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Sasuke wins. [Read round 1 debate for this to make sense]

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Started: 10/5/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is purely based on anime [both Young Naruto and Shippuuden). Any arguments using evidence from manga alone sall be invalid for this debate.

I believe if all characters from naruto, the dead being brought back to life, were to fight in one go, Sasuke Uchiha (or Uchiha Sasuke, if we list his name in Japanese fashion) would win. I understand that Nagato, Naruto, Neji, Hinata, Gaara and probably Yamato would be extremely unusually gifted opponents for the others to handle, I also appreciate Shikamaru's intelligence and Rock Lee's insane taijutsu skills. However, I have reason to believe Sasuke would win.

The BOP of me is to prove Sasuke to be a more elite fighter than all the rest.

The BOP of my opponent is to not simply state that Sasuke isn't the best but explain who could beat him, the fght is with all at once by the way.

I assume Nagato will be your most likely person to support but notice that Sasuke, in beat form, could fly over all six paths of pain. Just a tip.

Conditions for the fight:
  • All fighters are at their prime with maximum Chakra Capacity.
  • All Jinchuurikis have their Bijuu ready to use.
  • All characters are entitled to commit suicide at any time. This means emotional strength is a strong factor too.
  • There are not teams, it's individual but any emotional ties and friendships remain in fight and affect people's willingness to hurt those people.


I accept. Let's see you meet your burden of proof.

The characters I argue would beat sasuke are as follows:

Itachi Uchiha
Madara Uchiha
Minato namikaze
Sage of six paths
Mikoto Uchiha

There are others, but lets leave it at them for now. And, as you said, they are all at their prime. So Itachi isn't sick and has no ill effects from his mangekyo. Madara has the rinnengan, wood realease, and so on. And Minato is stocked up with hirashin kunai.
Debate Round No. 1


We have to remember that emotional ties would cause both Uchihas to feel extreme empathy for Sasuke. Probably the Uchiha clan would fight together apart from Itachi, who would have a series of enemies to be concerned with. After all, genjutsu is only effective against a few opponents, try casting mind tricks on a 1vall battle and you are doomed. Madara is closely related to Obito, considering Obito's (aka Tobi) significant affection and care for sasuke it would indicate a lack of will to fight sasuke unless they were the last ninjas to fight to the death.

Minato indeed would be a contender for his super fast rasengan but if sasuke can use chidori in time or even his super fire jutsus, which are far longer ranger than Minato's attacks, then Minato would understand to stay well away from him. The ability to fly in beast mode renders nearly all of Minato's moves useless.

Mikoto Uchiha would rather kill itachi than sasuke, considering that itachi killed her. I extremely doubt that mikoto would touch sasuke, her 'favourite' son (as itachi was his father's favourite).

Sage of Six paths is Nagato... And I foresaw this argument. The issue with NAgato (aka controller of the 'Pein' puppet) is that he is in fact immobile. His only true reach is his forcefield and six paths of pain, both of which Sasuke could avoid wings, additionally Sasuke is an extremely fast and powerful taijutsu artist, as shown by his fight with Danzo and others. He would thwart all six puppets.


I was mistaken in that I thought this would be one on one battles. Not a free-for-all brawl.

I retract my selections that have put forward, all but three that is.

The sage of six paths is not Nagato. Nagato had the rinnengan, but the Sage of Six Paths was the first to have it. He sealed the Juubi into the moon, and was know to have been able to control it like a pet. The Sage of Six Paths was the first person to use chakra. He was the first ninja. In a free-for-all brawl he would say sit down and everyone would sit down from pure fear.

In the case of a free-for-all brawl the sage wins. But lets say for the sake of this paragraph that he isn't there. Sasuke would instantly attack Itachi, and Itachi being perfectly healthy would beat him. I mean ffs, he nearly beat sasuke when he was half blind and nearly dead. Sasuke wouldn't stand a chance.

Also, your contention that he would beat Minato is completely absurd. Minato has Hirashin which allows him to teleport to where ever his Hirashin seal is. All he has to do is throw a kunai at Sasuke while Sasuke is in the air.

Finally, as to your claim that sasuke could beat the six paths of pain. Naruto, with the power of the kyuubi and sage mode, could not beat the six paths. Jiraya in sage mode could not beat the six paths. Heck, the six paths even defeated death when they raised hundreds from the dead. No character in the series could defeat the six paths. They are all but invincible seeing as if you kill one they just revive it.
Debate Round No. 2


Sasuke thrashed naruto, let's nto forget that.
HE is so meaningful and knwos the truth of pain and suffering imagine your whole family got killed?! Anyway he could beat sage of six paths (I apologise for thinking it was nagato, very similar) because he is jsut so super , his dhidori can slice basically anything, evne a path of pain, it is after all only a puppet.


Wow, I expected so much more. And I would almost call your interpretation of my saying the six paths of pain defeating naruto a strawman. It completely ignores sasukes ability to control the kyuubi which was the deciding factor in their match. And what is all hat about the truth of pain? What does that even mean?

But, basically, If all your gonna say is chidori, all im going to say is preta path. Chidori is null against an ability to absorb infinite amounts of chakra in any form.

Sage = winzorz
Vote for con = Vote for Sage.
Therefore Vote for con = Winzorz
Debate Round No. 3


absorbing chakra is cheating, that's basically invalid fighting move to be a p*ssy.

Just be straight up and fight, sasuek could beat up sage.

Only in the second fight did he control kyuubi, the fight when they were kids between him and naruto was a clear victory to him.


Ok, so first off nice job at your special pleading on chakra absorbtion. But if you want to play that way I call cursed seal cheating, meaning that most characters could beat sasuke.

Second, you mean valley of the end fight right? The one where naruto could have taken sasuke's head off with his rasengan, but instead chose not to? The one where naruto had several chances to kill sasuke, but instead spent most of his time beating him about trying to knock some sense into him? Please tell me you're refering to the fight that naruto dominated sasuke in, right up untill the point that they used chidori and rasengan respectivly and naruto only lost the collision because he didn't want to kill him. Please tell me you are.

And lets says the tried the chidori vs rasengan again.

Naruto, having created the rasenshuriken, would beat sasuke hands down. Especially because naruto can throw his rasenshurkin.
Debate Round No. 4


RationalMadman forfeited this round.


Arguments extended.

Vote con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by muzebreak 5 years ago
So, are you gonna put up an argument?
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
yes. To make it fair.
Posted by muzebreak 5 years ago
Does this include those from the history, ie: minato namikaze?
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