mean.

2; Marriage is not a Christian thing. Muslims marry too, and the men can have multiple wives. Jewish people marry too. Marriage is in fact a promise to another person to remain loyal to them for the rest of their lifetime. Granted, many fail at this, but a lot of those are Christians. You are forcing your own moral code and religion on others. And do remember, every kid gets bullied. Having straight parents won't save you, I can promise that. But gay couples cannot reproduce naturally. That means they cannot have accidental children like straight couples. That means when they get a child, it is because they want one and have planned for it too. Homosexuals could be much better parents than straight parents, and all they ask for the church to stop saying that they will burn for their heresy and vileness. They want recognition as a genuine couple that love each other. And we can't marry animals because there's no way they could give consent to the marriage and it would be completely one sided.

3; Yes, the dogs in that video were both guys. And the mother is straight, but the son is probably gay. (It's a family joke that he's 49 in dogs years and lives with his mother) The point of that video is that you can't really attack something for being unnatural when nature can be considered so bizarre, like how it's natural for female mantises to bite off their mates' heads, or how the male seahorse gives birth, not the female. Next up, Ad Populum. You are saying that because a lot of people in France think it's wrong, it must be wrong. False. Next up, gays don't dress up as women, that's transvestites. Transexuals and Transvestites are such a minority, you may as well be saying that since some Muslims are terrorists, all Muslims must be terrorists.

I hope you see the twisted logic you follow as it is and I will see you next round.

Debate Round No. 2


Now you said for me to not compare animals and gays when your doing that yourself.Thanks for answering my question on the two dogs humping each others faces.Now you said that the mother dog was straight but the son was PROBABLY gay,where's your evidence that her son is gay.If that dog was truly gay then it wouldn't have let its mum hump him.

You also never answered my questions IS THE CHILD HAPPY? and yes I know that even when your with straight parents you can still get bullied but studies show that if your parents are gay then you have a HIGHER chance of getting bullied then a child with straight parents.

You also didn't get my point on the people in France.Just because they think its wrong doesn't mean I think its wrong. and the only way you could re butt that point was by saying false. You also said that I might as well say that if some Muslims are terrorists then all Muslims are terrorists. If some white people are gay it doesn't mean that all white people are gay.

In conclusion I say that gay marriage is NOT right because Its bad for the children,Its causing chaos in the world and it makes no sense.I say that i should win this debate because you have only answered one or two of my questions but you couldn't answer some of my other questions and i do believe that I have answered all of your questions.

Thank you Duncan and I really enjoyed this debate.


Ah, I see. I separated my points with numbers so you'd know when I was changing point in my speech. My point about your insulting comparison to animals was separate from my comparison of nature and animals. You must understand that you cannot use something being unnatural as a point against it. Medicine is unnatural, but thousands are alive today because of it, and to be honest, I can only walk because of unnaturalness. Humans would frown upon the idea of a mother and son having sex, but it is an occurrence with animals. Animals are part of nature. This is a special connection between the parts which separates humans and animals by the fact that humans commit unnatural acts such as driving, watching tv and cooking food, which sets us apart from other species and is the reason why we often remove ourselves from the categories of the Animal Kingdom. This difference between humans and animals combines with the bizarre yet totally natural actions of other animals to show how homosexuality cannot be considered good or bad because it is considered both natural and unnatural.

So the real problem left to deal with is the kids. You even went so far as to declare in block capitals that the welfare of the child is the most important factor. But if you had to ask every child in the world whether or not they were happy and then deem the parents unworthy of children and confiscate them, you'd need a whole lot of foster parents ready to take those kids in. I was bullied at school, I'm sure you are too, to some degree, and everyone is at some point. But this is for two reasons;

1; People fear change and difference, and often try to fight alien or unfamiliar foes. This fight is self-justified by the bully, who then receives a sense of pride for following their own moral code. This is also the same logic the war on terror uses, that such an alien culture exists and it wants to cause vague measures of harm upon the states, justifying the invasions. Children of homosexual parents are bullied more because the bully has been raised by parents who have taught him/her that gays are an unfamiliar threat and are dangerous to their own way of life. This problem can be solved by parents preaching tolerance and acceptance, something that homosexual parents teach very well in accordance with their own lifestyle.

