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Samsung Galaxy s7 is better than iPhone 6s

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Started: 4/23/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The s7 is a lot better than the 6s in terms of everything. The specs, the screen, the hardware, the software. I have no idea why anyone would vote for apple at this point. Their innovation these days is just force touch, which is utterly useless. That was the only thing that changed from the 6 to 6s, which was disappointing. I can bet you if Samsung did this, no one would buy their phones. Unlike apple, the s7 was a LOT different than the s6, in a good way. They added micro sd card slots, water resistance, better camera and less camera bump. What has apple done this year from the iPhone 6 to 6s? Basically nothing... Their camera upgrade had no difference, only adding 4k resolution which samsung had 2 YEARS BEFORE. Like i said, the only major thing was force touch, which was utterly useless. As an added bonus, Samsung makes most of apples parts, so it is basically a samsung phone with Apple written in front of it. Unfortunately, apple has very loyal fans and they will pay $700 for the exact same thing.


I'll thank you for hosting this debate. I will be arguing that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not better than the iPhone 6s.

The point will be conceded that the Samsung Galaxy s7 does have some better hardware components, it does not have all better components. This point will be argued in my next response. The iPhone 6s however does have many benefits that I will list in my next argument.

I did not have enough time to completely type up all my arguments for the iPhone 6s. I will let my opponent take the next round to argue their point and respond with counterpoints. Again thank you and good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


saharussj forfeited this round.


Even though my opponent has forfeited the round I will post a rebuttal to their initial arguments.

The 3D Touch feature is useful:
My opponent has argued that the 3D Touch feature is "utterly useless". This is a false claim lacking research. The feature helps to streamline the process of the phone use and offers a noticeably faster option for accessibility throughout multiple apps across the phone. The addition of the force touch to the screen has provided users with a quick, convenient experience that utilizes finger pressure to access shortcuts to some of the most used apple apps.

The 3D touch makes it quicker and easier to access your favorite contacts. This provides the option to call or text quickly from a popup menu from the home screen. You could use this feature to text or call anyone in your contacts starting directly from the home page. Email has become super streamlined and convenient. You can also browse your mail and peek at an email you would like to read. After you finish the email, lift your finger and you are instantly back in your inbox. All you have to do is apply more pressure to open and interact with the email. If you have an internet link in your iMessages or safari page you can peek at it to preview the website before you visit it. Another helpful addition was to allow you to browse your picture gallery while taking a picture. I can finally choose to go straight to a video. On previous models I had to choose my camera and then slide over to video. This represents everything the 3D mode offers for the phone. It gets rid of the in between steps and helps to create an easy, fast phone experience.

I have a pragmatic example of the features usefulness. In previous models when I was on a road trip I would play music through the Spotify app. Whenever I had to switch my phone to my GPS the music would turn off. Now when I need to take a peek at my GPS I just have to lightly touch the GPS app. And I won't have to stop my music. Another option added for quick access is the menu used for the camera. The options included are photo, video, and even an option for selfie which will automatically focus with your front camera. The notes app has also received an addition. It now includes a New Sketch feature which allows you to draw notes instead of the typical typing mode. The software utensil reacts to pressure leading to the ability to create different shades between a single color. Now think back to what you just read. This can all be down with one hand! That is design and function built into the phone with great precision and intuition. This technology could potentially become the standard of future flagship models.

Third parties have even used the technology to varying degrees. Some popular apps that use the 3D touch feature include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Shazam, Facebook, and Snapchat. I would argue that at least some of these applications have become more useful with this technology. It is my personal opinion that the iPhone 6s subtlety implemented a touch screen feature that further simplified and streamlined their OS.

iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s Upgrades:
My opponent has asserted that "Their innovation these days is just force touch, which is utterly useless. That was the only thing that changed from the 6 to 6s." This is also an untrue assertion, the iPhone 6s has seen multiple upgrades besides the new 3D touch. The iPhone 6s has doubled the amount of RAM in this current model. An increase from 1GB to 2GB. This addition has increased speeds between switching apps and has helped to make 3D Touch a seamless new technology.

Other upgrades to the iPhone 6s include 4K Resolution, Live Photos, as well as many internal enhancements. These include a switch from the a8 to a9 processor. This is the microprocessor that allows for an increase in RAM and an increase from 1.4 GHz of power to 1.8 GHz. Both cameras have also received an upgrade. The main camera has changed from 8 mega pixels to 12 mega pixels, while the front camera has increased from 1.2 mega pixels to 5 mega pixels. To say that the only upgrade was force touch it just not true.

This is also not a reasonable point to bring up due to the fact that both Samsung and Apple will continue releasing updates which will continue to increase performance and user experience. Some of the latest updates added in the iOS update include added support to apple tv, improved stability across multiple Apple apps, improved multitasking, and 150 new emoji options.

