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Sarcastic Presidential Debate

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Started: 4/3/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Another fine humorous debate by MassiveDump. My opponent and I will be directing speeches toward the audience on why we would make a better president than the other guy.

-Round 1 is an acceptance round with brief description of yourself
-Profanity is encouraged
-Voters are to vote strictly on who was the most entertaining

So, I'm Candidate #1, MassiveDump. I have an odd commitment to My Little Pony, but still manage to have a girlfriend. My platform is simple: friendship and destroying North Korea.

On that note, let's meet the contender:


Hi and I'm Canidate #2, Lannan13. I am Roman Catholic and strongly religous. I am Conservative, Republican, but also tend to lean Tea Party and Reformist.

My platform is lower taxes, cut government spending, anit-abortion, anti-illegals, and anti-gay people

My slogan is: I'm here to work for you.
Debate Round No. 1


(You... realize that this is a humor debate, right? Oh well.)

Opening Statement

One day, I was taking a walk through the cold, hard, dangerous streets of downtown Aberdeen, South Dakota. I looked to my left and saw a white kid on the curb of the road, crying because he didn't have an iPad. To my right was a gang. Of hipsters. And it was then when I realized I was hungry. So I went to Taco John's. While eating my delicious churro, I had a sudden realization of what YOLO really meant. I'm only going to live once, so I should run for president of the United States.

And I, Senator Massive H. Dump, wish to be your president.

And somehow you idiots put me through the primary.

So since I'm here, I would like to take this time to explain my three-point plan:

1. Peaceful Equestrian Society
2. Revolutionary Colonization of the Moon
3. Destroy North Korea

I will then explain why Lannan specifically would be a bad president.

Peaceful Equestrian Society

First, let me explain what Peaceful Equestrian Society is. It is a society based on the magical land of Equestria, where talking ponies live together in peace and harmony. Now I'm not even remotely hinting at genetically mutating my citizens into talking ponies, I'm just using Equestria as a basis for my new American society.

Education and workforce in Equestrian America is simple. One will go to school for primary education until they discover their true natural talent. Their talent then being discovered, they may enter education more appropriate to the field that they were destined to be in.

With a scheduled "Winter Wrap-Up Day", Spring and its warm weather would always arrive on time, as our citizens would play their part to clear snow and warm up temperatures with magic and my iron fist and sh!t.

I am not a tyrant, if that's what you're thinking.

As for foreign policy, there will be no other nation but us because everyone will want to be a part of our pony-like friendship society, e
xcept maybe North Korea. Which is why we'll destroy them, but I'll get to that later.

Revolutionary Colonization of the Moon

Who doesn't want to go the moon, right? That would be balls off the walls. Besides, overpopulation is a serious issue and it will only get more serious as time progresses. There is plenty of room on the moon, you know.

Other moons can be colonized, too. It's said that Europa can even support life. We could plant stuff there and sh!t.

We also no longer would have to waste our precious money on imported bouncy castles. The world will be our bouncy castle. Evil laugh.

I'm not a flipping tyrant.

North Korea.

Destroy North Korea

It has come to my attention that North Korea has negative intentions toward the United States and my kickass Equestrian Society. We as a nation should do the right, peaceful thing and blow them to Shanghai.

And now for you, Senator Lannan.


Seen here is me serving you in a Rap Battle.

America, do you want a bad rapper sitting in the White House? Dah-no. You don't.

A Few Extra Things...

Free crinack for all Americans.

Every american will recieve fifty cents for no reason.

A free pony for absolutely everyone.

All gingers will be required to register.


America, It's time to make the right decision. A decision for peace, happiness, and freedom from Sentor Peepants over there.

Massive H. Dump.

Eat your vegetables.


Opening Statement

Going through my life my mother had always told me to always trust other people but to cut the cards. Basicly meaning that you need to give people the benefit of the doubt, but you need to cut the cards and be wary. Growing up I became weary of what the government was doing and seen horrible things that the government was doing so I decided that I needed to step up and to make a change in this nation before it's too late.

And I, Governor Aloysious M. Lannan13 wish to be your people's president.
For some crazy reason I ending up winning the primaries.

