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Sarah Jane Smith is Cooler than Rose Tyler

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Started: 12/18/2012 Category: Entertainment
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This is a debate discussing the two characters Sarah Jane Smith (protrayed by Liz Sladen) and Rose Tyler (protrayed by Billie Piper) in the fantasticly epic series Doctor Who. I suppose this will be more opinion-based than fact, so it will be more fan ranting than debating, which I am perfectly fine with!

Round 1: Debate terms and acceptance of the debate
Round 2: Debate starts
Round 3: Rebuttal/Final statements

I would prefer to debate with someone who has watched a fair amount of both ClassicWho and NuWho like me, so the debate wont be biased because of lack of knowledge about either character.

And that's about it! Allons-y!


Should be fun watched all but some of the first two season due to lack of the film after 1972 flood.
Debate Round No. 1


Sarah Jane Smith. One of the most beloved companions in all of Doctor Who, and that is not just one fan's personal opinion. Anyone who has watched more than just School Reunion knows that Sarah Jane (portrayed by the late Liz Sladen) has been a companion for more than forty years, making her the longest running companion after the Brigadier. Starting off with Jon Pertwee in 1973 and ending her initial run as a companion in 1976 with Tom Baker, she also guessed starred in a number of Doctor Who specials and starred in the (admittedly unsuccessful) pilot of K-9 and Company. In 2006, Sarah Jane appeared in the previously mentioned Doctor Who episode "School Reunion," where she clashed with the character Rose Tyler (portrayed by Billie Piper), the other subject of this debate, who will be talked about more below. This was originally meant as a one off, but Sarah Jane's return was so popular, it ended up being the beginning of an entire spin off starring Sarah Jane Smith, this one much more successful than K-9 and Company. The Sarah Jane Adventures lasted four years, and if it was not for the fact that Liz Sladen sadly passed away the same year her show ended, she would probably still be a big character in the world of Doctor Who. To quote a guy from YouTube named Ritch, Sarah Jane is basically a 60 year old superhero!

Rose, despite the belief of many, was not the Doctor's first love. In modern terms, she was more the first person that (we, the fans, saw anyway) the Doctor really wanted to bonk. While she was around, Doctor Who was no longer about traveling the Universe and offering jelly babies to your enemies. It was about her. Seriously, every episode. Even poor Martha could barely get a word in sometimes, and Rose was long gone by then. Rose also seemed to feel a bit too entitled to the Doctor and travelling through time and space with him. She makes it seem like she is the ultimate companion when really she is just one of a long line.

When Sarah Jane saw the Doctor regenerate, she did not flip out and cry about how the Doctor "left her" like Rose did. In fact, the only reason why the Doctor regenerated in front of Rose was because he was saving her butt! Also, Sarah Jane has been in episodes featuring all but the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, counting one of Paul McGann's audiobooks and the special "The Five Doctors". That has got to count for something! Sarah Jane set the stage for all who came after her. She is loved by two different generations and will definitely be loved by the generations to come.

And did Rose get her own TV show? No, I didn't think so!


As much as i agree with your points Rose helped save resurrect the show. When fans voted they picked Rose as best female companion. Though Sarah may be bigger to the British viewers Rose won out over all.
I personally believe Rose helped the Doctor accept companions again without her he would probably still be surfing time alone.
As a side note did Sarah become a nigh immortal being cause Rose became Bad Wolf.
Debate Round No. 2


I read that link you pasted from the BBC America Doctor Who page. "Interestingly, among British voters, Sarah Jane Smith defeated Rose 61 percent to 39 percent, while U.S. voters picked Rose 58 percent to 42 percent." Meaning, yes, Rose did win, but only in the U.S. vote, with Sarah Jane coming close in second. Sarah Jane won in the U.K. vote, and Rose lost to her by more of a margin than Sarah Jane lost in the U.S. vote. One up for Sarah Jane!

This paragraph caught my eye:

"Sarah Jane"s substantial showing [in School Reunion] demonstrated the fondness many fans still have for the iconic classic companion, who was brought back for several episodes in the modern series and was rewarded with her own successful spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures...It"s safe to say that had Elisabeth Sladen lived, she"d still be appearing in Doctor Who episodes from now until one of their many Ends Of Time finally finishes things off for good. And that"s because Sarah Jane kept going too. Of all the Doctor"s companions, she"s the one who, rather than sitting back to reminisce over her time as a space traveler, would clearly continue in the same adventurous vein for as long as the Earth was imperiled."

Well said. This part has nothing against Rose, but is an example of how cool Sarah Jane is.

Could you respond to some of my points?


I under stand your points. sense the doctor has a granddaughter he has fallen in love before but that was long ago and the fact that Rose is the first companion he fell in love with says something about her. Without Rose their would be no modern Dr. Who she helped bring the sires back. I believe that Sarah is more loved by fans of classic and Roe fans of modern.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by harrypotterfantng 5 years ago
Ha ha! I love Jack too. And just to comment on your last response, Rose was not the first companion the Doctor fell in love with. She was probably the first that he was completely clear about loving, almost going out and blatantly saying it. But there were others he at least had a thing for. Ah, well. Doesn't really matter. That's not the point of the show, really.

Pip pip cherio!
Posted by singingboy2 5 years ago
My favored companion as probably Jack Harkness manly because of are similar personality. I also always end up in the hospital due to thinking I'm invincible. :)
Posted by harrypotterfantng 5 years ago
Sorry, I forgot to mention this in Round 3. Thank you for joining this debate. You are a good sport. Good luck with the voting, and don't forget to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special on the 25th!
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