The point that Samsung released 4K Resolution on their phones 2 years earlier is irrelevant to our current topic. The point may show a positive point for Samsung, but this is not helpful to my opponent's point that the Samsung Galaxy s7 is better than the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s DOES have 4K Resolution, so we need not take note of the resolution of previous models.

Samsung does not make most of Apple's parts:
My opponent's argument is "Samsung makes most of apples parts." This is a false claim. Samsung is the making the majority of processor chips and RAM in some iPhones. This is roughly about 75% of the chips. However, other companies also provide processor chips for the iPhone 6s. This is not to mention the various other parts of the phone: the outside casing, the cameras, microphones, 3D touch controller, power amplifiers, accelerometers, pressure sensors, various modules, modem, radio frequency transceivers, flash, and LED display drivers.
It is not true to claim that Samsung makes all or even most of the parts of the iPhone 6s. This is of course a major component of the phone. This however, was not the stance my opponent has argued. It could even be seen as a benefit for the iPhone 6s that their competitor is providing a high level processor that can compete with the newer Samsung flagship models.

The Micro SD Card is not as great of a feature as implied:
I think the iPhone 6s also has the upper hand in storage space, this appears to be true in terms of superior storage space and the variety offered. The iPhone 6s comes in 3 different sizes 16GB, 64GB, & 128GB compared to the Samsung Galaxy s7's one choice which is 32GB.

My opponent has implied that the Micro SD slot is an advantage. This might be true in some people's opinions, but I have points that will reveal the addition is not as beneficial as some users might think. I would argue that the Micro SD slot is not providing the user with a positive experience solely because of the addition of the SD card. I would prefer to argue that the Micro SD slot is a necessity due to lower storage space.

A highly anticipated feature in Android's Marshmallow OS is the ability to "merge" the Micro SD card with the internal storage. This allows the phone to "merge" the resulting memory as one storage unit, making it easier to see how much total storage you have available.

Unfortunately, Samsung decided it wouldn't be supporting this feature with the Galaxy s7. The exclusion of this feature means that you won't be able to transfer a number of different apps from your phone to other media devices. This also means that some of the apps that cannot be deleted from the internal storage are stuck there without being able to be transferred.

This is a fault to the phone considering its lower amount of storage space. Some apps will also only transfer small portions or minimal assets which is not helpful for freeing up internal storage space.
User experience is what you use to evaluate which product a person would enjoy more. Just because the Samsung Galaxy s7 has better specs in some areas does not necessarily mean a better overall user experience. The iPhone 6s combines design and simplicity to create a phenomenal user experience which in the very least holds it weight to an even level against its newer competition in the Samsung Galaxy s7.

I have more arguments prepared for next round, I don't have enough space to complete my arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


saharussj forfeited this round.


Apple has better support from App Developers:

Apple has established the lead with developer relationships. Their products are favored as a launch platform which means Apple will mostly release new apps first.

Apple gives the 3rd party developers a familiar platform to build off, while Android phones tend to be behind due to having too many phone models to develop for. This causes Android users to get apps later than their iPhone peers. The iPhone products also have an advantage in gaming, statistics show that Apple has been getting more sales in the handheld gaming industry. Enough that Apple sales are actually closing in on Nintendo & Sony. Android products can't keep up, because there is too much variance between different phone companies to successfully compete.
There is also a negative factor associated with all Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy s7. I am referring to "bloatware." Bloatware is considered any app that is pre-loaded onto Android phones, many of these apps are not generally useful. The issue with bloatware is that you cannot actually delete some of these apps, therefore you lose space and quickly start to crowd your 32GB internal storage space. This is why you will eventually need to use the Micro SD card slot. Some instances show users reporting that almost 2-3GB of space was pre-used by bloatware. While the iPhone 6s has also a few apps that cannot be deleted, they don't overcrowd the storage space or have a noticeable effect on daily use. Especially not to the same capacity as Android phones.

User Experience is Higher Quality with iPhone 6s:

The iPhone experience is unique, because when you switch up to newer models you have so many similarities with older models that you don't feel out of place. Apple almost ensures that people who purchased early models of iPhones will be able to buy a new iPhone and still recognize the design that made them like Apple in the first place.
You become so familiar with the iOS that you can navigate across multiple different Apple devices and still understand how they work. There are few products that can match this streamlined, user friendly system. The interconnectivity between the Apple devices is also a useful function.

Live Photos is a feature that lets you take pictures to form a short GIF like video. You can set a picture as your desktop background and hold the picture and it will began to play a video. This is a very fun feature and can even be implemented into apps like Facebook.

Miscellaneous Points:

The iPhone 6s also has a few miscellaneous advantages in its favor.