I'll first explain three key points for a lovely Utlitarianism Utopia.

1. Taxes/ Spending
2. Immigration
3. Religon

Then I'll adress each and every point of my opponent and go on from there.

1. Taxes/ Government Spending

The rich people is what makes this country run! If it wasn't for them big wigs then we would not have gotten' out of that recession. You see these rich people get money and then they use money to make a buisness and that buisness makes jobs which gives the average Joe a source of income and some money. Did you know that the rich already pays like 2,000 times more then the average Joe! No wounder we hit that recession! It's because of the government is restricting our job makers and entrapanuers thus killing our economy. So I purpose that our nation implaments the flatt tax system.

During the past several years the Federal Government has been spending money on things that aren't worth it. People are cheating the system with things like welfare and food stamps. Us hard working Americans have to support those bums who are using our money and buying drugs. You can also look at Sequestor and see that it is actually not that bad, because it has actually reduce our American debt! When our debt goes down cunsumer confidence goes up, when it goes up then people will buy things, when people buy things, jobs open up, and when jobs open up and people get jobs and can support themselves. So if we cut more government spending then people will have more money.

2. Immigration

Democrats are just way to friendly to them Camachos. Those Mexicans "sneak across" our borders and steel our American jobs. They take our "oppertunities" and leave us Americans behind with less jobs. Heck them Camachos don't even pay taxes, so they are like criminals and should be thrown out of this nation. They take our jobs and they hurt our economy making it harder for the 'Real Americans" to survive in this world and it does things like hurt the average Joe putting people on welfare hurting Americans and ultamtaly hurting our economy.

3. Religon

Religon is peaceful aspect to the average American's life, but as of reccent our government is restricting our rights to the freedom of religon and impossing us with two different religons. They began by implamenting atheism upon Americans by taking religon out of schools but what they really did was implament a different relligon. Also current government officals have been trying to implament Sharia Law on the US by making the US more and more like those Mulsum terrorist harboring nations in the world. Doing so we would have to do things like kill gay people and abuse women which is the path us Americans don't want to go. We want to go the more traditional route with no abortions unless the mother's life is in danger, and put religon back in schools and offer it as a philosphy class or a Religon class in schools.

Now on to my opponent's platform.

4. Peaceful Equestrian Society

My opponent offers peace to the world... except North Korea. You see what my opponent is trying to do here is to take over the world and be just like Hilter. Anyone who isn't on board is killed (North Korea). He also contradicts himself here by stating that he wants peace but then he's going to fvck up North Korea.

Secondly he wants to turn us into ponies? Da fvck?! He is going to turn us into fragile creaters that when he takes office and turns us into ponies that North Korea is going to rape the sh*t out of us. That and we'll be a creature that if we so much as twist our ankles we have to be shot because we will be cripples for the rest of our lives.

5. Colonization of the Moon

What my opponent is suggesting is a fellony and is against the Outer Space Treaty that was made in the 1960s So we might colonize the moon, but we will have every nation in the UN p*ssed at us and they will nuke the sh*t out of our little pony nation.

The moon actually can't support life because the gravity there is so light that you will explode because of your blood preassure! My friends I don't think that many of us wnat to explode!

6. North Korea

My friends if we do this it will p*ss off China who I may remind holds 98% of the REM and they will declare war on us and since we will already have every nation in the world against us that our pony @$$es will get murdered by the Chinese.

Now with all the above things we can fully see why that Lannan13 should be your people's president.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank Governor Lannan for being such a fagwipe cooperative opponent.

However, he does not have A FLIPPING LIFE the credentials to be a president.

So now let me tell you, the American people...


Tax and Other Stupid Stuff

Governor Lannan wants to keep taxes low for rich bitches like me. I'm not going to stand for that. I want to pay taxes, screw this guy.

Spending? We need to spend money on our imported weapons and gym shorts. As for entitlement spending, I stand for cutting that too. Can't we all just get along?

Los Gringos y Los Dumpos Massivos

I think it is fair to say that ALL Americans like Mexicans. ALL of us. If they work, they stay. If they mow lawns, they stay.

