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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is better than the iPhone 6S Plus

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Started: 6/26/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hi! I'm passionate about this, an I'll just wait until my opponent argues first. Go ahead!


The iPhone 6s is better than the Galaxy S7 edge. I will wait for my opponent to make their arguments first.
Debate Round No. 1


The Galaxy S7 edge is better than the iPhone 6s Plus. Why? Lots of reasons.

-IP-68 Water and dust resistance
Completely dust resistant, and can survive in up to a meter and a half of water for 30 minutes according to Samsung, but tests have shown it can survive deeper for much longer.

-Better Camera Technology.
It's no doubt that the iPhone 6s camera is pretty amazing, but the S7 is even more amazing. The only iPhone to have stabilization of any kind is the 6S Plus, and even then, it's only Optical image stabilization. The Galaxy s7 has OIS, and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Not to mention, the Galaxy S7 has "Dual Pixel Technology" which basically means that while the iPhone uses a mere 5% of it's pixels to focus, the Galaxy S7 uses 100% of it's pixels for extremely fast auto focus. Also, the Galaxy S7 has bigger pixels and a wider aperture for better low light. Now, some people may claim that the colors tend to be over saturated, but that's why we have a manual mode, for some of the most amazing controls for a camera. Also, the S7 takes better macro-shots. Now, the front camera is the same as the iPhone 6s's, except for the fact that the Galaxy S7's is wide-angled for better group selfies.

-Bigger battery
The Galaxy S7 supports fast-charging, wireless charging, and fast wireless charging.
It can charge to 100% in one hour, while the iPhone 6s Plus takes about 2 hours. For me, the Galaxy S7 edge can last me about 16 hours on full brightness, 20 on power saving mode, and an incredible 4 days on ultra power-saving mode. Yes, you read that correctly. Four days.

-Beautiful screen.
Samsung uses "Super AMOLED QuadHD" displays, which essentially means an incredibly powerful and efficient display. While the iPhone 6s Plus is only 1080p, the Galaxy has a resolution of 1440p, and keep in mind they have the exact same screen sizes. The iPhone has incredible whites because it is an LCD screen, but AMOLED screens have incredible dark blacks, because each individual pixel can turn on and off. The Galaxy S7 has incredible wide viewing angles, because the screen is closer to the glass, unlike the iPhone. So The Galaxy S7 edge has a better resolution, and deeper blacks.

-MicroSD card expansion
Are you f**king kidding me? The iPhone starts at 16GB! Even worse, $100 for 64 GB! And another $100 for JUST 128 GB! The Galaxy S7 STARTS at 32 GB and supports up to 200GB of expandable storage. MicroSD cards are incredible cheap, and are most times under $10. Jesus Christ.

-Taking notes on aesthetics.
Because the Galaxy S7 edge is curved, yes it is slightly harder to use in one hand. But, Samsung is aware of this, and their software features prevents accidental touches. Yes, the phone is indeed made out of glass. But, don't be discouraged. The Galaxy S7 has stronger glass than the iPhone's. The Galaxy has Corning Gorilla Glass four all over it, while the iPhone has Apple's "Ion Strengthened Glass" which is just a fancy term for slightly stronger glass. While yes, the iPhone has 7000 series aluminum on the back, the Galaxy S7 has 7000 series aluminum all around the borders. The iPhone is more prone to scratches and scuffs, while the Galaxy S7 is more prone to shattering, but Gorilla Glass 4 still is very tough. The Galaxy S7 has a notification LED and an Always on display to show you what notifications you have and information that you might need at a quick glance.

Both the Galaxy S7 and IPhone 6S Plus have the same size display, but the Galaxy S7 edge is more compact, as the bezels all around it are a lot smaller, making one handed use easier.

The iPhone runs iOS 9 on its device, a closed-source software that hasn't seen much change since iOS 1 and especially iOS 7. The Galaxy S7 edge runs Android Marshmallow with TouchWiz UI on top of it. You may say that the iPhone runs iOS smoother than Android phones run Android, and that is only slightly true. TouchWiz is optimized for Samsung devices. Here's the thing about Android though, you can change ANYTHING. The Google Play store has more than just apps and games, you can download new home screens, new keyboards, new lock screen, icon packs, emoji packs, and basically anything you desire. iOS has a fixed home screen, and at least iOS 9 doesn't allow you to hide system apps, it doesn't give you an app drawer, and you don't have much freedom. Heck, you can't even put your apps where ever you want, they're stuck to the ceiling. Also, Galaxy devices has many great software features. You have split screen multitasking, picture in picture, one handed operation mode (Which shrinks the screen so you can use it more easily in one hand), and best of all, Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is better than Apple Pay and Android Pay because it works in more places than just the ones that have NFC. You can use Samsung Pay at any credit card scanner, while Apple Pay only works with specific machines. Samsung smartphones also have support for using mice and keyboards. In the given box, a USB to MicroUSB adapter is given, which allows you to use any USB device that is supported, such as mice and keyboards and headphones. Android phones have home buttons, back buttons, and multitasking buttons. A double tap of the gs7 home button goes into the camera extremely fast. A long hold of it goes into Google Now. Google Now is more efficient and practical than Siri, and it also has more features. Siri, on the other hand, has more personality, but personality isn't really necessary. (Btw, Google hired a team to give Google Now more of a personality! :D)

First of all, yes, iOS is more efficient than Android, but that's because there's less features all together. Instead of better optimizing, Android phones usually add more powerful specs, hence why the iPhone 6S has two GB of RAM, and the Galaxy has 4 GB of RAM, and they both run about the same, as Samsung's bad RAM managing has been fixed.
The new Galaxy S7's Snapdragon 820 can beat the iPhone 6S Plus's Apple A9 chip in multicore easily, but is slightly less powerful in the single-core aspect.
Alright, yes I already know you're going to mention 3D touch, and yes I know Apple didn't invent it and yes, I know they haven't implemented it in that well. I admit, it's pretty cool. But I also admit it's a gimmick right now, as barely anyone uses it. IOS 10 is going to use it better.

The fingerprint speed depends on the situation

Oh and the Galaxy S7 has GearVR support, I have it, it's amazing!!


Variable_X forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I think my opponent finally realized that he's wrong and that the Galaxy S7 edge IS better than the iPhone 6s Plus. You see, once shown the facts, you can convince anyone ;)


Variable_X forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mission4Christ 2 years ago
The phone is just simply newer there is no debate.
Posted by That1User 2 years ago
I have a Samsung Galaxy S6
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