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Sarah Palin is a brilliant pick

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Started: 9/5/2008 Category: Politics
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Whether or not you're in the Republican camp, McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was absolutely brilliant. With one fell swoop, he obliterated the DNC's media coverage at the close of their campaign. For the next week, America talked about, thought about, and obsessed about a historical personality. Obama was nowhere to be seen, eclipsed by her obvious mass appeal.

But the pick is brilliant, not just for her charisma and style, or her ability to command a stage - she's also exactly what this country needs. I have grown weary (as have many Americans) of the rather weak line-up of presidential hopefuls. Where are the LEADERS? Oback can sell snake oil with the best of them. McCain is solid, has character, is trustworthy - but he's no bellringer, either.

And then, all of a sudden: BAM! There she is. Wonder Woman! She is decisive, sensible, and takes care of business in a way that everybody but a career bureaucrat can respect. Too short of a distance from PTA to the Whitehouse? Precisely my point: she's still one of us, and that's who Americans want to bring this country back to something that resembles what they remember.

The pick is going to be remembered as the most brilliant VP choice in a hundred years.


She is not a brilliant pick, she is seen as irresponsible and even insane due to her behavior after the speech in Dallas. Her water broke at the conference, but instead of going to a hospital like any sane person, she stayed to speak, then left for the airport, got on a plane for Alaska, and drove to a small hospital in her home town, which would most likely have fewer resources than a hospital in a major city, like Dallas or Anchorage, just exactly why would the kind of person that values the life of her child take such an action?

She was picked as the running mate because she is a woman, McCain apparently wanted to swing some of the Hillary voters. It is true that she is drawing media attention, but she is drawing that attention in the same way as a train wreck does.

Obama is not relevant to the decision either, If you want someone that is "one of us" then you should pick someone that hasn't worked in politics. Pick someone that isn't going to be used to large scale corruption and secrecy, or sell their ideals to placate the lobbyists, as career politicians are so prone to.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent, while sincere, has missed the point. While polls are obviously fickle and notoriously inaccurate this far out from election day, today they show McCain has jumped ahead 10 points and is leading: something that has been directly linked to his pick of Sarah Palin. This is not the response of a public that feels as if they are watching a "train wreck."

The point of this debate is not whether or not one likes Ms. Palin; the point is whether or not Sarah Palin was a good pick. Let's think it through.

The objective of the McCain camp is to win the election. Whether or not they will win, however, is also beside the point in this discussion. The question is whether or not picking Sarah Palin was the right thing to do. Given that McCain is faring better after the pick than before demonstrates the wisdom of the choice. America is falling in love with a woman that reminds them of the archtypical frontier American woman. That is earning points for the campaign.

The "water breaking" story raised by my opponent demonstrates his personal distaste for Ms. Palin as a person, but does not contribute to the strength of his "con" argument. His personal feelings are underscored by his distortion of the facts. The way he relates the story, the reader is led to believe that she was labor.

She was not. I submit the following, from the Dallas Morning News, September 7, 2008:

"In fact, Palin was not yet in labor, and her doctor thought she had time. So the governor flew to Seattle, continued on to Anchorage and then drove to a small hospital near her hometown, Wasilla — a journey of at least 10 hours.... When Palin arrived at the hospital, she was still not in labor, so her doctor induced it, Bruce said. Trig was born early the next morning, weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces."

She had an issue with leaking amniotic fluid; she was also in contact with her doctor during the incident. That is not an "insane" action.

Let's move on to whether or not she is a good pick for America as well. My opponent suggests that she is not "one of us" and insinuates that she is a career politician. Her opposition in this race is, however, trying to make much of the fact that they do not feel she has enough experience.

Let's allow the facts to determine if she is more like the electorate than others:

1. She was recently in a traffic accident . Someone rear-ended her car; she was behind the wheel when it happened. What does that have to do with Ms. Palin being a grass-roots sort of candidate? Remember she was GOVERNOR when this happened. Other governors do not drive themselves 45 minutes to work.

2. She fired the governor's chef and continues to cook breakfast for her own family.

3. She was very recently still a small town mayor and active in the PTA.

4. Exactly what could my opponent mean by suggesting that Sarah Palin is "used to large scale corruption?" Apparently, he hasn't been paying attention: she WASN'T used to it, and took dramatic steps to eliminate it in her local party. She sold her ideals? Again, please pay attention to the facts: she's known for consistent ideals. Which, of course, is precisely why she's a brilliant pick.

(NB: just as an aside, for someone to suggest she was chosen simply because she is a woman is sexism of the highest order.)


sleepiB forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Rightgal forfeited this round.


sleepiB forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by scissorhands7 8 years ago
I agree with righgal, she picks up
1. gender biased females
2. secures the right wing
3. allows mccain to outreach to independents
Posted by Rezzealaux 8 years ago
Hao abut du police chief?

He did get fired, yes?
Posted by Ragnar_Rahl 8 years ago
No, it does not support the video completely. Specifically, the librarian was not fired in the article... she was FALSELY INFORMED she was fired :D.
Posted by PoeJoe 8 years ago
"unless you are planning on starting a "Draft Ragnar for President" campaign"

I see wat u did thar.
Posted by Rezzealaux 8 years ago

R u srs?

I just read through the linked article and it supports the video completely.
Posted by Ragnar_Rahl 8 years ago
by the way, Rezzeleaux... I watched that video of yours, and what I'm finding in my morning copy of the Wall Street Journal (and confirming is at least with a little google hitting in the liberal Seattle Times) is that the video LIES.

Specifically, according to the Journal article... Palin's query about the prospect of censoring books was, she claims, academic. As for whether a firing happened, the two accounts differ... either a. Palin did not fire the librarian, or b. she "informed the librarian she was fired" only to change her mind before making the action official.

Has a strong desire/ strong fixation with censorship=/= will actually censor.

And keep in mind, taking books off a STATE FUNDED LIBRARY is a wee bit different than banning books altogether :D. Granted, since the act of having such a library is immoral if taxes are how it is funded, such selectivity only makes the matter worse, but only mildly, and it's ambigous whether it counts as "Censorship."
Posted by Ragnar_Rahl 8 years ago
You are ASKING for disappointment PoeJoe...

unless you are planning on starting a "Draft Ragnar for President" campaign :D
Posted by Scyrone 8 years ago
Fairly interesting debate. Personally I believe it was a good pick, but in a way she was a woman. But maybe the PRO might have better debate skills.
Posted by PoeJoe 8 years ago
A leader should not be one of us.

I expect a leader to be better than me, smarter than me, and most importantly wiser than me.
Posted by Rezzealaux 8 years ago

Now I have something to say against all these annoying obama people at school too.
Wooooooooooooo~ :D
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