And I don't know who this "Average Joe" guy is, but he really pisses me off, let's exile him while we're at it.


I see what you're gettin' at, and my platform is very similar. However, having two religions be predominant in one nation is essential. Which is why I believe the citizens of the United States have the fundamental right to worship either the God of Abraham or Princess Celestia. Both if they must. Abusing women? Why not. (loljk women we need your vote, too)

Overall, Lannan just doesn't get what you people want. You want:

Equestrian Society

We are going to have peace with an Equestrian society. This is what the other nations want except for North Korea. But every party needs a pooper. BUT NOT THIS PARTY. If we truly want peace, we have to show dictator Kim Jong Possible over there who's boss.

Here's a direct quote from my opening statement, Governor:

"I'm not even remotely hinting at genetically mutating my citizens into talking ponies".

I wouldn't. That would be just silly. Awesome, but silly. Productive, but silly. INCREDIBLE BEYOND DESCRIPTION, but silly. Adorable, but silly. The solution to world peace, but silly. A fine execution of leadership, but silly. Silly, but silly.

So I wouldn't dare.

Carry everything else I said in my opening statement about the benefits of Equestrian Society, for they were left untouched.


We are NOT a pony nation. We are an EQUESTRIAN SOCIETY. Because, as stated, we will be one big nation, I don't think the U.N.'s gonna give alot of care.

High blood pressure is a pandemic in this country. The moon would solve that nicely, America.

North Korea Should Shove Off

Governor Lannan's argument is based completely on the fact that other nations would hate us. But that's just silly, because we will be the only nation. You gotta be kidding me.

Kim Jong Possible is an evil dictator who wants to smack down on the power of friendship. If we are to gain world peace, it is imperative that we send in our Equestrian Army to destroy North Korea and take out Kim Jong Possible once and for all.

And let's not forget...

Registering of gingers,

Pony entitlement,

Fifty cents,

Free crack.


Governor Buttsalt over here wants to take away all of your fun. An Equestrian Society is the only true way to secure our fun, peace, expansion, and the demise of Kim Jong Possible.

I'm Senator Massive H. Dump, and I'm who we need to lead Equestria America.


I'll show you why I'm the best in the world and why I'm awesome and Senator Dump is not.

1. Tax and Other Stuff

What I've been advocating is a flatt tax which is the same tax percentage for everyone, which means the poor will be paying less taxes and the richer pay a good portion of taxes, because as I've stated earlier that the rich have to currently pay 200 times the amount of taxes as the Middle Class. I believe that it is common sense that Americans want more money so my presidency will do that for you, plus it will let you keep more then Senator Dump's fifty cents thus allowing you to do things that you always wanted like that new car, fix the house, or go out to eat for a change instead of eatin' at home.

My opponent and I here agree, but he doesn't state on how specificly he plans to do so. I state that we need to cut speading, because we're Americans and we have the right to make American made products and not just Chinese goods like we use to in the 1950s.

2. Immigration

I don't believe that all Americans like Mexicans. Not if your that American who lost your job because of that Mexican, or if your that American that goes bankrupt because we have to pay for those lazy Mexicans out on welfare. See even if they mow lawns they still take jobs away from the American kids, who were born here, to mow lawns and make money to buy that piece of candy they always wanted. So that's why we as Americans need to step up and take a stand so 'Real Americans' like Little Suzy can get that lolly pop.

3. Religon

I don't impose on the freedom of religon like you, I allow for people to worship on whoever they want, but what I want is a more American Traditional Society where people can worship someone and that they aren't made fun of because that they are Christian. I stand up for women and I believe that they still need to be cared for in this nation before we abuse our lovely people. Many opponent also issues Sharia Law which is the very thing that I am trying to prevent in this nation .

So you can see here that most of my opponents arguements here are either anit-religous and unconstitutional, or sexist.

4. Equestrian Society

My opponent just goes on to say what he stated in his first arguement that he didn't say. It's like he's trying to go back in time to kill tthe old Massive Dump. Is this fvcker a looper? But still inorder to acwire a Utlitiarianism Utopia we need to not mutate the entire human race, because that is freaking crazy and insane.