1) The iPhone 6s is currently leading in the number of phone colors offered between these two models. The iPhone 6s is offered in four color choices: Silver, Gray, Gold, & Rose Gold. While the Samsung Galaxy s7 is currently only offered in 3 color choices: Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, & White Pearl. In addition to this, White Pearl is not currently offered in the United States. Therefore, the iPhone 6s has 1 more color option available. The Android's model is based on freedom and making your phone feel like your own, so it is telling that the iPhone 6s has more color variety.

2) I considered conceding the point of the Samsung Galaxy s7 being a bigger phone. However, I decided against this due to the fact that I personally would enjoy a smaller phone for one hand use. I regularly use my phone with one hand and would prefer my phone to be a smaller model for ease of use. I don't believe this point can be argued outside of subjective viewpoint so I will not continue.

3) The Always on Display (AOD) has provided users with the home screen feature that never turns off. The AOD will continue displaying the time, battery life, and select Samsung notifications. Many users enjoy these features, while others choose to turn it off due to the distracting motion. The issue for many Samsung Galaxy s7 users is that the AOD is not currently compatible with 3rd party notifications. Many users were expecting to see notifications from top apps like Facebook, Hangouts, Gmail, Instagram, etc. The choice to not include this level of customization through the AOD seems to be a negative point in a meaningful feature of the phone. The lack of 3rd party notifications in the AOD seems to be counter-intuitive to the idea of Android providing a large variety of customization. iPhone includes the 3rd party notifications, specifically asking permission for each individual app to display notifications. I think the iPhone 6s offers more versatility in notifications at the home screen

4) At first glance the amount of RAM in each phone appears to be in favor of the Samsung Galaxy s7. Android phones, however, tend to have more background processes running at one time out of the box. Some online users have stated that the background apps can take up to half of the ram space! This means that in some cases both phones are operating with about 2GB of RAM apiece. Many phone users will have to turn off or download an app or widget to help lower the number of open apps in the background. This is an experience that iPhone 6s users don't have to deal with


In my 2nd round argument I showed that the force touch addition does have uses. I also pointed out how my opponent's original argument that "only adding 4k resolution which samsung had 2 YEARS BEFORE." was irrelevant to the topic considering the iPhone 6s does have 4K resolution. I also displayed multiple examples of upgrades between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s. The last point of my 2nd round argument was regarding storage space. The iPhone 6s offers a model with 128GB of space compared to the Samsung Galaxy s7's 32GB. I believe that the Micro SD slot is provided for necessity of more space.

During this round I have tried to provide information that shows iPhone users receive app support earlier and that 3rd parties have more success releasing apps on iPhones. Other advantages that the iPhone 6s has include convenient phone size, greater number of color choices, equal quality RAM, and that the Always On Mode isn't implemented to a meaningful experience because it lacks 3rd party support.

Through all of these arguments I believe that I have displayed enough evidence to support that the Samsung Galaxy s7 is not better than the iPhone 6s. I do not argue the iPhone 6s is better overall, but I personally believe that they are competitive and each have their individual benefits. There is a reason this is up for debate, because both products have strong points to argue. This seems to be subjectively split which makes my point the most logical choice. That it appears that neither company's products has completely gained majority sales. My point is not the iPhone 6s is better than the Samsung Galaxy s7, but rather its the Samsung Galaxy s7 is not better than the iPhone 6s. I reject the claim.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: lwittman// Mod action: Removed<

7 points to Pro. Reasons for voting decision: S7 comes with better customization without me having to jailbreak my phone.

[*Reason for removal*] Full forfeit debates are not moderated unless the voter votes for the forfeiting side. The voter did so in this instance, which means the voter has to go to extra lengths to explain the decision given that fact. The voter dos not explain it, instead providing their own argument that appears to be separate from the debate and not explaining any of the point allocations.
Posted by Boatlet 2 years ago
I thought the debate would be the judged of what was presesnted, not your opinion. I proved against force touch being useless, that there were multiple changes between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, 4K resolution, and that Samsung does not make most of Apple's parts. I thought people would vote based on the criteria provided, and seeing as my half of my opponent's arguments I have been refuted I feel like it was pointless to do this debate if people are still going to vote just off of what they believe. I'm confused on how my opponent used more reliable sources and how they had more convincing arguments. The only argument my opponent argued that I did not refute was the specs of the hardware. I also don't understand how a person who forfeited 2/3 of their rounds had better conduct than me.
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Vote Placed by jamccartney 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited and only made a few arguments in round 1. Con posted in every round and used each one to post long and convincing arguments. For this, I must give Con the conduct points (because of Pro's forfeiture) and points for convincing arguments. Pro used no sources, while Con used 11 good, quality ones. Source points go to Con as well.
Vote Placed by Ragnar 2 years ago
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