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Samsung Ozone will beat SKT at OGN Winters

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Started: 1/14/2014 Category: Games
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Samsung Ozone is the only team to have ever beaten SKT in a best of 5. After seeing how they have played in the past games against CJ Frost and Najin Shield, I feel like the gamesense and individual skill level is higher. SKT is good, but overhyped.


I accept this debate. I will be arguing for why it's more probable that SK Telecom T1 K (hereout noted as SKTK) will beat Samsung Galaxy Ozone (hereout noted as SGO) in OGN Winters.

For those of you who are not as familiar with OGN Winters, feel free to educate yourself here as to the teams and standings and such(1).

The first thing I want to point out about this debate is that both of the debater's have a BOP to prove their side right. Since the resolution is asking "Who's gonna win" essentially, both of us have to be trying to prove why our team is going to win. This means that if all my opponent is going to argue for is why SKTK will lose, he can't win the round because he still has to prove why SGO will win. The same applies to me, as well.

The second thing is that regardless of how good of arguments I present or my opponent presents, it's not possible to prove that one side will 100% win in the match to come. I'm certainly not claiming to be able to fortell the future. So that means that the debate will come down to who is more likely to win in this matchup.

The last thing I want to point out is that there's a lot of factors that go into determining if one team will beat another. You have to look at things like player statistics, team compositions, champion pools, and team tendencies and actions. I will argue that in all of these areas, SKTK is superior to SGO, and thus is more likely to win.

Argument One: Player Statistics

Let's look at the teams as a whole and what they do. Let's start with what everyone loves to look at: KDA. SKTK's team KDA is 8.89 and have the fastest first blood record at forty-three seconds in(2). Given that 67% of teams who get first blood go on to win the game(2), the high kill potential and ability to make plays early will give them an edge. If you also compare the team average KDA of SKTK at 8.9 to SGO's team KDA of only 3.49(2), there's a lot more gold flowing through SKTK's pockets, which means more power and a higher chance to win.

To look at things that SKTK is also statistically better at, SKTK have a higher Creep Score per Minute(2) (how many little minions they kill in a minute, which leads to more gold flow from the bounties), and not surprisingly more gold per minute(2), as well as more minions per game, towers per game, and dragons per game(2). What does this mean, other than just more gold in the pockets of SKTK? It means that a) they're farming better than SGO does, meaning they will scale better into the later stages of the game compared to SGO (more farm leads to more gold which leads to more items), but also that they have better objective control, meaning that more dragons, more barons, and more towers will flow their way. This increases the gold and experience gain that SKTK will get, which is an obvious benefit.

Argument Two: Team Composition

This one is an easy win for SKTK because they're simply more diversified in the team compositions that they are capable of running effectively. The only kind of team composition that SGO ever uses in game are very poke-heavy compositions that rely on just landing incriments of damage from long range to "poke" them out of the fight to take objectives. But not only have SKTK used that kind of composition, but they also can play very pick-oriented compositions, ones that rely heavily on finding a lone enemy champion, blowing them up instantly and getting an objective off of that pick, as well as teamfight-based compositions, ones that rely on grouping up and pressuring a major objective in order to bait out a teamfight. Both of which are effective against poke-compositions, most notably the teamfight composition. SKTK is also known to let members of their team who are really far ahead just split push, where they go off alone and push a remote lane while the rest of their team groups and pressures an objective that is far away from the lane where the lone member is pushing to divide attention. Split pushing is something that poke-compositions cannot deal with because not only are poke-compositions heavily reliant on landing their poke in order to take objectives, but the entire time that's going on the lone split pusher will be forcing them to either send someone back to deal with the split push, which limits the poke they have to offer on the main front and opens themselves up to getting engaged on into a teamfight since they would usually have to send a member strong enough to stop the person split pushing (also known as their strongest member), but if they don't then the split pusher will be taking objectives for free which is a lot of free global gold for his team and is an easy way for a team to get ahead.

Argument Three: Team Habits/Tendencies

SKTK has a clear advantage here as well since their play style isn't really dependant on one person's success. Faker, SKTK's renowned mid-laner, has been known to single-handedly carry his team to victory. But Pigglet, SKTK's AD Carry, has also been known to put his team on his back and carry. That also hasn't stopped Impact, SKTK's Top Laner, from just going man-mode and carrying his team. And let's not forget about bengi, SKTK's Jungler, who snowballs his laner's into having a massive advantage with ganks from the jungle. The point here being that SKTK isn't reliant on one player for success. If Impact isn't having a great game, Faker and Pigglet can pick up the slack. If Faker isn't having a good game, Pigglet and Bengi can pick up the slack. If Pigglet isn't having a good game, Impact and Faker can pick up the slack, and so on and so forth.

SGO, on the other hand, is incredibly reliant on one person for success, dade. Dade is SGO's mid laner, who is pretty good. There's a lot of problem's with Dade's champion pool, which I will get to in my next argument, but because of this he has to have DanDy, SGO's jungler, snowball his lane. This can be evident from looking at the game scores themselves. In the games where Dade has a good game, you will also see that DanDy had a good game as well(3)(4)(5). If Dade did not have a good game, it's likely that DanDy did not have a good game either (3)(4)(5). SGO then takes that mid-lane success and uses it to help their bottom lane get an advantage through Dade roaming to the bottom lane to gank, therefore creating map pressure and creating multiple damage threats by getting imp, SGO's AD Carry, ahead as well.

Where's the weak spot? Shut down Dade. In SGO's loss to Najin White Shield in the group stages(3), Dade had an abysmal game. This also reflects on DanDy's score and Imp's score, who both suffered because Dade could not get ahead.

What's an easy way to shut down Dade? Ban out his champions in the pick and ban phase. Which leads me to my final argument.

Argument Four: Champion Pools

Dade's champion pool is incredibly small. Dade's known for being an exceptional Zed player, a decent Ryze and Jayce player, and a semi-okay Gragas and Nidalee player. If you target your team's three bans toward Dade's pool and pick a fourth champion away from him, you can force him onto someone you can predict or force him to pull out something he's not used to playing and is uncomfortible playing, therefore reducing his effectiveness. The same problem isn't found in SKTK, though. Faker, SKTK's mid laner, has been known as an exceptional Orianna, Gragas, Nidalee, Zed, and Riven player. Faker was also the one to introduce the concept of Riven as a mid laner, Riven being initially designed to be a top laner, showing that he can surprise people with unexpected picks.

Overall, I have shown that not only is SKTK statistically superior to SGO, not only that SKTK are more diversified in their team composition than SGO, but that SGO is far easier to shut down compared to SKTK, which leads me to believe that SKTK will win OGN Winters.



Debate Round No. 1


john4747 forfeited this round.


Dammit Mestari, you really did bait me again >.>
Debate Round No. 2


john4747 forfeited this round.


Well if it's any proof at all that I won, SKTK beat SGO 3-0

Sooooo yeah.
Debate Round No. 3
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