5. The Moon

What the senator is purposing is mass murder and genocide for Americans. I think that if we go we will die and Mr. Dump will be happier then a body builder directing traffic.

6. North Korea

I agree that Kim Jong Un is a horrible evil dictator of North Korea that is abusing their people, but what I'm saying is that if we do attack them China will beat the sh*t out of us. Second of we will fall because our army will be an army of panzy ponies and will get mowed down by the Koreans and then they will rape our ponies because we would have failed. Then China will nuke us and kill everyone.

So in conclusion if you value your life, don't want to get raped, and don't want to be geneticly abused.
Debate Round No. 3




ffutS rehtO dna xaT .1

Governor Krabbs over here wants to have annoying richtards like me pay as much taxes as lazy poortards like him. Like I said, I'm not going to do that. And he shouldn't go dissin' my fifty cent plan without proper understanding. But this fart is incapable of that, so here goes:

With fifty cents and a dream, my grandfather came here from Bosnia and opened up a successful Barber Shop. With fifty cents and a dream, Twilight Sparkle fulfilled her destiny and became a princess. With Fitty Cent and Adele, the music industry lost all dignity. DON'T SAY YOU CAN'T BE SUCCESSFUL WITH FIFTY CENTS!

Governor Lannan likes to believe I don't have a plan, but the truth is, neither does he. Kay? A'ight.

Chant with me: Governor Lannan has no plannin'. It's catchy. Buy a T-Shirt maybe.

2. Camacho is a Delicious Side Dish

Every, American, loves, Mexicans. Every single one. Americans don't want Mexican jobs because they think they're "too sophisticated" to do them. Mexicans don't give a sh!t. They'll mow yo lawn.

I don't know who Little Suzy is either, but Governor Lannan seems to have some really stupidass friends.

3. F*king Listen To Me For Once

I just said Christianity was an acceptable belief. I put a "jk" after my women joke. And when the F*CK did I even say the word "Sharia"? I don't even know what that means!

Governor Lannan isn't listening to me.
So how do we know he'll listen to the voice of America?


4. My Little Society: World Peace is Magic


All that aside, Governor Lannan has said nothing about the natural talent system or Winter Wrap-Up Day.

He also hasn't gotten through his thick head that we will be the only nation on the planet.

5. MOON.

Ha! Whose platform is this guy reading? I never said anything about genocide on the moon, that's just... that's silly, that's... silly.

Overpopulation is a problem. And so is high blood pressure. Having people live on the moon will provide extra living space and prosperity.

Body builders don't direct traffic so f*ck you.

6. The Death Of Kim Jong Possible

Once again, China will be part of our Equestrian America. They agreed to this idea, and their cooperation notice is seen here:


There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't destroy North Korea. And as Governor Gayporn over there said, Kim Jong Possible is evil. We have to bring him down before his heir Das Soh Raven takes over.

Here's what it is:

If you value, friendship, the moon, and Mexicans, I am your president. If you value Communism, genocide, and the promotion of (and I quote) "gay porn", I suppose Lannan is your president.

Senator Massive H. Dump.

I won't kill your family.


Since my opponent is ignoring what he said let me Underline what he said. "Now I'm even remotely hinting at genetically mutating my citizens into talking ponies, I'm just using Equestria as a basis for my new American society." His exact words round one so you can see that all my arguements stand and my opponents past arguements fall.

1. Taxes and Spending

My opponent here doesn't understand if you tax the rich higher then they won't be able to provide jobs for you people! You can see see if they get taxed the bajebus out of them the they can't provide jobs, if they can't provide jobs then you don't have a job, and if you don't have a job you can't support your family. You see that this is why voting for me would do you better off, because you'll be able to put a roof over your head, food on the table, and you can send your kids to school and that America is the American Dream.

There is this thing called inflation back when Senator Dump's grandfather was a young man and came to America fifty cents could buy you a weeks worth of groceries. Now however in today's world that number is well over $300! The reason that it is this way is because of our nation's debt and we can't get out of that debt if we keep on spending goods on Chinese made goods and out sourcing our jobs. That was part of my plan as I brought up before is that we must cut spending and lower taxes inorder for inflation and debt to go down and Americans can afford gas at 15 cents a gallon again and more people like Senator Dump's grandfather can open up shops and have America be America again.

