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Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than Iphone5

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Started: 3/30/2013 Category: Technology
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There have been huge competition between Samsung Galaxys and Iphone 5's recently. But you must agree with me that Samsungs galaxy S4'S are better than Iphone 5's because of the following reasons.

1. Speed

The response and internet access from the samsung galaxy S4 is way faster than the iphone five, not only that, the connection is always lost and you often have to restart a program etc.

2. Screen size

The samsung galaxy S4's screen is 5 inches! A whole inch larger than the Iphone!

3. Camera quality

The samsung galaxy S4's camera software packs a 13 megapixel camera whilst the Iphone 5 only holds 8 megapixels.

4. Sharper screen

The iphone5's pixel resolution is 1136x640 whilst the samsung galaxy S4 has an even more impressive 1920x1080 pixels resolutions!

So after all this, what else can be said? The Samsung Galaxy S4 is more recent and new, but in the first few weeks of arrival, 20 million were sold worldwide, apple cant beat that...



Samsung Galaxy S4 is a copy from iPhone, I'd just like to point that out to begin with.

The speed point was a lie. Look at this source: says that "The iPhone's Safari browser revolutionized mobile browsing, and continues to blow us away with its blazing-fast performance."

A bigger screen makes the Samsung phone both heavier and have more surface area on which to be broken or cracked.

The camera quality is ridiculous because no phone is supposed to take very good quality photos, they are just meant for nice, standard use, this advantage is minimal.

The Samsung needed a sharper screen resolution because it had a bigger screen which I already explained is a disadvantage.

Samsung is a rip-off of the iPhone, no originality whatsoever.
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Posted by naaptol 4 years ago
Samsung s4 wil be better if compare Iphone5
Posted by Controverter 4 years ago
You're welcome.
Posted by LT4963 4 years ago
I thank my opponent for accepting my challege!
Posted by LT4963 4 years ago
Go me!
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