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Sanctions should be imposed on the UK until it tackles its gay mafia problem

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Started: 8/29/2015 Category: Funny
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You know there is a serious gay mafia problem in a country when foreign leaders are attacked by homosexual gangsters in broad daylight and the police do nothing about it.

It seems unbelievable, but on his last visit to the UK, the President of Zimbabwe's car was ambushed by a ruthless gang of mattress-munching mobsters outside a London hotel, yet the authorities took absolutely no action against the gender-bending bandits whatsoever. Furthermore, the godfather of Britain's gay mafia, Peter Tatchell, who led the assault, remains a free man to this day.

But that should be no surprise. The victim of the attack, President Mugabe, alleges that it was actually the British government that ordered the hit.

And we can well believe it because the gay mafia has got the British Government in its pocket. To illustrate this, when one newspaper dared to print an editorial which read: "Tell us the truth. Is Britain being run by a gay mafia of politicians, lawyers, Palace courtiers and TV bigwigs?" the Government immediately slapped it down and forced it to publicly endorse homosexual corruption in high places.

So where does the gay mafia get its funding? Well, The National Lottery Draw is presented by screaming homosexual Dale Winton - that should tell you something.

Meanwhile, 1970's singer and songwriter Elton John, who make no secret of being a roaring poof, channels millions of pounds to gay men through the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The situation is getting worse and worse every year. Now its no longer safe for normal people to walk the streets with statistics showing that around 100 hate crimes involving gay men are reported to police each week.

It is ridiculous that political representatives of a country so riddled by corruption should be allowed to sit at the same table as politicians from respectable countries.

The UK should be removed as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, it should be kicked out of the European Union and should have strict economic sanctions placed upon it until the British Government makes a serious effort to tackle its gay mafia problem.

Thank you.


One of your main standing points, was that Mugabe said that the UK Government sent in this so called "Homosexual mafia." However, there is no proof of this and Mr Mugabe isn't really a trust worthy person. On the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index Zimbabwe Officials received over "1.27 Billion through corruption in 2012.

You also said about when MPs were asked about this mafia, they quickly brushed under the furniture. Of cause they would do this because they know as soon as a person reads a headline saying ' Politician Deny's allegation of Homosexual Mafia' they will not read any more and they will think well obviously they did. This caused because of the culture, in the world, of the powerful cannot be trusted. So, of cause they wanted to not make a big fuss out of it.

Finally If this actually did happen, you can't kick the UK out of the UN because they have veto power. On top of that you many countries have faults like worse than this we don't kick them out trade groups and put sanctions on them, For example; Zimbabwe. Also you have only gave one example of this so called "Homosexual Mafia" actually making an appearance. Just on an ending note what was the gain for the UK government in that attack.
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Posted by Greg4586 2 years ago
There.... there's a gay mafia?
Posted by T.Dodds 2 years ago
Brian may I say that research you did was very impressive.
Posted by brian_eggleston 2 years ago
Mirza, still here! How are you?
Posted by Mirza 2 years ago
I shall follow this.
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Reasons for voting decision: BOP was on Pro to prove why there should be sanctions imposed on the UK. This BOP remained unfulfilled, because while Pro did mention some crimes committed and some accusations made, he didn't give a single reason as to why the British government should be punished. In fact he didn't give a single credible reason that the British government is even involved in these crimes. His CBS article about the gov't "slapping down" a newspaper is dated 1998, which is hardly current. His Guardian article simply states that the UK has more gay MP's than other places. Neither of these sources are credible or relevant. Pro's BOP was unfulfilled, because they failed to show *why* we should put sanctions on the gov't, and they failed to prove that the British gov't was responsible for this issue to begin with.