My opponent here is just being a red herin and attempting to take the focus off the economy and put it on T-shirts. Why you may ask? Because he simple doesn't have one.

2. Immigration

Of course they take the jobs that many Americans don't want, but what my opponent is ignoring is that they are crushing the American dream by taking jobs from the Average Joe and not letting Little Suzy mow the lawn so she could get a lolly pop.

3. Religon

I didn't say you said it wasn't, I was describing the status quo and that's the flaw in the slaw that Americans, make fun of those of us who are religous. You have people like the Westboro Baptist Church who go out and say God hates f@ggs and dead soldiers are burning in hell. Secondly my opponent may not have said Sharia Law but it's what he is suggesting in the behind the lines of this arguements.

This is why we need a Real President, for Real Americans, with people power.

4. World Peace Magic

I took care of what he said at the beginning of my arguement and if my computers acting up I do apologize, but even without that I can still show you on how I'm a better president so I'll give you a benefit of the doubt, because it's like my father always told me, give other people the benefit of the dobt but cut the cards.

The natural tallent system is already enacted in this thing called tallent shows. Winter Wrap-Up Day is in this thing the youth of America call Spring Break.

Second you can also see that this isn't much more different from my suggestion of a Utlitarianist Utopia, but the difference of reallity is that not every nation will want what Senator Dump is suggesting.

5. Moon

Lets go by this slowly, he stated that he wanted an all-American colony on the moon, I said because of lack of gravity on the moon we will explode due to blood preasure, he said it will be good, I say it's genocide on Americans, he says it's not on his platform, so as you can see here that he sort of lost track of what's going on. But lets fact the facts, he wants all Americans on the moon, which not only violates the Outer Space Treaty of 1966, but kills humans due to blood preasure.

6. North Korea

The arguement about China is invalid, due to his source being a meme. So China will still nuke us if the other nations haven't already due to violation of the treaty and us colonizing a celtrial body.

In Consulsion

If you value your life, safety, American traditions, lower taxes, cheaper things, a job, and peace then I'm your man, if you want to die, no job, massive debt, then Senator Dump is your man.

(I'm going to be gone at NFL tomorrow so could you not post untill Saturday).
Debate Round No. 4


Penn Gillette, Arnold Schwartzenburger, and Smosh have these things to say to the governor:
As it were...

1. Taxis and Splenda

America, let me ask you something about taxes: do you even care?

Do you honestly care about the ridiculously stupid minor issure they call "taxes"? Do you really give two craps about what Governor Darkroast calls "spending"?? DO YOU EVEN LIFT???

No, No, and of course you do :3

You know what I think? I think we should get rid of all taxes. Let's just not tax people. I mean, everyone's going on, complaining about "Tax Day", let's just give the people what they want and stop taxing altogether. Nothing can possibly go wrong!!!!

Hey. Hey, what exactly is a "red herin". It's called spell check, dick.

And don't you dare diss my Bosnian Grandpa, or will literally cut your throat out and forcefeed it to you to make you feel the impossible pain of trying to swallow without a throat.

I love you, America, and I love you, the reader, more than anyone else :3

2. Immitation

America, Lemon13 here only cares about Average Joe and Little Suzy. I think that was quite obvious when he said in the third round:

"Screw you, Nation. I love North Korea, I hate pony friendship, and I'm in a polygamist relationship with Average Joe and Sally."

He SAID that. He DID. He doesn't love MEXICANS. He doesn't love AMERICANS. He hates you so much, he won't even let Mexicans mow your lawn. Sick.

Whereas, I love you. I love Mexicans. I don't support polygamist bullsh!t. Let's love each other with friendship and kindness (but no homo).

3. Tradition

I totally agree with my opponent. With that, our platforms are the same. I just changed mine.

Except without what he calls "white power". I believe in diversity, unlike Governor Rapeface over there.

