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School Pupils Should Be Required To Wear School Uniforms

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Started: 2/25/2014 Category: Education
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I was shocked to see that one of the most contested opinions on DDO were that pupils should have to wear school uniforms. I'm from the UK -- most schools require a uniform to be worn -- and this isn't even considered a debatable issue. I'm interested in hearing someone's opinion on this topic.

School pupil: Any student below the age of 16

You will be Con -- against school uniforms.

I'll start this off with a quick list as to why I believe uniforms are beneficial.

1. Creates a school identity/team spirit
2. Kids can focus less on fashion and trends, and more on education
3. Rich or poor, everyone is equal
4. Sets the pupils up for adult life; office jobs, uniformed work, dress codes etc.
5. Kids do not need to 'express themselves' through clothing; this is not appropriate in many jobs
6. Kids wandering out of school without permision can be easily identified and the school informed -- this prevents possible abductions and other incidents where the child can blend in without bring detected


The main reason that uniforms are actively in place is to control the sexual "distractions" on campus between the sexes. I agree with all of your positions, but where I'm from, the schools could care less about school spirit or equality. In fact, I believe my school system is rather sexist with their dress codes and I've just recently written an essay about it in my English class. Most dress codes in the United States are purely based off of male sexualization. For example, the censorship of basic things such as legs. Many people argue that men find them attractive, but I believe that women find arms very attractive, and the thought of censoring a body part so simple as arms is ridiculous, like legs aren't simple and necessary. I don't think dress codes and uniforms should be in place because they are mostly one sided and unfair.
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So you agree with me? Not going to be much of a debate then.


IWillGlitterYourMum forfeited this round.
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My opponent has forfeited.


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Posted by Taylur 3 years ago
Oh yeah, I've re-read. I'm not sure how I failed to grasp Pro's argument... wow... that's sort of worrying. I must be tired.

I disagree regardles... why would we want to sexualise children? I'm all for modesty. Short skirts are often banned because they can be looked up. Arms can't be looked up, so it's a totally different matter.
Posted by SebUK 3 years ago
dude he didn't say he agrees with you he belives students shouldn't have to wear uniforms , Pro seems like hes trying to find an easy way out...
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