2; This one is more simple and more difficult to treat. Some people are just a$$holes. Plain and simple. There are some good people, a mix of both, and then there are the stereotype of bullies. But they don't mature and grow up when they leave school, you just don't see those a$$holes anymore. You have new a$$holes to deal with.

The second reason doesn't relate as much as the first, but my point is that really the problem with the opposition of homosexuality is that they can't really find logical reasons to dislike homosexuality, but they feel vaguely threatened by the way of life that others follow and that it may infringe on their lives, just like the French protesters you mentioned, some people are so set in their ways that they will violently oppose any change. You know what, the second reason of bullying does relate to this debate. Some people just can't live with the idea that other lifestyles can work as well, and convince themselves that there must be a fatal flaw in the system, for which it must be destroyed. This is where the a$$holes from school go. If they don't grow up, they become the opponents of change and progress, making others' lives a little bit more difficult everyday.

As for your conclusions, children under gay parents live just the same except their parents teach them not to fear change.
Next, you asked ten questions, which I will answer now.

1; if I wanted to marry an animal, would you think im crazy?
Probably. There are hygienic, biological and medical reasons why an animal is a poor life partner.
2; Marrying an animal would be offensive to people right?
Not so much offensive as bizarre and stupid.
3; Then imagine how offensive it is to people who don't agree with Same-sex marriage.
They think gays are weird stupid by that logic, but gays aren't animals, and have deeper reasons why they love each other.
4; but is the child happy?
That has little to do with the sexual orientation of the parent and more how they are raised.
5; I said that if you could marry your own sex then why not marry animals?
Animals are a different species and are incapable of intelligent conversation or mating without inbred offspring.
6; but is the child happy?
Gay parents would be more responsible given the time they have spent planning for their child.
7; so if they can marry why cant we marry animals?
Because they are both humans, not separate species interbreeding.
8; and are those two dogs the same gender?
Yes they were.
9; Are they the same gender?
The dogs I recounted were mother and son.

Ok, I could have shortened that list down, but this was more fun. Anyway, as for the Chaos thing, I'm not sure how gays are spreading chaos when it's the straight people rioting, and homosexuality does make sense. It's two people who love each other promising to remain loyal to each other for the rest of their lives, and the state recognizing that loving bond and supporting it legally and financially so that the family created can raise children of their own. Makes sense to me, at least as much as regular marriage. Anyway, I'll probably be your next opponent since there's not much other topics on DDO, so until we debate again, I'll be awaiting my next challenger.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
I'm too biased to vote on this, when con mentioned wanting to marry animals; the debate just lost too much credibility to get a fair vote from me.
Posted by sahaam 4 years ago
ok i have opened the criteria. Now you dont have to be this age or that age so anyone can debate with me. thanx
Posted by LevelWithMe 4 years ago
In general, putting your age on the internet is unnecessary and/or a bad idea, so I've refused to do that, if age is part of the criteria. Maybe rank is the issue. I'm new to this website, so this may also be the issue.
Posted by LevelWithMe 4 years ago
I, too, do not meet the criteria.
Posted by ObiWan 4 years ago
I can't, I don't match your criteria...
Posted by sahaam 4 years ago
to obiwan if you want to accept press the accept button i think it says take the challenge and you click on that to debate with me. Thanks!
Posted by Legitdebater 4 years ago
@ObiWan, I will if he opens it up to me.
Posted by Legitdebater 4 years ago
What's the criteria for getting in? Open the debate up to me. I'm up to the task.
Posted by ObiWan 4 years ago
I can't accept, but I hope whoever does tears you to pieces.
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Reasons for voting decision: Argument two from Con was about raising children rather than marriage, and argument three lacked any real justification. I think Con's first argument remains valid, but he failed to prove that marriage to animals is actually bad... Therefore, Con fails to justify the exclusivity of heterosexual marriage.
Vote Placed by Noctan 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to Con, as Pro was much more joking and carefree. (which I actually thought was funny) Pro did make more convincing arguments. Con did not seem to understand Pro's argument, and said the same thing and made pointless points.