4. The Entire Idea of a Friendship-Based Equestrian Society, Including All Of Its Magical Benefits, Including (But Not Limited To) A Society Built On One's Natural Nalent, Scheduled Maintanence of the Weather (Which Makes Winter Wrap Up Day Different From Spring Break) And None of This Bullsh!t About Cutting the Cards That Makes Absolutely No Sense to Me, But Rather The Entire Idea of a Friendship-Based Equestrian Society, Including All Of Its Magical Benefits, Including (But Not Limited To) A Society Built On One's Natural Nalent, Scheduled Maintanence of the Weather (Which Makes Winter Wrap Up Day Different From Spring Break) And None of This Bullsh!t About Cutting the Cards That Makes Absolutely No Sense to Me.

I dare you all to watch the season two premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and tell me that it's not absolutely a flawless idea to form the world into an Equestrian wonderland.

China, is on board.

Governor, just shut up, shut up, just shut the fack up, oh my God, shut up, shut up, I will kill you, you freaking numbnuts, just shut up, oh my God, shut up.

5. Spoon

Don't listen to him, nation. He's just jealous because I have a bouncy castle and he doesn't.

6. Korea Del Norte

My source isn't a meme. It's a certified, government, document. Oh my God, shut up.

We need to kill Kim Jong Possible, Das Soh Raven, and Sak Un Codi before they start living the Suite Life on us and Call Us, Beep Us into smithereens. When will they do this? I'm not Psychic, I don't know.

But Disney'ds to stop, now. We can't let the enemy have any more Pun.


Honestly, I might turn some of you into ponies.


1. Taxes and Spending

Of course Americans care about taxes because it is less money that they get to keep and by me lowering taxes Americans can save more and more money and they will be able to retire on time! My opponent suggests no taxes, and that would only cripple America because without taxes the government can't fix itself. That means no welfare, no schools, and the Senator over there can't go to the moon, so if he is elected then he can't even go to the moon because NASA won't have any funding.

A red herin is someone who dirrects focus away from the main issue and that's exactly what the Senator is doing over here and not focusing on cutting back on spending like I suggested but instead is taking the complament to his grandfather as an insult. Yet he is yet to offer up a liggitamate plan so this point goes to me and all points extended.

2. Immigration

My friends the only person that said that they hate anyone is Senator Dump over there and if you would beg to differ just look at last round where I stated that I disliked Kim Jong Un and that he must be stopped, but not if it were to kill everyone. Our platform here is similar, but my opponent just keeps being a red herin and that's something our nation can't accept. Extend all arguements.

3. Tradition

My opponent says he agrees but then goes on to say that he just changed his, but doesn't specify on what it is. He then calls me a white suppremisist. That is not what I am, I am here to prevent ethnic clensing and genocide as I have done in Kansas of which I have governed.

4. Unicorn society world

My friends if you do youself's a favor and scroll up to the end of his last speech it says that he will turn people into ponies after he has stated that he won't so you can see here we have a contradicting Senator and that's probably why he didn't win a second term, but ask yourselves this, do you want to become a pony and get raped by Koreans, the answer is a big fat no! All points extended.

5. Moon

See when he disbands all taxes then NASA can't go to the moon and we don't have a space colony like he is promising so you can easily see here that he is ignoring the facts. Secondly the Senator is just jealous that I have a teal bouncy cassle. So in that case all points extended.

6. North Korea

We can't go off and attempt to destroy North Korea because we will be ponies and we will all get raped by North Korea! Plus China will kill us all because of their ties with North Korea. All Points extended.


My fellow Americans, I have some sh*t to tell you. Senator Dump can't even support half of his plan based on him promising things he can't keep and in things he knows that he can't win and that he's trapped himself in he just turns into a red herin. Thank you America and Vote Con and Vote for me Governor Lannan.
Debate Round No. 5
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obama likes men
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Pros side was really messed up, Cons side was rather blunt and logical, however the debate was supposed to be sarcastic etc which both parties did to a degree so my vote is tied.
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Again, very sorry I couldn't post any later.
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We aim to please :D
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this just made my day, lol thanks guys
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Yeah, I'm a little busy too this weekend, so I may have to post it tonight.
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It's a sarcastic debate so it's suppose to be fun like that.
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